Living the Life (Haiku Series #144)

Checking My Wallet

Father of the bride

Totaling up wedding bills—

Empty bank account

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Tasty Favorite

BLT for lunch

Scratch lettuce and tomato—

Lovin’ my bacon!

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Rash Decision

Seeing plant’s beauty

Wading into lush ivy

Poisons today’s plans

Courtesy of Pinterst.

Always Near (Haiku Series #143)


Facing life’s problems

Alone in harsh wilderness—

Hearing Father’s voice

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Lord’s steady hand cares

Removes life’s withered, dark past—

Prunes with love and grace

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Every morning

Faithfulness and righteousness—

God’s channel broadcasts

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Life’s Lessons (Haiku Series #142)

Never a Doubt

Taking bolder steps

Overcoming challenges—

Life’s daily exam

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Full Plate

Deal with the present

Cope with today’s agenda—

Tomorrow can wait

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Morning Check

Best partner and friend

Feeling fulfilled and nourished—

Look in the mirror

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Day Ahead (Haiku Series #141)


Ever shifting sands

Challenge life’s steady journey—

Changing paradigms

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New day, new focus

Meeting today’s challenges—

Feeling satisfied

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Mystery waiting

Hidden in darkest corner—

Flashlight discovers

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America’s Tour (Haiku Series #140)


Breakfast made for kings

Never complete without meat—

Taste “Spam” from a can


Fast food history

Wichita’s college brothers—

World’s first Pizza Hut


Red, blue, and yellow

Man of Steel’s most favorite—

“Superman” ice cream

All photos are courtesy of Pinterest.

Fulfilling Hope (Haiku Series #139)


In midst of life’s storms

Lord’s encouragement builds hope—

Blessed hand of grace

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Led by the Spirit

Born into new life through Christ—

Righteousness brings hope

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Growing in our love

Finding hope’s meaning of life—

Believing in Christ

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Nature’s Calling (Haiku Series #138)


Mountains to valleys

Earth’s blessed contrasts invite—

Highest to lowest

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Probing earth’s oceans

Endless waters reaching shore–

Never grows weary

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Galaxy’s journey

Universe enriches life—

First contact with stars

Life’s Better Way (Haiku Series #137)


Sounding like Eeyore

Winnie-the-Pooh listens in—

Stop this gloomy talk

Courtesy of Pinterest.


Negative self-talk

Pessimistic attitude—

Life needs makeover

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Look into life’s lens

Allow bright sunshine inside—

Turning a new page

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Time for Fun (Haiku Series #136)

Hunger Tingles

Craving nightly snack

Lover of potato chips—

Ready to “Pringle”

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Map Not Required

Montana?  Where’s that?

Easy to find, just look up—

Under the Big Sky

A typical summer Big Sky (captured near Big Timber in August, 2019).


Shortest baseball game

First batter up, downpour starts—

Hit it and quit it!

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Life’s Morsels (Haiku Series #135)


Perseverance roams

Ingenuity flies high—

Planet “Mars” explored

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Hidden by dense woods

Living through generations—

Treasured, seasoned home

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Sowing fertile fields

Nurturing with tender care—

Tomorrow’s goodness

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