Restoring Spirit (Haiku Series #133)


Holy Spirit breathes

Navigating Christian faith—

Feeling His presence

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Saved through Christ Jesus

According to His Spirit—

Transforming new life

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Children led by God

Tasting adoption’s Spirit

Heirs of Lord and Christ

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Moments in Time (Haiku Series #132)


Music plus coffee

Delightful early morning—

Time for one more round

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Sensitive to love

Blissful, marital journey—

Together as one

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Life’s rainy moments

Keep your umbrella handy—

Always be prepared

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Treasured Moments (Haiku Series #131)


Morning awakens

Cloudless, sunny, biggest sky—

Spring brings refreshment

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Calming, windless day

Journey skyward toward heavens—

Giant trees stand silent

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Bubbling whitewater

Creeks and rivers, energized—

Mountain snow melt flows

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Power of Prayer (Haiku Series #130)

Taking Time

Our Lord is waiting

When did you last call to Him?

Reach out in prayer

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Stepping Forward

Praying to our Lord

Sharing truth and promises—

Our life’s foundation

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Growing Faith

He shall answer thee

There exists no greater hope—

Praying to Father

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Divine Actions (Haiku Series #129)


Between God and man

There’s but one mediator—

Christ’s eternal bridge

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God’s goodness and love

Revealed in His Son Jesus—

Giving us new life

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Greatest commandment

Share love with one another—

In faith, follow Christ

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Forever First (Haiku Series #128)


Prayer and Scripture

Witnessing His promises—

God forever first

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Always will be mine

Choosing righteous, not wicked—

God forever first

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Patience shall reward

Life’s faithful obedience—

God forever first

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Tasty Sunrise (Haiku Series #127)

Sugar’s Charm

Morning breakfast time

Pancakes searching for sweetness—

Think maple syrup

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Better Choice

Ordering three eggs

Scrambled or over easy?

Make it an omelet

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Believe It

Bacon, sausage, ham

Can’t decide, let’s go for it—

Eating the whole hog

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Signs of Spring (Haiku Series #126)


Warmer days ahead

Tree buds filling with new life—

Spring waiting on deck

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Frigid soil warms up

Transformation taking place—

First green shoots of spring

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Crafting welcome signs

Daffodils make announcement—

Spring now official

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Messages of Hope (Haiku Series #125)

Safe Haven

Feeling all alone

Facing dark, uncertain times—

God offers refuge

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Assurance Calls

In life’s stressful times

His promises taking root—

Trusting in the Lord

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Shining Light

Christ rises above

Life’s battered, darkest-filled ruins—

Beacon of love’s hope

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Our Lord’s Promises (Haiku Series #124)

Each Day

Daily decisions

God, teach us to trust and love—

Walking in balance

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Grasp His Salvation

Can you hear the Lord calling?

Accepting His grace

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Father Abraham

Trusting God with faithfulness—

Promises answered

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