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Many readers are Christians who are waiting faithfully for Resurrection Sunday, better known as Easter.  Today is Good Friday, which is a solemn day on the Christian calendar.  Perhaps you will feel moved to experience some hope that our Savior’s Resurrection offers to us with His blessed Salvation when reading the poem “Resurrection Hope.”

In addition to the poetry, enjoy another journal entry in “Encouraging Moment.” While Big Sky Buckeye enjoys writing poetry, much of his journal writing is inspired from reading and commenting on other blogger’s posts.

You are invited to enjoy a quote from an American author, attorney, and pastor in E. M. Bounds (Edward McKendree Bounds). He brings forth much wisdom about prayer and its power in our lives.

How many of you have experienced a boat ride on a lake or river?  Perhaps you have enjoyed fishing from a boat or even tried water skiing.  Big Sky Buckeye has enjoyed the pleasure of riding in a boat in Montana for pleasure, fishing, and water skiing. Check out the new photograph posted in the Photo Gallery.

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You will find a variety of poems from the past few weeks. Each post is linked to take you right to its location. Enjoy!

Resurrection Hope

Our Lord’s Resurrection

Brings forth Salvation

brown wooden crucifix photography

Photo by Peter on Pexels.com

His Father guides Abraham to faithfully pray

Allowing acts of devotion with richness to say

King David speaks of the coming Messiah

Just as images emanate forth from Isaiah

Skeptics scoff, declare Resurrection is untrue

Christ proclaims He has indeed risen—so true!

The Father’s fulfills His grace-filled plan

Reaching out to us with His paternal hand

God generates hope for a darkness-filled land

All witness the piercings on His son’s hands

Christ’s blood is spilled for your sins and mine

Bringing the Cross front and center for all time

God carries forth His amazing grace

Making Resurrection a genuine place

Christ comes alive to witness and call

I am the Resurrection and life for all

Jesus brings Salvation to the righteous

Offering hope to even the unrighteous

Being saved by red blood shed for thee

Humbling ourselves and taking a knee

Many believers arrive to proudly proclaim

Christ’s Resurrection is more than a game

Each and every day all should always say

Christ offers His shed blood to fully pay

adult background beach blue

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Our Lord’s Resurrection

Brings forth Salvation


If you are looking for more Christian-based poetry, here are links to some of Big Sky Buckeye’s past publications.




Encouraging Moment


Photo by Kerry on Pexels.com

From Big Sky Buckeye

Perseverance is a quality that people need in order to succeed.  Success doesn’t come easy, but perseverance brings us to the finish line with our heads held high.

Do you write a daily journal?  This inspiring thought comes from my journal, and much of what is written in my journal comes from reading and commenting on other bloggers’ posts.  Thanks to many of you for adding so much to my journal.

Final Battle

Montana 2013 006.JPG

An outdoor mural captures the heroism of Native American warriors

On a sunny, blistering hot June day and hour

Two cultures collide in an epic that now towers

White, European culture ever advances to take

Native American culture realizes what’s at stake

America’s first citizens reside as native born

Now witnessing their way of life being torn

The Little Bighorn River provides a place for rest

Nestled in a large village are warriors, the best

Journeying into the Montana Territory for a cause

U.S. Calvary relentlessly travels without a pause

Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho await

The brave soldiers never realize their final fate

Lakota spiritual leader Sitting Bull envisions all

“Thick as grasshoppers” come soldiers to fall

The 7th Calvary invades the stream called Greasy Grass

Led by Lieutenant Colonel Custer, many die much too fast

Crazy Horse and Gall command warriors in this feat

Annihilating most of Custer’s troops in total defeat


The marker at the lower right identifies where Lt. Colonel George Custer fell during the battle.  His remains are interred at West Point.

The coalition of Native Americans wins today

Bringing honor to warriors with much to say

The great Sioux nation wins this final showdown

But their way of life will enter its final sundown

A collision of cultures—Native and White

Today, there is no reason to ever fight

The human rights of the Native Americans still blaze

Working to preserve a culture without further decay

Little Bighorn Battlefield is located in Montana about an hour’s drive from Billings on Interstate 90.  The pictures shown were taken at the battlefield site a few years ago.

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A Hole in the Middle

Enjoy something sweet on Big Sky Buckeye and hopefully share a laugh with me!  Due to his crusade against sugar (and successfully keeping his blood sugar under control), he cannot even remember the last time that such a treat touched his lips.  


Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Simple, yet decadent pleasures they are

Being quite easy to locate from your car

Driving down the road each day

Now you wonder what it is, I say

The coffee’s on and ready to go

Include a doughnut for the road

Missing doughnuts for so many weeks

Passing them up is never for the meek

Call them “donuts”, many Americans say

For me, I prefer “doughnuts” to this day

My doctor instructs me, “No sugar for you!”

Now my doughnut days are sadly through 

However, doughnut temptation sings a song

If I reach for one, there is a deafening gong!

Sorry mister, there will never be doughnuts for you

So I continue down the road, singin’ the sad blues

Who made the doughnut hole in the middle?

Now that has always been quite the riddle

Waking up in the middle of a lonesome night

Dreaming of doughnuts makes a sugary sight

While some folks are addicted to Krispy Kreme

My doughnut tastes envision a different theme

Boston Cream, Long John, and Jelly

All sound delicious to my hungry belly

Old-fashioned, Sour Cream, and Glazed

Why can’t I enjoy a simple one today?

Now in my car and hungrily driving at midnight

The Jolly Pirate Donut shop stays open all night

I pull into the empty parking lot with sad surprise

The sign reads, “Closed tonight”—alas no prize!

This poem could continue on and on and on for sure

Does anyone have a doughnut to share with this sir?


Here’s a final footnote:

In the classic film of “It Happened One Night”

Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert are a fright

Gable, the newspaper man, enlightens

Colbert, the heiress, never frightens

As they travel the back roads and stop

For a cup of hot coffee at a tiny shop

. . . with doughnuts for dunkin’


In case you missed some past sweet posts, here are some links to take you back for more.  Enjoy!

E. M. Bounds

Only God can move mountains, but faith and prayer can move God.

From Mark 11:23:   “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. “

To An Athlete

baseball player in gray and black uniform running

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There are little eyes upon you

And they’re watching night and day

There are little ears that quickly

Take in every word you say

There are little hands all eager

To do anything you do

And a little boy who’s dreaming

Of the day he’ll be like you


You’re the little fellow’s idol

You’re the wisest of the wise

In his little mind about you

No suspicions ever rise

He believes in you devoutly

Holds that all you say and do

He will say and do in your way

When he’s grown up like you


There’s a wide-eyed little fellow

Who believes you’re always right

And his ears are always open

And he watches day and night

You are setting an example

Every day in all you do

For the little boy who’s waiting

To grow up and be like you

Author Unknown


When I was coaching years ago at a high school in Montana, the football coach gave all of the coaches a framed copy of this poem.  I have carried it with me for all of these years, and it has special meaning to me as one who worked with young athletes for about 30 years.

This poem is easy to find on other Internet sites.  Some of the posts use a different title, but the words remain the same.  The author has remained unknown.  Many young athletes aspire to follow an older athlete . . .

Waiting to grow up and be like you!