Haiku Series #66 (Life)

Daily Changes


Learning to adapt each day—

World paradigm shift

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Experience Counts

Cleaning and cooking

Being a baby boomer—

Fatherhood training

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Not Now

Muddy, rain-soaked road

Destination now delayed—

Changing a flat tire

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Haiku Series #65 (With God)

Life’s Trials

Crushing deep waters

Pressing in on life again—

Requires deeper faith

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Compassionate God

Brings comfort to our troubles—

Praise-filling blessings

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Savior’s Light

Confusion employs

Filling our lives with darkness—

Jesus’ light blesses

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Haiku Series #64 (Life)


Moving clocks ahead

Life springs forward without stress—

The next day . . . Monday!

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Let’s Go


Anxious to see grandchildren—

Hitting the highway

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Annual Tease

Glorious weekend

Spring shares herself, at long last—

Monday, snow . . . again?

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Haiku Series #63 (With God)

Needing Prayer

Constant chronic pain

Days and nights become too long—

Asking for prayer

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Forty Days


Walking this Lenten journey—

Seeking our Savior

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Making a Choice

Rebuilding a path

Choosing love over hatred—

Jesus offers peace

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Haiku Series #62 (Life)


Imagine a world

As seen through a baby’s eyes—

Always innocent

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Leaving winter cold

Ice fishing and ice skating—

Ice avoiding . . . Beach!

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Early morning time

Fireplace blazes and welcomes—

Warming us with love

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Haiku Series #61 (With God)

Seek His Light

Living a free life

Crumbling fortune cookie breaks—

Turn to our Savior

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Finding Christ

Living in darkness

Life’s journey shrouded in sin—

Jesus speaks to us

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Follow Me

Facing temptation

Stay in faithful alignment—

With our Lord Jesus

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Haiku Series #60 (Life)


Pausing to listen

Forget teaching to the test—

Showing compassion

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Good Morning

Morning sun rises

Another wonderful day—

Feeling peace and joy

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Sit a Spell


Studying behind each cup—

Life stirs with each sip

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