Life’s Lighter Side (Haiku Series #215)


Viewing cooking shows

Watching, yet never taste test—

Counting calories

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Pushing shopping cart

Faster than flashy Corvette—

Speed up–kids at play!

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Gifted three-year old

Earning Phi Beta Kappa—

Reading picture books

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From Today to Tomorrow (Haiku Series #214)


Today’s smallest steps

Moving toward tomorrow—

Consistency counts

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Life needing to pause

Today’s time to self-reflect—

Tomorrow brightens

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Today sharing grace

Treasure each small victory—

Building tomorrow

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Day’s Conversation (Haiku Series #213)

Dawn’s Light

Early morning hour

Sowing heart’s tranquility—

Calmness of spirit

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Fresh Start

Believe, trusting more

Opening another door—

Shifting day’s mindset

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Quiet Turnaround

Away from one’s view

Time flowing with transition—

Subtleness of change

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Journey Forward (Haiku Series #212)


Wishes spring from dreams

Benevolent actions serve—

Destiny calling

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Walking endless miles

Faithful boots always ready—

Echoing wisdom

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Joining together

Solving life’s cherished puzzle—

Heart’s bits and pieces

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Winter’s Expressions (Haiku Series #211)

Ante Up!

Icy, foggy screen

Hiding wintertime’s next move—

Holding nature’s cards

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Ready or Not!

Overnight snowfall

Friendly, gentle flakes falling—

Morning’s traffic slows

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Echoing Joy!

Lofty mountain peak

Let it snow, let it snow more—

Skiers celebrate

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Moving Forward (Haiku Series #210)

Now Ready

Life’s mirror reflects

Past sorrows filled with heartache—

Today writes new page

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Pass to Another


Lights candle in one more soul—

Love and kindness glow

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Hopeful and ready

Discovering more than one—

Life’s next open door

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Spring’s Anticipation (Haiku Series #209)

Hurry Back

Every . . . falling leaf

Reminder . . . winter’s coming—

Dreaming . . . spring’s rebirth

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Holding Back

Winter’s silence speaks

Quiet trees withhold their joy—

Waiting for spring’s call

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Returning Back

Tender seedling sprouts

Nature transitions again—

Life reawakens

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Paying Actions Forward (Haiku Series #208)

Character Counts

Guiding principle

Building lasting foundation—

Honesty always

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Gift for Tomorrow

Righteous citizens

Preserving lasting good name—

Sharing goodwill

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Setting the Table

Each generation

Integrity’s highest road

Inheriting trust

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Lighter Side (Haiku Series #207)

Hey, Big Spender

Buying up houses

Trading for largest hotel—

Monopoly’s wealth

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Powerless Circumstances

Bandit on the run

Car’s battery fails to start—

Police bringing charges

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Fitting Ending

Old shoes in tatters

Needing firmer foundation—

Meeting new solemate

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Winter’s Teases (Haiku Series #206)

Not Yet!

First snowflake arrives

Autumn’s spirit carries on—

Lingering voices

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Going, Going, Gone!

Morning’s frost whispers

Autumn’s voice fading away—

Winter’s shadow calls

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Hang On!

Winter’s coldest words

Warmest phrases lifting up—

Sunrise welcomed back

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