Nature’s Storylines (Haiku Series #198)


Transition’s river

Creation’s tireless seasons—

Lasting ebb and flow

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Blessed reminder

Painting life’s daily landscape—

Creator’s witness

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So much to enjoy

Waiting again to blossom—

Steady persistence

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Life Sketches (Haiku Series #197)

Dropping Out

Living off the grid

Not even Google will find—

Modern mountain man

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Glass Slipper Fits

College football’s quest

Cinderella comes knocking—

Another upset!

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Marvelous music

Keyboard’s personality—

Piano man’s hands

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Daily Snapshot (Haiku Series #196)

Will Mom Believe Us?

Soccer ball breaks lamp

Blaming our little brother—

Family scapegoat

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Hard Hat Needed

Backyard saw buzzing

Designing and constructing—

Ultimate tree house

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Brain Exercises

Cognitive toolbox

Filling in another square—

Life’s crossword puzzle

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Cloudy Overhead (Haiku Series #195)

Cat and Mouse

Clouds mask over joy

Morning sunrise hesitates—

Playing peek-a-boo

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Brilliant Transition

Escaping again

Stormy clouds migrate away—

Rainbow’s colors smile

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Big Show Coming

Clouds’ darkness building

Thunderstorms brewing tempest—

Restless night ahead

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Enduring Qualities (Haiku Series #194)


Permanent header

Each social media page—

“Please respect others!”

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Stacking up higher

One lie follows another—

Is anyone counting?

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 Stepping with courage

Into challenges light, but—

Shard of darkness breathes

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Marriage Wrapped in Love (Haiku Series #193)

Creator’s Delight

Drawing from God’s light

Love seals two lives together—

Heavens shine brightly

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Daily Delight

Sharing love’s sweetness

Every colorful bouquet—

Harmony’s journey

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Holy Delight

Singing songs of praise

God’s blessed gift of marriage—

Love filling each heart

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School Bells Ringing (Haiku Series #192)

It’s Time

Morning alarm rings

Summer vacation over—

Teacher calls my name

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Stay Alert!

Flashing traffic lights

Driving with care in school zones—

Give these kids a BRAKE!

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Students’ Toolbox

Another school year

Effort, attitude, action—

Ready for success

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Timeless Gifts (Haiku Series #191)


Good morning sunrise

Walking in nature’s garden—

Sunset shares her peace

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Enjoy life’s journey

Nature’s melody plays on—

Blessed harmony

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Day’s energy wanes

Setting sun’s refreshing drink—

Twilight standing still

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Day’s Reflections (Haiku Series #190)


Each dollar now counts

Inflation deflates wallet—

Misery for all

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World of tiny bursts

One sound bite’s information—

Where’s rest of story?

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Undaunted voices

Place country over party—

Profiles in courage

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Treasured Moments (Haiku Series #189)


Midnight sky awakes

Milky Way explodes with dreams—

Hang on to each star

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Remaining patient

Sometimes life comes full circle—

Second chance arrives

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Trapped in harsh desert

Mountain of perseverance—

Thirst finally quenched

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