Robert Greene Quotes

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No moment is wasted if you pay attention and learn the lessons contained in every experience.

The world wants to assign you a role in life.  And once you accept that role you are doomed.

Robert Greene (born 1959) is an American author.  He has written six international bestsellers based around the topics of strategy and power.

Life’s Odyssey (Haiku Series #159)

Better Tomorrow’s

Life crushed and shattered

Love’s undelivered intent—

Youthful innocence

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Starting Over

Where walked once before

Narrative regains traction—

Now making new tracks

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Learning’s Bridges

Confidence growing

Moments shared with life’s mentors—

Lessons never end

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Distant Land

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Nation’s outstretched hand

Shaping distant land


Trade benefits both

Bringing steady growth


Prosperity’s health

Welcoming new wealth


Benevolence molds

Filling now with cold


This mighty power

Seeing its plans sour


Citizens lack voice

Having little choice


Uproar fuels action

Bringing reaction


Hostile clouds amass

Reaching dark impasse


Big brother nation

Facing frustration


Rebels gather ‘round

Fading common ground


More Redcoats arrive

Gathering beehive


Independence shouts

Calling freedom out


Colonists stand firm

Battling to affirm


Mother country’s heart

Tearing self apart


British might stands down

Watching its meltdown


America stands

Molding freedom’s hands


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Throughout history, many nations have attempted to mold and shape other lands into their own image.  Terms such as imperialism, colonization, and nation building sometimes come to mind.  It is worth noting that the British attempted to establish a foothold on the American continent starting in 1607.  By the mid-1770s, their plans for a continuing American empire were crumbling.  Few, if any other nations, have learned from this lesson in history . . . America included.

Life’s Lessons (Haiku Series #142)

Never a Doubt

Taking bolder steps

Overcoming challenges—

Life’s daily exam

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Full Plate

Deal with the present

Cope with today’s agenda—

Tomorrow can wait

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Morning Check

Best partner and friend

Feeling fulfilled and nourished—

Look in the mirror

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John Eldredge Quote

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If the narrative of the Scriptures teaches us anything, from the serpent in the Garden to the carpenter in Nazareth, it teaches us that things are rarely what they seem, that we shouldn’t be fooled by appearances.

From Proverbs 21:2:  “All deeds are right in the sight of the doer, but the Lord weighs the heart.”

Wisdom’s Guardrails

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Life’s journey fills with mistakes

Wisdom’s guardrails prevent headaches


Working together as a team

Life’s active, productive sunbeam


Be available to others

Treat everyone as brothers


Come prepared for each assignment

Results in flawless alignment


Apologize for day’s misdeeds

Forgiveness sowing fertile seeds


Keep secrets to self, follow scripts

Remember now, loose lips sink ships


Checking answers, rechecking twice

Turn over each stone, good advice


Patiently molding shapeless clay

Details finished, now walk away


Stay together, through thick ‘n thin

Tight as a fist, faithful linchpin


Taking charge, bold skipper steering

Encouraging words now cheering


Sometimes, life’s outcomes say we’re wrong

Solving mistakes, newest hit song


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This poem’s wisdom was gleamed from Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the American television drama, “NCIS.”  Throughout the nearly endless episodes, Mark Harmon’s character shares his timely wisdom from “Gibbs’ Rules.”

Life Lessons (Elfchen Series #25)

Life Rewards


Built slowly

Over one’s lifetime

Integrity becomes a habit


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Making It 


Trekking uphill

Reaching its summit

Fulfilling journey never ends


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Starting Over


Sometimes lacking

Daily excuses strike

Replace with fresh renewal


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The German-inspired poetry style of Elfchen (or Elevenie) contains five lines of poetic verse, usually without the use of rhyming verses.  A total of 11 words are used with a sequence of one, two, three, and four words before ending with a single word in the final verse.