Stepping Forward (Haiku Series #170)

Halting Steps

Worries and fears grow

Never-ending appetite—

Consuming spirit

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Courageous Steps

In darkest of times

Winning race with final push—

Running with boldness

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Harmony’s Steps

Day’s delightful pause

Joyous memories drop in—

Dancing in one’s heart

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Life Shifts (Haiku Series #169)


This moment in time

Our story turns to new page—

Another year comes

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Trading snow shovels

Absent Ohio winter—

Time for umbrellas

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Each worthy surprise

Life’s unique blessings waiting—

Around each corner

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Winter’s Innocence (Haiku Series #168)


Fresh, fallen snowflakes

Morning’s glistening landscape—

Sparkling winter day

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From winter’s postcard

Covered with fresh, powder snow—

Majestic pines rise

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Calm valley meadow

Undisturbed snowy blanket—

Cautious buck deer waits

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Learning from Life (Haiku Series #167)

Learning from Strength

Looking to conquer

Bullies search for life’s island—

Mankind’s weakest link

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Learning from Honesty

Remember always

Our mirror’s self-reflection—

Misses life’s real truth

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Learning from Tasks

Life’s biggest challenge

Constructing each new puzzle—

Piece follows each piece

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Nature’s Rhythm (Haiku Series #166)


Flying high above

Gray sky’s lonely sentinel—

Solitary spy

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Unchecked challenges

Emotional behavior—

Nature spills over

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Season to season

Creation’s precious treasures—

Never growing old

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Never Alone (Haiku Series #165)


Walking through life’s fire

Never to blindly stumble—

God always walks close

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Darkness testing faith

Patiently trusting Father—

Accepting His plan

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Holy Spirit seeks

Guiding tongues in bringing forth—

Pure and blessed speech

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Life at Home (Haiku Series #164)

Dad’s Cooking

Friday night dinner

Mom’s day off in the kitchen—

Bucket of chicken

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Trial Run

Teenager’s first drive

Seatbelt fastened and secure—

Still parked in driveway

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Around the Clock

Open for business

Fridge full of tasty morsels—

Door always unlocked

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Daily Paradox (Haiku Series #163)

Filling Unlimited Pages

Nothing ever small

Dreaming, another novel—

Writing with bigness

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Choosing Right Stuff

Pick baseball or golf

Swinging for fences or greens—

Which swing shall I use?

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Playing Political Chess

Congress at impasse

Where’s spirit to compromise?

Buried long ago

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Nature’s Crossroads (Haiku Series #162)

Dusk Evaporates

Horizon merges

Pulled along by setting sun—

Stirs nocturnal bliss

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Savoring Again

Autumn’s entree fades

Winter’s taste arrives on cue–

Sweet frosting and all

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Life’s Adaptation

Facing challenges

Nature transforms to survive—

Will mankind follow?

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Experience Life (Haiku Series #161)

Only in America

Making George big bucks

Entrepreneur Foreman—

Burger grilling time

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Script Flips

Willingness to share

Bit of life’s sweet chocolate—

Frowns turn into smiles

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Teamwork Triumphs

Humbleness bears fruit

Together, tight as a fist—

Working as just one

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