Keep Smilin’ (Haiku Series #98)

Yes . . . Really!

Early morning view

Magic mirror never lies—

Seeing perfection

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Car slides into lake

GPS wet with errors–

Where did my map go?

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Chilling Taste

Sweetest tooth talking

Escaping the day’s heat wave—

Hi Baskin-Robbins

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Subtle Laughs (Haiku Series #96)

The Writer

Thinking Stephen King

Blood, sweat, tears filling each page—

Typing my novel

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Sharing Love

Bringing flowers home

Husband with best intentions—

Wilting with sadness

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Out of Luck

Golf is like taxes

Driving hard for the green, yet—

End up in the hole

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Actions of Faith (Haiku Series #95)

Seek the Lord

Following Jesus

Running with perseverance—

Sin no longer clings

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My Savior

Sharing words of hope

Joining others in Jesus—

God’s endless blessings

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Sow bountifully

God loves a cheerful giver—

Reap bountifully

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God’s Creatures (Haiku Series #94)

Wake Up

Geese flying overhead

Echoing in morning dawn—

Nature’s alarm clock

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Summer afternoon

Sweetest nectar from milkweed—

Butterflies frolic

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Under Surveillance

Walking the park trail

Sensing with each cautious step—

Who’s really watching?

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Cookies, Books, and Coffee (Haiku Series #93)

Ain’t Fun

Bag of Oreos

Milk missing in the ice box—

Now singing the blues!

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Say What?

I’ve read some good books

Me as well . . . a plethora—

Never read that one

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Oh No!

Need to hurry home

Checking out at the market—

Forgetting coffee!

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Faithful God (Haiku Series #92)


Waiting for the Lord

Our hearts filling with gladness—

Trust His Holy plan

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Always Here

Asking God, “Why me?”

Feeling unprepared for Him—

He will walk with us

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Never Forsaken

Make our hearts ready

Hearing, serving, witnessing—

Quench our thirsty souls

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Humor from Home

The Easy Life

Meals, treats, naps, and love

Man’s best friend, enjoying life—

Master of the house

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Out of Luck

Teenage lad climbs tree

Scanning for a new girlfriend—

Neighborhood wasteland

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Making Room 

Delicious dinner

Loosening up this tight belt—

Now room for dessert

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Life Laughs Back (Haiku Series #90)

Not for Me

Obedience school

Violates my canine rights—

Dog walks away free

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Try, Try Again

Car attempts to park

Seven times without success—

Miffed student driver

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Cold Reception

Social media post

Only three likes arrive from—

Me, myself, and I

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Moments with Nature (Haiku Series #89)

Turf Fight

Eagle’s invasion

Trespassing and threatening—

Tiny bird attacks

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Still Safe

Dark clouds approaching

When thunderstorm moves away—

Tree limbs wave goodbye

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Forever Gone

Footprints on the beach

Nature brings its eraser—

Surf cleans them away

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God’s Daily Notes (Haiku Series #88)

Cast the First Stone

Shall we judge others?

Who among you have not sinned?

Room quickly empties

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Darkness covers life

Filling with harshness and pain—

Show love to others

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Mighty God 

Believers join God

Salvation belongs to Him—

Good over evil

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