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Today, another poem is posted.  “Morning Ramblings” offers a view of a slow, lazy morning (don’t we all enjoy such a day!).  The previous post includes reflections in what can be called “Writer’s Notebook.”

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Morning Ramblings

Waiting patiently for the morning hours to pass by

Wearing pajamas and slippers—let the time fly!

Drinking another cup of coffee to warm the heart

Hoping those dreadful ailments won’t begin to start

Taking so many pills has become a daily chore

Looking ahead to a future and say—“No more!”

Hearing activity outside pulls one’s attention away

Seeing a few of the neighbors who are busy at play

Sitting lazily around with not very much to do

Dreaming of a future day with an exciting view

Viewing a whole hour of “The Price is Right”

Realizing that some people watch TV ‘til night

Watching out the kitchen window offers very little hope

Feeling pulled back to bed along a taut and stretched rope

Striking Noon, the clock says that another morning is finally done

Hoping to return to sleep, and wake-up again to the daybreak sun






Writer’s Notebook

Today, I am pausing to reflect on my writing journey.  Perhaps it is the teacher in me that wants to share these thoughts.  I am definitely a “rookie” when it comes to writing, but I feel energized each day with my writing, which never seems to be a chore.

These points are written in no particular order.  Just call them ramblings of a curious writer, who is enjoying his retirement while finding a new passion to fill some of his time.

  • Find a way to discover your inspiration to write.  For me, my morning walks seem to create a whirl of new ideas and interesting thoughts.
  • Establish a habit of writing frequently.  Many accomplished writers have said this in what I have read.  From my days of teaching fundamentals as a basketball coach, I understand and appreciate the use of repetition, repetition, repetition. Now translated into write, write, write.
  • Don’t worry about perfection.  Your first draft is an excellent beginning, but you should never fuss about what an initial start looks like.
  • Appreciate any feedback that you receive about your writing.  Draw encouragement from others who may follow, comment, or like your creation.
  • Perhaps this point should be at the top of the list.  Enjoy what you do.  Have FUN!!
Where will my writing journey take me today?


Images of immigrants arriving at America’s shores

Families hope the United States offers much more

Huddled and crowded together on ships bound for this land

Dreaming of moving forward and receiving an outstretched hand

Most Americans trace immigrants back to their family roots

Their ancestors arrived eager to wear their work boots


Singer Neil Sedaka proclaims the immigrants anxious arrival

“The Immigrant” sings of harbors open for their survival

Coming to America is immortalized as Neil Diamond sings

“America” tells a fascinating story that only his lyrics bring

Both Sedaka and Diamond write beautiful and appropriate text

America can do better than people shouting, “You are not next”


Imagine the excitement felt upon seeing Lady Liberty

She has welcomed people to America for an eternity

Her torch offers a bright beacon of light, assurance, and hope

America stretches out its welcoming hand much like a rope

This openhearted Lady, gifted from France, stands solemn

She invites the less fortunate to arrive in long columns


Emma Lazarus, an offspring of immigrants, expresses it best

Her poetic words in “The New Colossus” surely pass the test

Her stirring words paint a rich and emotional image to all

To see how a mighty Lady and America will forever stand tall


America’s melting pot overflows with a rich, sweet taste

Tales from immigrants deserve to be heard without haste

Immigration has recently become a heated, national debate

America’s history shows patience in opening its welcome gate


The lyrics of “The Immigrant” can be found at Neil Sedaka.

The lyrics of “America” can be found at Neil Diamond.

The verses of “The New Colossus” can be found at Emma Lazarus.

Haiku Series #2

Winter’s First Snow

Big snowflakes arrive

Floating gracefully downward

Stuck in a snow drift!


Spring Showers

April rains pour down

Bringing smiles to the farmers

Tractor trapped in mud!


Young Driver

 Feeling confident

Driving for the second time

Oops—fender bender!


Dead Battery

Arctic morning—brrr!

Baby on the way today

Start the car—nothing!


Spring’s First Color

Transplanted last fall

Reaching towards the warm sun

Beautiful tulips


Exercise Bike

Alarm rings again

Time to pedal for fitness

Hit the snooze again!




The Trail

Walking along an unknown, isolated trail

Hoping that this journey goes without fail

Looking skyward for some warm fun

Hiding behind clouds goes the sun

Hurrying along the narrow path against the windy cold

Seeking to not find too much adventure—yet be bold!

Traveling quickly, the brisk pace moves along

Thinking that this morning walk won’t be too long

Turning a corner, coming to a different place

Seeing a fork coming up and slowing the pace

Searching down each side of the distant trail

Feeling confidence slipping, beginning to feel pale

Deciding to journey down the unfamiliar path on the right

Adjusting the trip’s rhythm and viewing a different site

Moving along another route is part of life

Aligning thoughts so that there is no strife

Finishing this satisfying walk without worrying to fail

Realizing that life’s treks are like being on this trail