Time to Laugh (Haiku Series #184)


Driving hidden roads

How did we ever get lost?

GPS offline

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Back to the office

In-basket overflowing—

Is it Friday yet?

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Boss tells teenager

Need to use more elbow grease—

What on earth is that?

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Soul-Searching (Haiku Series #183)

Edge of Darkness

Harsh rhetoric harms

Angry political camps—

Nation tears apart

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Stepping Forward

Division falls back

Country must always come first—

Democracy breathes

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Time for Compromise

Conflict’s stormy waves

Navigating nation’s course—

Finding common ground

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Lifetime of Lessons (Haiku Series #182)

Reaching Out

Express gratitude

Sincere appreciation—

Send handwritten note

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Evening to Morning

Night’s quiet moments

Preparing for tomorrow—

Embrace our blessings

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Wisdom’s Endurance

Life’s endless highway

Patience and perseverance—

Journey of waiting

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Holy Trinity’s Blessings (Haiku Series #181)

God Almighty

Father’s grace and peace

Sticking to each hungry soul—

Fed along rocky roads

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Dealing with life’s stress

Islands of isolation—

Jesus rescues us

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Righteous highway leads

Like river’s gentle current—

Spirit’s guiding hand

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Journey’s Lessons (Haiku Series #180)

Secrets Revealed

Looking and searching

Sometimes life’s obvious waits—

Right in front of us

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Compassion Shown

Life’s interactions

Seeing goodness in people—

Help them to blossom

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Integrity Counts

Out of life’s darkness

Human character rising—

Overcoming all

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Funny Moments (Haiku Series #179)

Happy Wife

Newlywed’s “house rules”

Ignore all of the above—

Wife is always right!

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Money Management

Golf course investment

Cash needed for 18th green—

Paying up lost bets

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Sleep Interrupted

Tranquil camping night

Youngsters scramble out of tent—

Skunk proudly walks out

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Life’s Solutions (Haiku Series #178)


Morning until night

Solitary cook at truck stop—

Tethered to hot stove

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Answer Key

Homework’s challenges

Questions plead for extra help—

Asking Alexa

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Dynamic Mentors

Playing together

Adults paying attention—

Young children teaching

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Medley of Verses (Haiku Series #177)

Under the Weather

Overcast morning

Gray covers forgotten sun—

Missing in action

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Lake’s Summer Harmony

Crystal clear waters

Canoe glides with rhythmic pace—

Perfect melody

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Stargazing’s New Reality

Galactic journey

Cosmic adventure comes true—

Man’s final frontier

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Lasting Impressions (Haiku Series #176)

New Day

Morning’s warmth arrives

Night’s darkness evaporates—

Brilliant sunrise greets

Sunrise greets Maryland’s Choptank River.

Wrong Address

Spring’s mixed-up signals

Heavy snow covers landscape—

Misguided showers

Snow blankets central Ohio.

Endless Harmony

Nature’s precious gifts

Infinite diversity—

Unified as one

Spring flowers meet fresh shoots of grass.

Poetic Diversions (Haiku Series #175)

Mistaken Address

Wrong hat, no service

Walking into McDonalds—

Crown from Burger King

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Breathtaking Rides

To the moon and back

NASA’s Apollo missions—

Best carpool ever

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Newest Passion

Mexican foodfest

Robot-created tacos—

Savor high-tech food

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