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Thanks for the memories


For sunrises, spectacular and refreshing

Feeling God’s creation, always fetching

Let me witness one more, very soon


Thanks for the memories


For teaching for forty years, now gone

Being retired, yet singing a new song

Each day feels precious and engaging


Thanks for the memories


For daughters special and sweet

Always making this heart tweet

You make me smile every day


Thanks for the memories


For travels across this vast land

Witnessing God’s creative hand

I look forward to seeing more


Thanks for the memories


For seeing grandchildren grow up

Their blessings overflow my cup

How truly marvelous they are


Thanks for the memories


For nights watching films from years ago

Classic stories and acting, tied in a bow

Enjoying movies and popcorn at home


Thanks for the memories


For finding love before growing old

God’s promises come true and bold

Never say never to His amazing grace


Thanks for the memories


For writing poetry and sometimes more

Allowing my new passion to fly and soar

Thankful for wonderful readers like you

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This poem’s theme is inspired by Bob Hope, one of America’s greatest entertainers.  He excelled in vaudeville, Broadway shows, radio, film, and television.  He may be best known for the many shows he did for American troops overseas.  In 1938, Hope and Shirley Ross performed the song “Thanks for the Memory” in the film “The Big Broadcast of 1938.”  Adapting lyrics in future years as needed, the song became Hope’s signature song whenever he performed.  Here are a few lines from “Thanks for the Memory.”  Enjoy!

Thanks for the memory
Of rainy afternoons, swingy Harlem tunes
Motor trips and burning lips and burning toast and prunes
How lovely it was
Thanks for the memory
Of candlelight and wine, castles on the Rhine
The Parthenon, and moments on the Hudson River line
How lovely it was
Many’s the time that we feasted
And many’s the time that we fasted
Oh well, it was swell while it lasted
We did have fun, and no harm done
So thanks for the memory
Of crap games on the floor, nights in Singapore
You might have been a headache, but you never were a bore
I thank you so much


Back to School

Another school year has arrived in America.  I can fondly remember the return of school both as a student and later as a teacher.  The classrooms will come alive with the energy of countless children under the instruction of caring teachers and staff.

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Store advertisements passionately proclaim

Ending another summer’s leisure and games


“Back to School” cries out across the land

Sounding like a hit song from a rock band


Lazy, easy days of summer are sadly ending

School days are approaching, no pretending


Summertime and kids at home will very soon end

Cheering parents welcome school, ready to begin


Teachers feel invigorated and all set to go

Preparing classrooms for learning to know


Families make ready for the kick off of school

Buying supplies and clothing—honestly cool!


Schools stand ready with a spotless shine

Cleaning, waxing, and repairs look all fine


Everything looks prepared for one more year

Learnin’ bout the three R’s, no reason to fear


Attention all children, wake-up and now hear

Ringing school bells announce far and near


“Back to School” has arrived for all

Moving forward from summer to fall

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James Dobson Quote

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The only true source of meaning in life is found in loving family.  Today and every day, let me show my family that I love them by the things that I say and the things that I do.

From Joshua 24:15:  “Now if you are unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served in the region beyond the River or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

Precious Day

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God’s eyes see every precious delight

His creation fills us up with vivid light

God’s steadfast love remains precious to one and all

Seeking refuge with Him, when we stumble and fall


Each day is precious, my mother reminds

Sort of makes one desire to hit “rewind”

Others bring us much, much happiness

Every day is precious, without sadness


Our own blood is precious in God’s sight

Living together in unity, pleasingly right

Life is more precious than any jewels we wear

Our Lord’s actions and words convey His care


Witnessing births of three daughters bring charm

Asking God to protect each from any and all harm

Finishing a fulfilling teaching career, on that final day

Never imagining becoming a writer with much to say


We appear amazingly precious in God’s eyes

Placing value in us, as much as the blue sky

Coming to Him with a genuineness of faith

More precious than gold, He guides our fate


Waiting for the arrival of day, with its humble form

Experiencing these moments, becomes the norm

Producing the most from God’s hallowed favors

Even sour lemons make great lemonade to savor


With grandchildren, lunch and bookstore visit

Feeling the love . . . just enjoy, wait, and sit

Summertime in Montana, with Big Sky style

Spending precious time together for awhile


Nature offers a view of God’s creative mind

Discovering precious days, forever to find

Jesus brings us Salvation, we honestly never deserve

This sturdy cornerstone of our faith, humbly we serve

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You may notice a few of my personal reflections in this poem.  There are many more to add, but these few will last for a lifetime.






Grandpa’s Doughnuts

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Grandpa snuck away from Grandma one morning.  She was busy with her quilting, and he felt an urge to satisfy his sweet tooth.

Just down the street, a little doughnut shop waited with the hottest coffee and the most treasured, sweet creations ever made.  Without Grandma nearby to fuss at him, he could enjoy coffee, doughnuts, and some conversation with whomever dropped by the shop.

He orders the usual:  coffee with his two favorite doughnuts.  Boston-cream and maple-covered long john, each looks mouth-watering and delicious.

Behind him, the shop’s door opens, and two little children bust in with giggles and way too much energy.

“Grandpa, Grandpa!”  His grandchildren, Ben and Lydia, just happen to discover where Grandpa is hiding out.

A moment later, Grandpa is enjoying coffee, spending time with two very special children, and sharing his doughnuts.

There will be another time for enjoying doughnuts, but loving Lydia and Ben . . . Precious!


God’s Miracle

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God always manages an astonishing plan

He stretches His hands across the land


He spends six days building His creation

Then He smiles at His brilliant sensation

Again and again, God shows He is in charge

His Holy presence looms, caring and large


His Book of Life satisfies with infinite pages

He sends His son as a sacrifice, for the ages

When our Savior rises on Easter morn

God proves His way brings perfect form


A woman grows up, dreaming of more

She longs to be a wife with love to soar

She looks forward to being a mother

God would have it this way, no other


A devoted man with his son, will now deploy

Her sacred marriage brings her much to enjoy

She becomes a wife and mother in one day

Wow!  God’s plan brings much delight today


Alas, something is missing in a life filled with peace

An unfilled yearning to bear a child, the final piece

Through much prayer, faithful words to offer

The couple places their trust with the Father


A young girl appears, needing a loving place

They become her foster parents, with haste

Over time, the girl discovers love, with such vastness

The home permeates with love, without any sadness


But wait—the story carries on for a year

Now adoption lies ahead, without fear

Father, mother, son, and now a daughter

God’s love touches all, thicker than water


Praise God, our heavenly Father this day

Praise His miracles that astound and say

God always manages an astonishing plan

He stretches His hands across the land


This poem honors a family very dear to Big Sky Buckeye.  Their story has been a true and rewarding journey of faith with our Lord.

These previously published poems were also inspired by this wonderful family.