Grace Feeding Faith (Haiku Series #109)

Bread of Life

Be glad and rejoice

God’s nourishment sustains us—

Come to His table

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Run life’s marathon

Strength fused with steadfast patience—

Our Lord’s mighty hand

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Lasting Grace

Behold Christ’s Kingdom

Gratitude for Salvation—

Rescued from our sins

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Endless Images (Haiku Series #108)


Precious moments live

One fallen leaf at a time—

Autumn passes by

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Barren and quiet

Sleeping during winter’s cold—

Trees rest, chilling out

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Heavy, humid air

Wind wringing out the water—

Pleasantness arrives

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Faith and Grace (Elfchen Series #34)



Mighty waters

Life paddles on

Trusting in God’s Spirit


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Faithful Walk


Sowing seeds

Pleasing to God

Following footsteps of Christ


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In darkness

Grace comes calling

Accepting through faith, Jesus


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Life’s Blessed Gifts (Haiku Series #106)

Welcoming Sound

Hearing little feet

Lasting gifts of family—

Blessed grandchildren

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Impatient in youth

Tempered by life’s long journey—

With age comes patience

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Quiet morning hour

Quality productive time—

Confidence and peace

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Boundless Nature (Haiku Series #105)


Gentle breeze blowing

Autumn leaves fluttering down—

Fading memories    

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Pollen count drops low

Refreshing air we now breathe—

Morning rains arrive

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Morning’s early dawn

Fog blankets each creek and pond—

What mysteries wait?

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God’s Saving Grace (Haiku Series #104)


Seeds sown and watered

Only God provides the growth—

Living with purpose

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Through grace and mercy

God offers us Salvation—

Won by our Savior

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Trusting Holy Truth

Discovering our new self—

Our true home in Christ

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Times Count (Haiku Series #103)

Time Flies

Totally absorbed

Where did the afternoon go?

Reading a new book

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Treasured Time

Tuesday afternoon

Never missing preciousness—

Granddaughter’s tea time

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Celebrating the Time

Friday afternoon

Seconds, minutes, hours announce—

Five o’clock somewhere

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Life Winks Back (Haiku Series #102)

Novel Approach

Hero’s life seems stuck

Unanswered questions abound—

Pausing, writer’s block

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Exhausting Day

Feeling overworked

Watching over eager lad—

Guardian angel

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Running to the bus

Excited for his school day—

Pizza pie for lunch

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Our Father’s Treasures (Haiku Series #101)

Good Shepherd

Leading precious sheep

Rod and staff always comfort

Caring tenderly 

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Call upon the Lord

His love fills with righteousness—

Accepting His Grace

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Our Father is near

Safeguarding our hearts and minds—

Rejoice in His peace

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Journey with God (Haiku Series #100)


Daily walk of faith

One step after another—

Following Jesus

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Go High

Love be genuine

Feed enemy with goodness—

Overcome with good

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Lost in wilderness

God’s GPS brings us home—

Walk never alone

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