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If we are serious about helping our children move toward warmth and light and love, we need to light their footsteps on just such a positive path.

Every person needs the blessing to feel truly loved and secure about himself or herself.

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What greater joy could we have than to see our sons and daughters walking with Jesus, not just in the early years but even after they grow up and leave home?

From Matthew 4:19-22:  “And He said to them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fish for people.’  Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.  As He went from there, He saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John, in the boat with their father Zebedee, mending their nets, and He called them. 22 Immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed Him.”

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It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world.  It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.

Forgiveness empties the past of its power to empty the present of its peace.

Backyard Classic

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Sportscaster Joe Buck has been sidelined with the postponement of the Major League Baseball season.  The legendary play-by-play announcer has been looking for opportunities to stay in the game.  Let’s join Joe Buck, live on the air.

Good afternoon baseball fans!  Coming from the home of Billy and Tony Bennett is today’s Backyard Home Run Derby.

This amazing duo will be challenging each other as pitcher and batter with a whiffle ball and bat.  While most of the sporting world has been silent with their contests, these two brothers have definitely discovered their niche.

Billy has been assigned as the pitcher in today’s contest.  His assignment will be to prevent any and all home runs.  His brother, Tony . . . yes, he’s named after the famous crooner . . . will be stepping into the batter’s box to crush one of Billy’s fastballs out of the park.

Let’s set the scene.  The Bennett’s backyard is a formidable challenge for both pitcher and batter.  Home plate is located in the corner of the yard up next to the house.  The pitcher’s mound is tucked behind Mom’s favorite rose bushes.  The outfield fence is lined with a forest of Lombardy poplar trees . . . the wall looks quite reminiscent of Fenway Park’s “Green Monster.”

Billy stands ready on the mound to face Tony.  Freddie, their neighbor friend, has volunteered to be both the catcher and the umpire.

Tony steps into the batter’s box.  He looks all set.

From behind the roses, Billy winds up with his first pitch.  “Strike One!”

Tony watches the fleeting fastball cross the plate without even taking a swing.  I guess he’s sorting out the speed of Tony’s stuff.

Billy receives his sign from Freddie.  The pitch is on its way.

Swing and a miss.  “Strike Two!”

Tony steps out of the batter’s box.  What’s this?

Defiantly, he points his bat toward the massive outfield wall.  Yes folks, Tony is calling his shot just like the Babe did at Wrigley Field in the 1932 World Series between the powerful Yankees and the upset-minded Cubs.

Tony steps back into the batter’s box, digging both feet into the plush, green grass.

Billy takes the sign from Freddie.  It looks like another fastball will be on its way.

Here’s comes the pitch.

[Crack of the bat crushing the ball]

Deep to center field.  Is it enough?  Gone!!

Easily clearing the majestic center field wall . . . a tape measure shot into the next yard . . . splashing into the Snyder’s backyard swimming pool.  Mickey Mantle would be proud!

There you have it baseball fans.  Tony is one up in today’s Backyard Home Run Derby.

We will pause for a commercial break while the game ball is retrieved from its watery splashdown.  We’ll be right back with more of this backyard classic.


Monday Memories: It Takes a Village

Many of my teaching years were spent in Montana where the entire community took pride in their schools, and everyone shared responsibility in raising and educating their children.   Some of my stops included Plevna, Corvallis, and Circle.

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A child is born into a world foreign and new

Arriving today with a brighter future to view


Long before a child enters school year number one

Blessings come from many for a daughter or a son


Parents bring the beginning of learning home each day

Offering nurturing love and teaching with plenty of play


Others step in to provide valued assistance along the way

Teaching from grandparents and others with much to say


A book becomes a timely, precious, and vital gift

Learning to read will open up a life—never adrift


The pre-school years finally arrive and go

Seeking ways to seek, discover, and grow


A Sunday school teacher speaks of God’s love

Enriching a young heart with Spirit from above


Kindergarten and elementary school now await

Inspiring and faithful teachers remain at its gate


Yes, it always takes an entire village to teach a child

Educating a young mind each day, makes God smile

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Watching a curious child

Witnessing sparkles of joy

Blessing us with innocence

Seeing how life will deploy


Finding daily adventure

Lighting up every room

Reaching out with innocence

Moving with a speedy vroom


Revealing wonders of life

Surviving each bump and bruise

Shining through with innocence

Napping now, let’s take a snooze


Playing through daily lessons

Sharing love with extra zest

Teaching us with innocence

Enjoying life with each quest

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Monday Memories: Fairy Tale Dream

This poem has been updated from its original post from February, 2019.  Take note of a technique used in the style which links each pair of verses together.  

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Jack hurriedly climbs the lofty beanstalk

Hoping to take Cinderella out for a walk


Cinderella looks out her window, slightly bitter

Left with Little Boy Blue, her tiny, glass slipper


Little Boy Blue feels like enjoying an afternoon nap

Hearing Snow White calling awakens him in a snap


Snow White hopes the Seven Dwarfs hurry back

Fearing the Big Bad Wolf will hide her in his sack


The Big Bad Wolf plans to enjoy a scrumptious feast

Hiding from Little Jack Horner who lives in the East


Little Jack Horner feels too full to devour a pie

Leaving the sweets for Jill who says, “Oh my!”


Jill loses her footing, tumbling down and down

Causing Jack to wake up, with a sleepy frown


Little Jack’s wonderful dream felt pleasing and fine

Reminding him that more stories wait for next time


To Be a Child

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Life staying simple each day

Small children learning, God’s way


Like a skilled potter’s clay

Growing up in amazing ways


Lives filling with unique freshness

Creating moments of tender newness


Parents providing support and love

Following God’s example, from above


God watching His only Son

Caring for His little One


Pure gentleness touching with kindness

Lighting the way with fondness


Each moment charging with adventure

Experiencing delightful walks with nature


Little things appearing awfully big

Playing, sandbox shovels seriously dig


Miniature cars creating a parade

Playing with confidence, never afraid


Small puzzles offering a challenge

Showing off a newfound talent


Pictures take-off, ready to fly

Finding a favorite book nearby


Caring sister, like none other

Loving Bubba, her big brother


Baby starting out, lovingly cute

Playing music, like a flute


A toddler replacing the baby

Bringing out endless energy, daily


Parents watching with loving smiles

Thankful for every precious mile

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To Further Understanding, A Brave Trauma Survivor Bears All — ADOPTING FAITH: A Father’s Unconditional Love

From Big Sky Buckeye:

I seldom share other blogger’s posts, but this post is filled with an inspirational story about a young woman who has overcome childhood trauma to become the person whom she is today.

Follow Ashley’s story from the link below.  The post has many parts to it so I certainly wouldn’t expect you to view them all because of time.  The Indianapolis Star has published a multi-part story about Ashley.  You are invited to follow the first link and go from there as her story moves you to read more.

Rarely does the media thoroughly investigate childhood trauma – especially in relation to survivors. Too often the emphasis starts and stops with the perpetrator. Survivors are rarely – if ever – heard. 457 more words

via To Further Understanding, A Brave Trauma Survivor Bears All — ADOPTING FAITH: A Father’s Unconditional Love