Autumn’s Arrival (Haiku Series #156)

Bless You!

Allergy time peaks

Summer moves into autumn—

Ragweed in full bloom

Golden, flowering ragweed sprouting everywhere.

Splendid Transition

Summertime fading

Crisp, cool mornings signal change—

Autumn’s billboard colors

Autumn colors Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park.

Poetic Time

Autumn comes knocking

Where have all the song birds gone?

Morning’s quiet peace

Quiet morning along the trail at Chestnut Ridge.

Faith and Love (Haiku Series #155)


Share Christ’s love with all

Replace our self-righteousness—

Make a difference!

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Coming to our Lord

Trusted sower of our faith—

Accepting His grace

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His love never wanes

God always walks beside us—

Sunrise never sets

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Life’s Responses (Haiku Series #154)


Gathering new strength

Recalling past challenges—

Tomorrow waiting

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Difficult moments

Face-to-face conversation—

Needing loyal friends

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Each tribe walks its path

Ignoring one another—

Everyone lost

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Nature’s Deployment (Haiku Series #153)

Every Day

Sunrise sends greeting

Creator’s hand wakens day—

Glorious morning

Morning sunrise over the Choptank River along Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Echoing Cadence

Soul-filled percussion

Pulsating afternoon sky–

Thunder’s rhythmic beat

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Still Here

Hot days continue

Waiting for autumn colors—

Summer must insist

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Christian Affirmations (Haiku Series #152)


Curious and ask

Just what is a Messiah?

Calvary’s cross speaks

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Searching endless roads

Lord offering righteous route—

Built on trusted rock

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Days fill with trials

Life’s journey walks with Jesus—

Promised Land ahead

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Filled with Dreams (Haiku Series #151)

Tasting Goodness

Dreaming of fresh dough

To grocery store for yeast—

Bread shall rise again

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Fulfilling Life

Eighty-two years young

Earning high school diploma—

Ageless dreams blossom

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Sowing Faith

Golden harvest waits

Farmer’s efforts rewarded—

Blessed field of dreams

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Follow Him (Haiku Series #150)


Seeking lasting peace

Reverent morning prayer—

Kinship with our Lord

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Any Moment

Take each perfect gift

Coming from our Creator—

Transformed by His grace

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Moved to Action

Respond to His call

Loving hearts serving neighbors—

God of Mercy leads

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Incompatible (Haiku Series #149)

Laundry Test

Blue jeans meet green grass

Young boys wrestling in backyard—

Washing grass-stained knees

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Dentists and manicurists—

Fighting tooth and nail

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Lifetime of knowledge

Encyclopedia facts—

Sidelined by Google

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Living Word (Haiku Series #148)


Holy Father guides

Lives grow in maturity—

Walk in His wisdom

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Tempting distractions

Persevere, lasting faith built—

Upon Bread of Life

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Honor blessed God

Heavenly music singing—

In tune with His will

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Summer Performances (Haiku Series #147)

New Day

Glorious sunrise

Serenity awakens—

Morning’s peace dawning

Morning’s sunrise at central Ohio’s Walnut Woods Metro Park.

Breakfast Time

Morning feeding time

Nature’s chaotic rhythm—

Bird feeder invites

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Sizzling Hunger

Dog days of summer

Mercury ready to burst—

Appetite heats up

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