To Be a Child

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Life staying simple each day

Small children learning, God’s way


Like a skilled potter’s clay

Growing up in amazing ways


Lives filling with unique freshness

Creating moments of tender newness


Parents providing support and love

Following God’s example, from above


God watching His only Son

Caring for His little One


Pure gentleness touching with kindness

Lighting the way with fondness


Each moment charging with adventure

Experiencing delightful walks with nature


Little things appearing awfully big

Playing, sandbox shovels seriously dig


Miniature cars creating a parade

Playing with confidence, never afraid


Small puzzles offering a challenge

Showing off a newfound talent


Pictures take-off, ready to fly

Finding a favorite book nearby


Caring sister, like none other

Loving Bubba, her big brother


Baby starting out, lovingly cute

Playing music, like a flute


A toddler replacing the baby

Bringing out endless energy, daily


Parents watching with loving smiles

Thankful for every precious mile

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To Further Understanding, A Brave Trauma Survivor Bears All — ADOPTING FAITH: A Father’s Unconditional Love

From Big Sky Buckeye:

I seldom share other blogger’s posts, but this post is filled with an inspirational story about a young woman who has overcome childhood trauma to become the person whom she is today.

Follow Ashley’s story from the link below.  The post has many parts to it so I certainly wouldn’t expect you to view them all because of time.  The Indianapolis Star has published a multi-part story about Ashley.  You are invited to follow the first link and go from there as her story moves you to read more.

Rarely does the media thoroughly investigate childhood trauma – especially in relation to survivors. Too often the emphasis starts and stops with the perpetrator. Survivors are rarely – if ever – heard. 457 more words

via To Further Understanding, A Brave Trauma Survivor Bears All — ADOPTING FAITH: A Father’s Unconditional Love

It Takes A Village

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A child is born into a world foreign and new

Arriving today with a bright future to view

Long before a child enters school year number one

Blessings come from many for a daughter or a son

Parents bring the beginning of learning home each day

Offering nurturing love and teaching with plenty of play

Others step in to provide valued assistance along the way

Teaching from grandparents and others with much to say

A book becomes a timely, precious, and vital gift

Learning to read will open up a life—never adrift

The preschool years finally arrive and go

Seeking ways to seek, discover, and grow

A Sunday school teacher speaks of God’s love

Enriching a young heart with Spirit from above

Kindergarten and elementary school now await

Inspiring and faithful teachers remain at its gate

Yes, it certainly takes a village to teach a child

Educating a young mind each day is God’s style

Fairy Tale Dream

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Jack hurriedly climbs the lofty beanstalk

Hoping to take Cinderella out for a walk

Cinderella looks out her window slightly bitter

Left with Little Boy Blue her tiny, glass slipper

Little Boy Blue feels like enjoying an afternoon nap

Hearing Snow White calling awakens him in a snap

Snow White hopes the Seven Dwarfs hurry back

Fearing the Big Bad Wolf will hide her in a sack

The Big Bad Wolf plans to enjoy a scrumptious feast

Hiding from Little Jack Horner who lives in the East

Little Jack Horner feels too full to devour a pie

Leaving the sweets for Jill who says, “Oh my!”

Jill loses her footing and tumbles way down

Causing Jack to wake up with a sleepy frown

Little Jack’s wonderful dream felt pleasing and fine

Reminding him that more stories await next time