Silent in Darkness

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Sitting in darkness

Feeling so lonesome

Dealing with sadness

Silence still fearsome


Waking at night

Harsh dreams exist

Silent images in sight

Dark visions persist


Feeling infinitely restless

Nearly every day

This mind will confess

Nothing but gray


What voices speak

To a lonely heart

No one to greet

Needing a restart


This world filled

With eerie muteness

No longer a thrill

Never a kindness


Who hears at all?

Silence sadly grows

Landing with a fall

No embers glow


Forget this life

So long ago

No more strife

Waiting to go


Too much “stuff”

To deal with

Darkness is enough

This life drifts


Special love lost

Many years ago

A ring is tossed

Away it goes


Empty, shattered heart

Now freezing cold

Alone in the dark

No longer bold


My Lord, my God

Bring light to bear

Be an awesome God

Help one to care


In total blackness

Of a lost night

Words of brightness

Feeling so right


God’s truthful voice

Speaks loud and clear

Brings a perfect choice

No longer in fear


Cutting the quietness

Like a warm knife

God brings sunniness

Saves another life


Falling to knees

Now in prayer

Sad emotions flee

This soul cares


Kneeling at the Cross

Laying down sins

Repentance, now costs

Accept Christ within


Beholding Christ’s Salvation

Help to break out

Heart fills with elation

Lighting a shout

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Renewing Rain

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From Isaiah 45:8:  “Shower, O heavens, from above, and let the skies rain down righteousness; let the earth open, that salvation may spring up, and let it cause righteousness t sprout up also; I the Lord have created it.”

Rain showers continuously hydrate the lands

Sending restoring moisture from God’s hands


Perhaps God’s design will deliver to rinse off me

Washing away transgressions that affix on thee


Flowers, grass, and trees experience joy now

Smiling as additional raindrops take their bow


This errant life feels God’s restoring spirit of the rain

Helping me to reconcile and move away from pain


The clouds hang low, soon rain comes again

Witnessing Christ’s love, forgiving all our sin


Temperatures remain cool, clouds shroud the light

Feeling God’s lasting affection, realizing His might


My disposition cools, harsh feelings evaporate

Praying to my Lord, as the darkness grows late


God continually watches over His creation

Looking down from above, smiles of elation


For me, a blood-stained cross forever stands near

Thanking Jesus for bringing Salvation, without fear


Nature comes alive as the rains abate

Growing with God’s love, will be its fate


An imperfect man such as me, steps from sin’s shadows

Kneeling before God, forgiven for my disobedient travels

Preserving His Saints

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When life’s eventual calamities gather and appear

Providing safe refuge, God emerges without fear

Our Lord remains sovereign over His domain

Assembling Christians to worship in His name

Rock of infinite refuge and mighty fortress to see

Hearing God’s Holy words, coming to rescue thee

Dark and evil situations linger and wait to thrive

Offering worthless promises, the Enemy strives

His hollow assurances hide a dishonest net

Waiting to capture us, continually a threat

Righteous wisdom and truth reside with our Lord

Witnessing our sinful afflictions, like a river to ford

God never gives up on anyone, never makes a fuss

Standing between the Enemy and his devilish lust

Our Lord commands us to deposit trust in Him

Allowing His countenance to shine through sin

Abundant goodness will reach out from Heaven

Hearing our supplications and prayers, so driven

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ comes to save

Defeating forever sin’s darkness and the grave

His glory spreads to cover each corner of the earth

Saving our resurrected lives with a heavenly berth

All confidently march in spirit to accept His grace

Seeking Christ’s salvation, with rich mercy to taste

Our Lord comes again to preserve His saints

Prompting all Christians to be faithful mates

God stands ready, listening to everyone’s cause

Sacrificing Jesus for us, we kneel without pause

Our Father wants His children to be saved

Desiring that all will return to Him one day

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The foundation for this poem comes from Psalms 31 and 51.   Here are a few of my favorite verses from them.

  • Psalm 31:3-4:  “You are indeed my rock and my fortress; for your name’s sake lead me and guide me, take me out of the net that is hidden for me.”
  • Psalm 51:2-3:  “Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.  For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me.”

Do you have a favorite verse or verses from any of the Psalms?  You are invited to share it in the comments.  


Resurrection Hope

Our Lord’s Resurrection

Brings forth Salvation

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His Father guides Abraham to faithfully pray

Allowing acts of devotion with richness to say

King David speaks of the coming Messiah

Just as images emanate forth from Isaiah

Skeptics scoff, declare Resurrection is untrue

Christ proclaims He has indeed risen—so true!

The Father’s fulfills His grace-filled plan

Reaching out to us with His paternal hand

God generates hope for a darkness-filled land

All witness the piercings on His son’s hands

Christ’s blood is spilled for your sins and mine

Bringing the Cross front and center for all time

God carries forth His amazing grace

Making Resurrection a genuine place

Christ comes alive to witness and call

I am the Resurrection and life for all

Jesus brings Salvation to the righteous

Offering hope to even the unrighteous

Being saved by red blood shed for thee

Humbling ourselves and taking a knee

Many believers arrive to proudly proclaim

Christ’s Resurrection is more than a game

Each and every day all should always say

Christ offers His shed blood to fully pay

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Our Lord’s Resurrection

Brings forth Salvation


If you are looking for more Christian-based poetry, here are links to some of Big Sky Buckeye’s past publications.




We Have a Friend

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Yes, we have no better friend than you

What we have is special and very true

We possess a dear friend in Jesus, our Savior

He comes down to us, bringing abundant favor

Our Lord descends to earth with His human face

His Son comes to bring salvation from rich grace

Yes, we have no better friend than Christ, the King

He washes white our sinful nature that now stings

God’s son walks ahead of us to the solitary Cross

His journey brings generous hope for all of the lost

He heals the sick and His words speak truth

His family tree goes through David and Ruth

Yes, we have no better friend than Jesus

His wise words reach out to each of us

Today we bow down and take a knee

Our Father offers His grace for free

We all take up our own Cross and follow Christ

His salvation comes from God, filled with might

Yes, we have no better friend than our Lord

His rich blessings will bring all of us on board

As Christians, we most certainly have no better friend than Jesus, our Savior.  What inspires you to walk each day with our Lord?


The Forgiving Wind

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God has used the wind for His purposes since the very beginning of time.  From Genesis 1:2-3:  “the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters.  Then God said, ‘Let there be be light.'” 

The wind chimes sing this morning with so much to say

Playing inspiring music that turns calmness aside today

The music brings warm comfort to one’s heart

Reminding at dawn of past memories to restart

These rich images from the past arrive so clear

Blessing one’s spirit with nothing ever to fear

With a renewing spirit bursting from God’s mighty fame

Sending forth meaningful counsel in His glorious name

The day’s agenda stands ready to roll out once again

Traveling faithfully forward with no desire to ever sin

Yet, this blessed life may again stumble today

Asking for God’s forgiveness with little to say

The old rugged Cross comes forward into one’s sight

Witnessing Christ’s red blood brings courage to fight

Just as the wind chimes tell again of God’s loving soul

Walking with Christ refurbishes a life that is now full