Courage Stands (Haiku Series #121)


As people of God

Graced to be Christ’s hands of change—

World’s transformation

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Followers of God

Called as voices for justice—

Filled with Grace of Christ

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Our Creator calls

Walking in Jesus’ footsteps—

Lives for renewal

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Timeless Transformation

From Ecclesiastes 3:1:  “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

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Winter’s first flurry arrives

Transforming autumn’s landscape

Covering like comfy quilts

Dreams look for snowy escape


Storm’s artwork witnesses joy

Taking hearts to a past place

Gazing back to youthful times

Snowflakes remove autumn’s trace


Quiet, tranquil peace whispers

Hearing the timeless calling

Feeling light breezes breathing

Nature moves, never stalling


Time bends with changing seasons

Opening fresh, new page

Witnessing transformation

Life’s Director stands offstage


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Central Ohio received its first snowfall of the winter on the night of November 30.  The transforming seasons always remind me of how our Lord transforms our lives, faith, and hope.  May His grace and peace lead you on your journey.

Transforming Life

From Romans 12:11:  “Do not lag in zeal, be ardent in spirit, serve the Lord.”

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Offering our bodies to our Father

As a living sacrifice to the Lord

Forever transformed, through His renewal

Bringing new life, by God’s sacred accord


Accepting God’s will with sober recourse

Remaining faithful, God living with us

His Word, always cleanses our sinful ways

With God’s plan, a Holy and perfect plus


God’s love is genuine, filled with His Grace

Stepping forward, stoked with spirited zeal

Remaining steadfast, to all which is good

Serving God, escaping heavy ordeals


Steering ourselves, with total discipline

According to God’s proud expectations

Living and serving His Holy Kingdom

Avoiding the Enemy’s temptations


Remaining patient, despite life’s trials

Providing His strength, God leading us all

Walking in faith, taking the Lord’s high road

Living peacefully, following His call

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From American pastor, Harry Emerson Fosdick:  “No horse gets anywhere until he is harnessed.  No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, disciplined.”


A Heart Transformed

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There was once a leader in a far-off land in the “Make Believe” world of a toy box.  This leader was made of wood, and featured the well-crafted workmanship of his Creator.

Despite appearances, there were flaws in the leader’s character.  He was dishonest and bullied everyone around him.  His actions as leader led to friction and decisiveness in the toy box.  The leader continued to govern with a misguided mind and agenda.  His heart seemed hardened to the point that other toys really wondered if he even possessed a heart.

One day, the boy who played with the toy box every day asked the leader, “Why is your character so bad?”

The leader ignored the question, and the boy played with his other toys.  Perhaps being made out of wood had made him inflexible with a hardness of attitude.  Everything the other toys did or said seemed to go against his grain.

Meanwhile, more and more heat came from some of the fiery citizens in the toy box.  Their patience was wearing thinner with each passing day.  A few toys even threatened the leader with more than just words.  The leader was paranoid about being literally “put on fire” from some of the other toys’ actions.  After all, he was made out of solid wood.

After observing the crippling turmoil in his toy box, the boy told the other toys, “I will ask the Creator to help us with this mess.”

The boy prayed a special prayer to the Creator:

Dear Creator, the toys and I ask for your help.  Our leader needs to change his bad ways so that all of the toys will enjoy a better life here in this toy box.  We look to you for aid and support.  Amen.

The Creator heard the boy’s prayer-filled words.  Overnight, he came into the toy box and removed the leader, who was sleeping soundly.  He remolded the leader into a better person with a benevolent and caring heart, which had been missing all along.

The leader was returned to the toy box with a heart no longer as hard as wood.  He was transformed into a Gospel-led leader.

Haiku Series #20 (With God)


Lost in the darkness

God, please be with me always—

He lights a new way

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Long before I was born

God already knew about me—

He made me His own


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 A life shattered, lost

Feeling refreshing waters—

Transformed by God’s love

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Sometimes . . .

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Sometimes . . .

A heart and soul experience nothing but emptiness

Searching for a life overflowing with more happiness

Family and friends stop over, sharing bushels of love

Extending God’s righteousness, working from above


Sometimes . . .

A body no longer feels as young as it once was

Declining, outdated, and ancient, just because

Changes in a lifestyle produce renewal of life

Experiencing energy again, without the strife


Sometimes . . .

The day fills with shadows of darkness, without light

Questioning why this life no longer continues to fight

Next day’s sunrise brings a sustaining change

Illuminating the way, because God is His name


Sometimes . . .

This job generates nothing, only constant distress

Feeling passed over by others who perform less

Then one day, opportunity knocks at the door

Receiving that promotion, evens up the score


Sometimes . . .

Life feels like walking the treadmill all day

Ending out of breath, with nothing to say

Faithfulness enters a heart with a new intention

Accepting God’s grace, a total transformation


When life brings us challenges, our faith is sometimes challenged.  We just need to remember that our God is a righteous and faithful one filled with immense love and thanksgiving.

Here are some previously published poems that explore a variety of life’s challenges.  May we always remain faithful towards our Lord.


Precious and Transforming Grace

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God sends amazing grace freely to all

Offering to save sinners aren’t we all?

Jesus died on an old rugged cross for our salvation

Giving all of us a true path for avoiding temptation

There are no gifts greater than God’s grace

Flowing from His love, making no mistake

The Bible teaches all of us to follow the “Grace Path”

Justifying through faith in Christ keeps us on track

The righteous live each single moment by faith

Feeling God’s rich grace, so delicious to taste

Apostle Paul, a sinner like us, received mercy and life

Writing about God’s plan, he is freed from all strife

God fine tunes our hearts to receive his treasured gift

Redeeming love and grace keep us from running adrift

All we need is faith to live without harm

Running to God’s waiting and loving arms

Grace is a precious gift for all people to receive

Running from an enemy who continues to deceive

Abraham’s faith brings God’s great promise to light

Believing, he followed his Lord without any fright

Be content with what daily life throws at us

Raising up Christ to believers without any fuss 

Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection burn bright

Allowing our faith to grow and never lose sight

Grace is given freely through Christ, from our Father

Replacing our works with daily faith without any bother

God opposes the proud, bringing His grace to the humble

Restoring, supporting, and strengthening when we stumble

Lord, relieve our uncertainties and lead us homeward

Abounding and steadfast love will carry us forward

God transforms sinners through His gift of grace

Following Christ will bring our lives to a proper place

All look to the Lord, His awesome wonder astounds

Sending grace by faith through Christ will abound

God sends amazing grace freely to all

Offering to save sinners aren’t we all?


It is amazing and insightful to find so many references of God’s grace in scripture as well as hymns.  These resources helped with the writing of this poem.  May all of you accept God’s free gift of grace.