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Having a relationship with God is the richest one to have.  Appreciate your faith walk with Him each and every day.

Do you write a daily journal?  This inspiring thought comes from my journal, and much of what is written in my journal comes from reading and commenting on other bloggers’ posts.  Thanks to many of you for adding so much to my journal.

(Updated November 21)

Monday Memories: Guardian of the Range

Welcome to another edition of Monday Memories.  This poem was originally written in January, 2019.  This version has been updated and edited, but it still tells the same story through poetry.

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A tardy, spring snowstorm assaults the grassy range

It provides a local rancher with extra work and pain


A newborn calf has lost her way in the heavy snow

She needs to be found soon before the wind blows


A solitary cowboy proceeds into the storm on his horse

He prepares to track down the stray calf in due course


An oversized winter coat protects him from the bitter cold

He pulls down a worn, black hat and looks ready and bold


The horse stands majestic and obeys each command

He and the cowboy will tackle the work hand in hand


The courageous pair rides together into the nasty storm

Both will be tested to rescue the lonely calf before morn


The snowflakes thankfully hesitate for a moment or two

Now the cowboy follows the calf’s tracks, totally in view


The stout horse plows through the snow so white

The lost calf may soon be discovered in their sight


The frightened calf huddles near a sheltering Ponderosa pine

She appears weak, cold, exhausted, and running out of time


The cowboy gathers the bawling calf in his brawny arms

He places her on the front of his saddle, away from harm


The threesome struggle to reach a much warmer place

Everyone looks forward to warm nourishment to taste


They journey to the ranch as quickly as possible

The loss of a vigorous calf is no longer probable


The cowboy dismounts and allows the calf to sprint free

She hurries to her waiting mother who is pleased to see


Mother and daughter stand together, united at long last

The calf nurses and sucks nourishment amazingly fast


The trusty and faithful horse is now saddle free

He devours extra oats with tasty hay with glee


The range’s guardian has returned home safe and sound

He finds his anxious wife and son, who no longer frown


The family of three feel graciously loved and blessed

The faithful shepherd has returned from a stern test


Haiku Series #35 (Life)


Summer leaves early

Autumn arrives with fanfare—

Glorious colors


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Like None Other

Meeting years ago

Time shared with one’s special mate—

Love for a lifetime

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Quiet days and nights

Feeling lost and forgotten—

Taken for granted

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Highway Rescue


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Blanche drives home after work one late afternoon.  The freeway is slow with traffic due to a heavy rainstorm.

As she approaches her exit, traffic has spread out a bit.  However, the rain has picked up in intensity.  The car’s wipers are working overtime now so she can see the highway a bit more clearly.

As she glances across the median, she notices a man pulled off on to the right shoulder.  He deposits a small kitten along the road and quickly drives away.

Blanche can’t believe it.  She pulls over to the right shoulder on her side of the freeway, and turns on the car’s emergency flashers.

Upon leaving her car, she pulls her large purse up over her head, checks for traffic, and hurries across the median to the marooned kitten.  The rain is drenching her clothing, and she can barely see her way.

Upon reaching the terrified little feline, she picks her up and stuffs the soaking wet kitten into her large purse.  She carefully and quickly makes it back across the freeway to her waiting car. 

Once inside, she pulls the frightened kitten out of her bag, pats her on the head, and allows her to snuggle on her lap.  She is just a few minutes away from home.

When a rain-soaked Blanche walks into the kitchen with the dry kitten cuddled in her arms, her husband looks up from the stove (he is making dinner).  In a calm voice, he comments, “Well . . . at least one of you is dry.”


This story is inspired by my sister-in-law’s actual rescue of a cat along a highway where she lives.  The cat now has a new home with her mother.  The picture above is actually one of my daughter’s cats.  She and her husband provide a home for three cats (two females and one male) rescued from shelters.