Behind the Scenes–Act 2

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Welcome to “Behind the Scenes.”  Today, we are visiting with Richard, the creative energy behind the writing journey of Big Sky Buckeye. 

Welcome back Richard.  It is a pleasure visit with you again. 

You have been writing and blogging for about 19 months.  Why did you start writing and sharing here on WordPress?

Following my retirement from teaching, I was looking for an outlet for my energy and time in the fall of 2018.  With some encouragement from others, I took the plunge with a goal of writing poetry.  My first poem was “Early Morning Moments.”


Watching the flame dance in early dawn

Feeling the warmth of a new born fawn


Warmed by an early morning, blazing fire

Viewing a hungry deer jumping over a wire


Enjoying a comforting warmth from the fireplace

Seeing a startled pair running to a new place


Dreaming of a day to stay inside by the flames

Looking out of a window to see deer playing games


You are quite creative with your writing.  In the past, have you pursued any musical interests?

My first taste of formal music was with instrumental music, beginning in the fifth grade as I played clarinet.  I continued to play through the ninth grade until more and more of my time went into athletics in high school.  I haven’t really played since the late 1970s, and the clarinet has been passed down to two of my daughters.

Several years ago when I was teaching in Montana, I sang in the church choir.  This was a wonderful experience in sharing with the congregation our appreciation of singing some favorite hymns.

Before we wrap-up, please tell us of some your interests outside of writing. 

I enjoy traveling, and my wife and I have enjoyed two highway trips during the past couple of summers when we meandered and found our way back to Montana to see family.  Without a need to return home on a tight schedule, we enjoyed taking the scenic route through different states, towns, and attractions.

As some readers have found, I enjoy sharing my love of nature photography in my blog’s Photo Gallery.  While I don’t profess to be an excellent photographer, I have found the time well spent in taking photos while traveling or even walking through a nature park near my home.

2020 May 16 Walnut Woods 002

An early March walk at Walnut Woods Metro Park offers a view of an old farm building framed with an opening in the trees along the border of the park.

We have appreciated spending time with Richard from Big Sky Buckeye.  Look for more “Behind the Scenes” in future postings.

31 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes–Act 2

  1. I loved reading these informative details of your life, Richard. I remember that we have that experience with the clarinet in common (I played it from 4th grade til about 4 years ago… had to stop because my arthritic fingers wouldn’t cover all the holes anymore and I couldn’t get a B natural out of it for love nor money!). And of course, our love of poetry and of Montana are two common threads. I hope to meet you face-to-face someday. ❤ Thanks for the "Behind the Scenes" today. Have a Thoughtful Thursday.

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