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Born in the Big Sky Country of Montana and now living in the Buckeye State of Ohio, Richard is the creative mind behind Big Sky Buckeye. Retired after 40 years of teaching, I enjoy writing, photography, traveling, and following a healthy lifestyle.

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Do you enjoy writing or reading poetry?  Most of the posts on Big Sky Buckeye are poetry. You are invited to sit a spell and find something that you like.  I enjoy sharing my curiosity through my writing.  You are welcome to like, comment, follow, share, or reblog a post.

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As Willie Nelson sings, “on the road again” is my calling.  Big Sky Buckeye is traveling to the Eastern Shore of Maryland for a few days, but several poems and quotations will be posted while I am away.  I will catch up to your comments as well as your posts when I return home.  In the meantime, sit back and relax with a writer’s journey through both his words and the thoughts of others.  May God bless each of you!

Taking a break from poetry, enjoy a bit of fiction with a funny twist.  Here is a micro short story (155 words in length) entitled “Icy Caper.”

In addition to the poetry, view another journal entry posted on September 19 in From My Journal.  While Big Sky Buckeye enjoys writing poetry, much of his journal writing is inspired from reading and commenting on other blogger’s posts.

You are encouraged to read a quote updated on September 19 from pastor and author Gordon MacDonald.   His words describe the value of discipline.

Many of you enjoy photography (either your own or someone else’s).  Ennis is a scenic town in southwestern Montana with genuine hospitality and charm.  Check out the new photograph added on September 15 in the Photo Gallery. 

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You will find a variety of poems from the past few weeks. Each post is linked to take you right to its location.  Other poems and writings can be found in the archives.  Enjoy!


Icy Caper

person holding ice cream with cone

Photo by Jean Balzan on Pexels.com

Police issue an “All-Points Bulletin” in a flash.  The local jewelry store has been robbed by an elderly man dressed in a white suit.  Patrol cars frantically scurry here and there—no luck!

Detective Joe Friday joins the hunt.  His crime-solving skills are legendary.  He always reminds each interviewee, “Just give me the facts.”

Driving down a quiet residential street, Friday spies a white ice cream vending cart on a corner.  Selling ice cream treats to the neighborhood children, the gray-haired man hands out love and more.

Pulling up behind the cart, the renowned detective surveys the scene.  Calling on his car’s radio for back-up, he knows he can’t wait.  The last of the children walks away with their frozen, sweet treats.

Approaching the man in the white suit, Friday pulls out his gold detective shield.  With a confident voice and a smile, he asks, “Do you happen to have something ‘hot’ on ice today?”

From My Journal


Photo by Kerry on Pexels.com

From Big Sky Buckeye

God forgives without keeping a scorecard.

Do you write a daily journal?  This inspiring thought comes from my journal, and much of what is written in my journal comes from reading and commenting on other bloggers’ posts.  Thanks to many of you for adding so much to my journal.

(Updated September 19)

God’s Compass

snowy mountain peaks under cloudy sky

Photo by Aman Jakhar on Pexels.com

From Psalm 51:3:  “For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me.”

Lost soul in the wickedest valleys of life

Needing directions, take away this strife


Life’s transgressions mount, God knows them all

Living a life of denial, witnessing an arrogant fall


Every day takes one deeper and deeper into sin

Losing awareness, asking where have we been?


When born, God knows our sinful ways

Needing God to teach wisdom each day


Life continues to carry us on the very same road

Walking and falling, becomes frustrating and cold


God delivers His judgement, He feels justified

Viewing our sin-filled cravings, never satisfied


Life’s journey demands we find a different route

Using God’s compass, His directions carry clout


God brings deliverance, a better means to live

Declaring praise to our Lord, offerings to give


Another wayward life takes a detour from the Pit

Cleansing of sin, God’s road creates a better fit


God teaches an upright way, follow and trust

Purging all evil, washing white our sinful lust


God’s steadfast love delivers a redeeming route

Hearing God’s joy, His compass brings us about

person holding compass

Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Pexels.com


Phillip Brooks Quote

silhouette of trees under orange cloudy day

Photo by KML on Pexels.com

Be such a man, and live such a life, that if every man were such as you, and every life a life like yours, this earth would be God’s paradise.

From Philippians 2:4:  “Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others.”

Haiku Series #21 (With God)


Pre-dawn darkness fades

Inspiring sunrise arrives—

Feeling God’s presence

2019 April 24 Walnut Woods 002.JPG



Darkness surrounds me

Shadows of life overwhelm me—

God’s Word brings comfort

man in the middle of tall trees

Photo by Haydan As-soendawy on Pexels.com



Keep your life simple

Our complex world churns away—

Reach out to God’s peace

2019 September 16 Woods and Ridge 013