Never Doubting

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Dry, parched farmland stretches for endless miles.  Tender wheat sprouts are beginning to wither under early June’s hottest sun.  Will rain arrive in time to save this year’s crop?

At the intersection of two country roads sits a small, wood-framed church.  The location is called Fertile Prairie, which seems appropriate with the scattered farms up and down either road. 

Today the church gathers farmers and their families.  They have been assembling daily to join as one voice in prayer.  Their petitions focus on God’s faithfulness.  According to His plans, in time He will release nature’s rain-filled drink for their wilting fields.

While prayers continue to be lifted from the inside of the church, dark clouds are filling the outside sky.  Will they finally bring the Lord’s blessed rain?

At first, a few drops find the parched ground.  More follow in unison until a steady, grace-filled rain is watering the fields.

Outside the church stands six-year old Tommy.  He has been waiting outside and smiling at the darkening clouds.  His young heart feels joy as the rain begins to nourish the land. 

Inside the church, the assembly hears the falling rain.  They gather at the door to look out.  Smiles, filled with hope, share praises to the Lord.

They realize that Tommy is standing under an umbrella.  He is the only person who brought an umbrella.  This young boy has never wavered in his own faithfulness.

Tommy’s mother asks him, “What on earth caused you to bring an umbrella today?”

Tommy confidently replies, “Last night during my prayers, God reminded me to bring an umbrella.  Never doubting, I made sure that I brought one today.”

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