Haiku Series #29 (With God)


Facing harsh darkness

God delivers us with light—

Resurrection comes

backlit cemetery christianity clouds

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God’s Grace comes to all

Turning weakness to power—

Accept His free gift

summer flowers

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He is life’s true source

Nothing can replace Jesus—

Our only Savior


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Haiku Series #28 (Life)

Music Rocks

Afternoon arrives

Singing voices all around—

Rocking to the sounds

women wearing a headphone

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Gray winter day walk

Stopping at an empty church—

Kneeling and praying

architectural photography of white and green church bell tower under clear sky

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Weekend long ago

Feelings of love washed away—

By rain of darkness

silhouette and grayscale photography of man standing under the rain

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Haiku Series #27 (Humor)


Restaurant breakfast

Cheese omelet, fruit, and coffee—

Where is my rye toast?

white ceramic cup

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Winning touchdown scores

Crowd celebrates victory—

Oops . . . penalty flag!

referee raising both hands

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She Did What?

Jogging down the street

Young child sprints by me and waves—

Totally humbled!

girl wearing red and yellow top running

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Haiku Series #26 (Life)


Forever in love

Saying:  “See how much I love you”—

Loving each moment

back view photo of couple holding hands while walking down wooden dock

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Sleeping through the night

Dreaming, Big Montana Sky—

How I miss it all!

2019 July Montana Trip 032.JPG



Finishing a walk

Loving another morning—

Tasting coffee’s bliss

photo of a hand holding out a steaming cup

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Haiku Series #25 (Marriage)


Like a fruitful vine

Honor each other daily—

Feel God’s blessed love

man kissing woman forehead

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Love and treasure him

Love him with your total heart—

Love him evermore

photo of couple near the field

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Care for each other

Through tough seasons and blue times—

Have each other’s back

silhouette couple kissing against sky during sunset

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Several days back, the first marriage Haiku series was published.  In case you missed it, here is the link:  Haiku Series #24 (Marriage)


Haiku Series #24 (Marriage)


Sharing scared vows

Holy covenant with God—

‘til death do us part

woman and man holding each others hands

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Love and cherish her

Love her with your entire heart—

Love her forever

grayscale photo of man and woman smiling

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Be subject to each

With reverence for Jesus—

Honor each other

statue of jesus

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Haiku Series #23 (With God)


Morning brings warm light

Feeling God’s peace through His Word—

Faith for another day

landscape photography of green mountains

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Pre-dawn sky looks down

Crescent moon glistens above—

Feeling God’s presence

illustration of moon showing during sunset

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Parents pray to God

Child walks a life filled with sin—

Coming home to God

woman facing back photo

Photo by Maria Tyutina on Pexels.com