God’s Compass

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From Psalm 51:3:  “For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me.”

Lost soul in the wickedest valleys of life

Needing directions, take away this strife


Life’s transgressions mount, God knows them all

Living a life of denial, witnessing an arrogant fall


Every day takes one deeper and deeper into sin

Losing awareness, asking where have we been?


When born, God knows our sinful ways

Needing God to teach wisdom each day


Life continues to carry us on the very same road

Walking and falling, becomes frustrating and cold


God delivers His judgement, He feels justified

Viewing our sin-filled cravings, never satisfied


Life’s journey demands we find a different route

Using God’s compass, His directions carry clout


God brings deliverance, a better means to live

Declaring praise to our Lord, offerings to give


Another wayward life takes a detour from the Pit

Cleansing of sin, God’s road creates a better fit


God teaches an upright way, follow and trust

Purging all evil, washing white our sinful lust


God’s steadfast love delivers a redeeming route

Hearing God’s joy, His compass brings us about

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Haiku Series #21 (With God)


Pre-dawn darkness fades

Inspiring sunrise arrives—

Feeling God’s presence

2019 April 24 Walnut Woods 002.JPG



Darkness surrounds me

Shadows of life overwhelm me—

God’s Word brings comfort

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Keep your life simple

Our complex world churns away—

Reach out to God’s peace

2019 September 16 Woods and Ridge 013

Monday Memories: Hilltop Hiker

Here is another installment of Monday Memories where Big Sky Buckeye revisits a previously published poem.  Enjoy this edited and updated poem from January, 2019. 


Unforgiving winter weather abates with a sunny pause

Hiking on hills and trails will be today’s special cause


The hiker dresses warmly due to the windy, chilly air

Hoping that his stamina will endure without any cares


He looks prepared to attack a vigorous hour-long walk

Knowing later, his body could stumble on a way to balk


The wooded trails in their colorless winter hue

Appearing in a much different setting and view


A hasty, gray squirrel scurries among fallen logs

Searching for a yummy morsel to stash and hog


The shadows look friendly and different today

Walking these trails will seem more like play


The hiker’s pace remains steady and brisk

Feeling stronger, without bearing on a risk


More trekkers descend upon the challenging trails

Experiencing nature’s offering, not wanting to fail


The journey takes the hiker up the outer route

Seeing barren trees and fallen limbs all about


Nature provides a spiritual place for all to shine

Inspiring anyone who walks this wooded shrine


A youthful boy’s eyes search up a steep hill

Locating a solitary deer, brings a huge thrill


The pace of the hiker remains steady and true

Tackling the inner trail, he will soon be through


A previous homesite welcomes the hiker’s arrival

Imagining from years ago, a past family’s survival


The unaccompanied hiker finishes the trek again

Smiling, his robust body allows him to flash a grin








Learning, God’s Way

From 1 Thessalonians 4:1:  “Finally, brothers and sisters, we ask and urge you in the Lord Jesus that, as you learned from us how you ought to live and to please God (as, in fact, you are doing), you should do so more and more.”

man reading a book

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God blesses us with opportunities to learn

Viewing our sinful ways, brings Him concern

Our Lord assembles His flock to learn His law

Witnessing our errant behavior with many flaws


We are encouraged to learn about God’s Word

Humbling ourselves, leaving where we once were

God creates each of us with simple, blessed minds

Acquiring wisdom from His Word, we gladly find


Wayward hearts and lost souls run to seek God

Taking time to learn His righteousness, all nod

Pursuing life’s errant ways, lost will be one’s fate

Our heavenly Father gathers many on this date


Our Lord delivers honest and equal justice for all

Learning to contribute good for others, is our call

God possesses sovereignty over all things

Conveying His message, truth will ring


We learn about Christ, His righteous ways

Staying with us to the end of our long day

Christ brings forward promises to be kind

Praying each day for mercy from His mind


Christ teaches at the temple, seeing God’s way

Bringing forward His Father’s Words, to say

Christ learns obedience, His Father knows

Taking our sins to a bloody Cross, He goes


Step forward and accept our Lord and Savior

Learning a new way, praise God’s selfless favor

God’s Word encourages us to listen and learn

Calling out to sinners, all of us stop and turn

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Season to Season

From Ecclesiastes 3:1:  “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.

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Life’s journey moves into another season

Advancing time, with its definite reasons


Memories of seasons, they forever last

Recalling God’s creation, from seasons past


Life renews each and every spring

Arriving now, robins begin to sing


Harsh, dark winter—absent for good

Sending nourishing rains, because God could


Spring’s greenery gives way to summer

Seeing color-filled blossoms, never a bummer


Gardens filling with color and shapes

Maturing crops, waiting for harvest’s date


With summer’s waning days, autumn arrives

Changing colors, bring another fall alive


Maples, oaks, and others astound us

Feeling cooler temperatures, without any fuss


Autumn exits too soon, winter approaches

Bundling up, frigid cold boldly encroaches


Snow deepens from another Arctic blast

Asking, how long will winter last?


God guides lives through each season

Bringing hope, never question His reason


Eventually, another season arrives once again

Witnessing God’s creation, He decides when


Each season fuels life’s humble needs

Living with God, offering glorious deeds

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Rain Quenches Thirst

close up photo of wet green leaves

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From Mark 9:41:  “For truly I tell you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you bear the name of Christ will by no means lose the reward.”

Our faithfulness calls God at night

Please send renewing rain, so bright


Rain clouds congregate over the woods

Moisture joyously arrives, as God could


Bringing life to Eden’s vast garden

God creates rain, no longer starving


Tiny drops journey towards the ground

Lightly splashing leaves, barely a sound


God refreshes His creation, starting new

Raining days and nights, never through


Elevate all acclamation in God’s sight

Restore His heritage and Holy might


God’s rain yields a harvest, bountiful

Blessing our empty lives, how beautiful


Nature receives food from God’s hand

Adding greener foliage, across the land


From the Heavens, flow God’s blessings

Bring sustaining rains to life’s settings


Dry, thirsty landscape welcomes the rain

Renews life’s spirit, while conquering pain


Ask God, to forgive sinful ways

He restores lives with rain today


Faithfully, God quietly satisfies nature’s thirst

Christ rises, paying our transgressions first


Though our shortcomings are always present

Quench our thirst Lord, Heavenly pleasant


Drink heartedly from the rushing rain

Experience God’s love, easing our pain


With His blessings, our cup overflows

God identifies our needs, here below

From Psalm 23:5:  “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.”


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Haiku Series #20 (With God)


Lost in the darkness

God, please be with me always—

He lights a new way

yellow lantern near body of water during night

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Long before I was born

God already knew about me—

He made me His own


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 A life shattered, lost

Feeling refreshing waters—

Transformed by God’s love

timelapse photography off water fountain

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