Precious Time

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Every hour

Holding precious time


Every day

Devouring life’s checklist


Every week

Running endless errands


Every month

Loving family time


Every year

Filling life up


Every hour

Cherished minutes


Every day

Another blessing


Every week

Career focus


Every month

Birthdays celebrated


Every year

Vacation time


Every hour



Every day



Every week



Every month



Every year



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Times Count (Haiku Series #103)

Time Flies

Totally absorbed

Where did the afternoon go?

Reading a new book

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Treasured Time

Tuesday afternoon

Never missing preciousness—

Granddaughter’s tea time

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Celebrating the Time

Friday afternoon

Seconds, minutes, hours announce—

Five o’clock somewhere

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Five More Minutes


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The elderly man’s final strength turns to run

His long, full life now enters its final sunset

Recalling the good times, craving a bit more

“Five more minutes” before the setting sun


Swapping one more story, with my dear Dad

His role in life, serving as my own launch pad


Listening to Neil Diamond, singing one more song

He conveys my love for “America”—forever strong


Taking extra time to say, “I sincerely apologize”

For actions which turned out bad, not very wise


Please God, just five more minutes . . .


Fishing the Madison River, time for one more cast

Herb standing ready, with a memory from the past


Experiencing one more awe-inspiring sunrise

One only God can create, His lasting surprise


Sharing a moment, with a special great-grandchild

Before falling back to sleep, she winks and smiles


Please God, just five more minutes . . .


Witnessing fresh, fallen snow—pristine white

Pine trees show off under moon’s bright light


Stepping into a high school classroom once more

Taking notes from the elite of the teaching corps


Witnessing a Big Montana Sky, fetches a smile

Please allow me to see, at least one more mile


Please God, just five more minutes . . .


Traveling to a place, never seen before

Anxious to view, what’s really in store?


Sharing with my bride, “I love you” one more time

Enduring heartbeats and affection, forever rhyme


Asking my Heavenly Father, for forgiveness

My risen Lord and Savior, being my witness


Thank you God for these five more minutes!

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Take Time Today

From Genesis 1:30-31:  “[God said] ‘And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food.’  And it was so.  God saw everything that He had made, and indeed, it was very good.  And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.”

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Take time today

Witnessing God’s Creation

Throughout every nation


Take time today

Studying God’s Word

Souls carefully stirred


Take time today

Smelling life’s flowers

Their sweetness showers


Take time today

Returning back home

No longer alone


Take time today

Worshipping with song

Jesus sings along


Take time today

Meditating in prayer

Hear our cares


Take time today

Paying life forward

With honest words


Take time today

Sharing a smile

With every mile


Take time today

Sharing our love

With God above


Take time today

Shouting with thanksgiving

Hearts always forgiving


Take time today

Feeling the rebirth

Fields’ fertile earth


Take time today

Loving a child

Blessed and mild


Take time today

Making a difference

God seeks deliverance


Take time today

Blessing the Lord

All on board


Take time today

Loving one’s spouse

Romance filling house


Take time today

Putting aside stuff

When life’s rough


Take time today

Surrendering to God

Sinful nature thawed


Take time today

Kneeling before Christ

Never think twice

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