Midnight Walk

afterglow backlit beautiful crescent moon

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

Stirring from my deep sleep at midnight

Seeing someone moving in the dim light

Hearing a gentle voice whispering my name

Calling out, “Missing you has been a shame”

Recognizing that her gentle voice is familiar, not new

Appearing now, my beloved Grandma comes into view

Walking towards me, she carries no fear

Listening to a voice so true and very dear

Saying again that I’ve been deeply missed

Bowing down, my forehead receives a kiss

Remembering previous days with her brings a smile

Telling me kindly, let’s walk together now for awhile

Asking her a question, “Is it now my time?”

Replying back, “No, but you must climb”

Facing a wall that records each of my sins

Condemning me, comes Darkness again

Reaching down comes a firm, strong hand

Grabbing hold, my feet flee sinking sand

Gazing upward, my Grandma has departed and left

Taking her place arrives Christ, raised from death


Running in Life’s Marathon



Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Some equate dealing with this life to running a race

Of course, sometimes we pause and turnabout face

Wise people say, “Persistent and steady wins the race”

Better than hurrying to eat dinner without saying grace

Others encourage with, “Hurry up and build it now”

Oh my!  Can’t one stop to relax and take a bow?

Another calls out, “Experience it today works best”

What about using tomorrow—no worries one jests!

All of the above wisdom may be honest and true

But God will wait patiently until we are all through

We are all imperfections in God’s all-seeing eyes

Life will bring new challenges as each year flies

There is always another hill to climb so we can see

The greener grass sometimes turns brown for thee

Life throws “stuff” along our way, not always good

Sometimes we lack courage to go when we should

It is time to finish the big race and succeed

Anything less sells us short of our final deed

All should count their blessings—so many

God fills us up with much joy for all and any

Life’s journey seems like a marathon run

Take it one day at a time, enjoy the fun!



Walnut Woods Sunrise

Walking in the morning pre-dawn light

Waiting for the sun to resume its flight

Hearing the birds chirping familiar tunes

Feeling happy that spring will arrive soon

Stepping briskly along the charming path

Anticipating the sun bringing a warm bath

Seeing the shadows change and dance

Clearing a mind from its dormant trance

Witnessing God’s immense creation at dawn

Blessing with unique images that it spawns

Dashing in front goes a frightened rabbit

Making his morning visit a welcome habit

Dreaming of walking here each and every day

Picturing a scenic sunrise so appealing to say

Lifting above the distant horizon to bring a delight

Radiating sunrise brightens the morn with its light

The photo was taken at sunrise last fall at Walnut Woods Metro Park in central Ohio.  I am looking forward to witnessing more sunrises in the coming weeks as the spring weather allows me to walk outside more often.

Do you enjoy a favorite time or place to walk and experience God’s creation?




It Takes A Village

girls on desk looking at notebook

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A child is born into a world foreign and new

Arriving today with a bright future to view

Long before a child enters school year number one

Blessings come from many for a daughter or a son

Parents bring the beginning of learning home each day

Offering nurturing love and teaching with plenty of play

Others step in to provide valued assistance along the way

Teaching from grandparents and others with much to say

A book becomes a timely, precious, and vital gift

Learning to read will open up a life—never adrift

The preschool years finally arrive and go

Seeking ways to seek, discover, and grow

A Sunday school teacher speaks of God’s love

Enriching a young heart with Spirit from above

Kindergarten and elementary school now await

Inspiring and faithful teachers remain at its gate

Yes, it certainly takes a village to teach a child

Educating a young mind each day is God’s style

Rule of Three

pancakes with strawberry blueberries and maple syrup

Photo by Sydney Troxell on Pexels.com

Have you ever thought about the Rule of Three?

Life is amazing when “three” brings more to see


Making pancakes for a breakfast for me

Why enjoy a short stack of only two

When you can taste a big stack of three


Daughters bring a father happiness and glee

Witnessing the unforgettable births of two

Even more amazing to be delighted with three


Looking at the calendar for dates open and free

A two-day weekend offers much fun for all

Hmm, why not add one day and make it three


A morning walk with nature is thrilling to me

Finishing two miles with much energy left

Let’s add another mile and walk for three


Attending a circus tomorrow for a nominal fee

A show with only two rings just won’t do

Thank heaven P. T. Barnum expanded to three


A basketball game grows late as the seconds flee

Shouting out, the coach wants a two-point shot

Sorry coach, but I’m prepared to drain a three


Listening to music that brings meaning to thee

Some music just doesn’t work as a twosome

So Peter, Paul, and Mary sing tunes as three


Dancing as a couple with a two-step are we

Someone challenges our dancing with a new step

Now we enjoy our dazzling dancing with three


A chef prepares a breakfast omelet for free

Starting with two eggs certainly isn’t enough

He brilliantly adds another egg to equal three


Shopping for a stunning dress to impress me

She can’t decide on which one or two to try

So my wife brings home a cute set of three


Father, Son, and Holy Ghost follow thee

A poet pauses to give thanks to above

The Holy Trinity makes a blessed three


Little Treasures

adorable baby baby feet beautiful

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My life matures with so very much to enjoy

Being with grandchildren brings love and joy

God blesses us with these matchless wonders

Hearing their playfulness louder than thunder

The Lord has blessed my role as a grandfather

Bringing love opportunities without any bother

Morning arrives with my coffee cup filled

Thinking of grandchildren spawns a thrill

Some live close, others reside farther away

Praying for each one helps to start my day

Their parents feel blessed with each child

Allowing me to call each one my grandchild

These children march through remarkable lives

Offering vivid moments that continue to thrive

Photographs authenticate each child’s life story

Filling my appetite with incredible love and glory

God has glorified me with these little tikes

Reminding of humble times, forever to like


News Flash


Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Local newspapers remain a stalwart source of information about local, national, and international events.  Reporters–who doggedly pursue facts about news, stories, and editorials–bring accurate, timely, and insightful reporting and writing.  Journalism is still alive and free, and it needs to remain so to preserve a democratic way of life filled with personal freedoms.  The following events were taken from headlines printed in recent issues of The Columbus Dispatch.

A talented surgeon is told that he is too old

Yet his precise skills remain amazingly bold

Japanese culture makes mothers do it all

While fathers sit back and stand “small”

Medical pot is peddled to those with special needs

Others want more to feed a habit filled with greed

Autonomous vehicles may soon be here

For some, there remains much to fear

A nation’s leader continues to repeat the identical spiel

When will the citizens grow tired of his worn-out deal?

A big city overwhelmed by a barrage of fresh snow

Are those snowplows parked there just for show?

With winter dragging on indefinitely into another week

Cars need to beware of potholes, flat tires they seek

Polar bears occupy an isolated, Russian Arctic village

Climate change pushes hungry bears south to pillage

Mother Nature flexes her muscles around the clock

Homes threatened by flooding, highways blocked

A former house of worship sits vacant and very alone

With inspiration, a creative family turns it into a home

Mankind remains fascinated with exploring outer space

A newly discovered moon near Nepture makes its case

Newspapers print informative stories every day

They bring truth and facts with realness to say