Timeless Transitions (Haiku Series #232)

Shifting Paradigm

Beyond one’s normal

New, exciting perspective—

Trusted lens focused

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Planning for Success

Remembering TEAM

Life’s “Together Everyone—

Accomplishes More”

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Leaving Past Behind

Boarding faithful train

Departing from dark despair—

Riding fate’s bright light

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Precious Witnesses (Haiku Series #231)

Fast Forward

Winter to summer

Life’s annual rendezvous—

Fleeting taste of spring

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Smiling Prayers

Rainy clouds arrive

Farmers waited with patience—

Harvest time’s sunshine

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Silent Citadel

Majestic white pines

Sharing Creator’s presence—

Faithful guardians

Ohio’s Walnut Woods shares its white pines.

Poetic Connections (Haiku Series #230)


Past links with today

Learning fills each tomorrow—

Venturing forward

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Day’s epiphany

Outside one’s kitchen window—

Another clue waits

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Preparing to share

Crafting yet another verse—

Soul opening up

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Life’s Reactions (Haiku Series #229)


Empty coffee can

Much needed grocery run—

No caffeine to spare

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Digging In

Final goal-line stand

Fullback takes crucial handoff—

Freight train A-coming!

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Husband’s chores waiting

Morning’s golf invitation—

What’s a man to do?

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Candid Observations (Haiku Series #228)


Witnessing child’s growth

Harvesting learning each day—

Inquisitive mind

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Listen with purpose

Endless landscape never rests—

Even silence speaks

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Never one regret

Lifetime’s sweethearts together—

Day’s sunny side up

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Spring’s Reflections (Haiku Series #227)

Ready, Set, Go!

Winter moves aside

Spring rains water faithful seeds—

Summer flowers bloom

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Blessed Soil

Backyard garden plot

This farmer never retires—

Hands in richest earth

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Annual Rite of Spring

Hearing crack of bat

Season of baseball returns—

Stealing one more base

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Springtime Sketches (Haiku Series #226)

Hibernation Ends

Spring singing praises

Greener lawns growing thicker—

Revving up mowers

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Never to Worry

Thunderstorm’s downpour

Lifeboats unavailable—

Trusty umbrella

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Working Together

Swirling wind tunnel

One step forward, two steps back—

Clutching friend’s tow rope

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Writer’s Destinations (Haiku Series #225)


Early morning hour

Imagination gathers—

Reflections within

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Evening’s new anchor

Thinking, reflecting sunset—

Walking beach again

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Writer’s empty page

Searching vibrant reflections—

Written words transform

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Life’s Green Light (Haiku Series #224)

Novel Song

Every precious day

With another step taken—

Rhythm’s magic leads

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Tenacity Steps In

Three strikes and you’re out

New inning, second chances—

Back in batter’s box

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Writer’s Freedom

Feeling reclusive

Feeds introvert’s humbleness—

Autographing prose

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Perpetual Treasures (Haiku Series #223)

Breathtaking Vistas

Wonders of nature

Endlessly magnificent—

Leaving us speechless

Montana’s Yellowstone River.

Living Classroom

Exploring today

Nature’s defining lessons—

Always teaching us

Montana’s Madison River Canyon Earthquake site.

Another Taste

Delightful buffet

Appreciate nature’s fare—

Nothing can compare

Montana’s southeastern plains.