Our Lord’s Promises (Haiku Series #124)

Each Day

Daily decisions

God, teach us to trust and love—

Walking in balance

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Grasp His Salvation

Can you hear the Lord calling?

Accepting His grace

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Father Abraham

Trusting God with faithfulness—

Promises answered

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Awesome Moments (Haiku Series #123)

Morning Brew 

Coffee’s sunrise treat

Certainly tastes much better—

From favorite mug

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Dreams Fulfilled

Overnight snowfall

Mountaintop’s deepest powder—

Skiers’ paradise

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Unexpected Gift

Winter’s impromptu

Out-of-school experience—

Another snow day!

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Courage Stands (Haiku Series #121)


As people of God

Graced to be Christ’s hands of change—

World’s transformation

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Followers of God

Called as voices for justice—

Filled with Grace of Christ

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Our Creator calls

Walking in Jesus’ footsteps—

Lives for renewal

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Humor Time (Haiku Series #120)

Map Time

Checking highway map

Will we ever find Waldo?

Waldo, Ohio

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Game Time

Shopping at Macy’s

Pat, may I buy a towel?

Wheel of “good” Fortune

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Snack Time

Passing up on Mounds

Sometimes you feel like a nut—

Almond Joy “rescue”

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Faith’s Testaments (Haiku Series #119)


Brothers and sisters

God calling us to freedom—

Share our love with all

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Loving the Father

Born into human likeness—

Christ empties himself

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Trusting His guidance

Living in love of Jesus—

Submit to His will

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Father’s Blueprint (Haiku Series #118)

His Word

Reading the Bible

Discover truth and wisdom—

God’s shadow lengthens

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Walking with the Lord

Spirit enters heart and soul—

Tasting Bread of Life

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Our Salvation

Sinful nature breathes

Separates us from our God—

Jesus builds a bridge

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Lighter Moments (Haiku Series #117)


Mirror’s morning view

Witnessing facial laugh lines—

Wrinkles . . . never mind!

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Rule #1

Five seconds to go

Dropping a slice of pizza—

How clean is the floor?

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Some parts left over

Backyard gym now assembled—

Who needs instructions?

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Cherished Grace (Haiku Series #116)


Reminded today

Keep the main thing, the main thing—

Christ front and center

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We’re never alone

Fed by the Holy Spirit—

Love’s chain reaction

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God seeks each of us

Unholy and unrighteous—

Gathering the lost

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Needing to Laugh (Haiku Series #115)

New Strategy

Risky stock market

Transferring investments now—

High stakes poker game

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Bored with daily life

Home shopping network’s passion—

Needing more gadgets

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Midnight’s scary dream

Water skiing on big lake

Chased by hungry shark

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Divine Immanuel (Haiku Series #114)

God’s Promise

Shall be born for us

Our Wonderful Counselor—

Sharing endless peace

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God with Us

Walking in darkness

Witnessing a wondrous light—

Rejoice!  God in flesh

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Kingdom Come

Born in Bethlehem

Uphold justice, righteousness—

Mighty Prince of Peace

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