Sky’s Brilliance Singing

Photo by Anand Dandekar on

Early morning sun

Humility waits

Below horizon

Eager to orchestrate


Sky slowly wakens

Teasing rays of light

Distinct colors spread

Announcing day’s flight


Another lift-off

Daytime hours flowing

Sky’s brilliance singing

Harmony glowing


Dusk now approaches

Sunlight’s ending song

Final color show

Evening light’s swansong


Curtain slowly falls

Sun trading for night

Along horizon

Day’s final brake light


Photo by Tom Fisk on

Evening with Family

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on

Sun sets on another day

Evening calls, wanting its way


Family gathers around

Home now, love and peace abound


Night sky envelopes the land

Stillness breathes on high command


Supper cooking, hunger calls

Mom’s spaghetti and meatballs


All hands on deck, helping mom

Frenzy soon returns to calm


Television calling out

Favorite show brings a shout


Mom crochets, sitting nearby

Dad reads book, about Shanghai


Final chores, homework to do

Soon slumber stirs up its brew


Before the last light goes out

Prayers praise God, so devout


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