Monday Memories: No Longer Lost

This poem, written in May of 2019, again brings a message which has been part of some recent devotionals and Bible readings.  May all believers continue to reach out to others with the message of God’s grace and peace.  He never grows weary of gathering the Lost to hear His Word.

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Walking down an empty sidewalk all alone

Feeling lost when no one calls his phone

Facing the final sunset of a life

Remembering past sinful strife

Rubbing together his chilly, worn hands

Warming a cold heart of a humbled man


Recalling a strong home built brick by brick

Wiping away tears when she became sick

Losing his loving bride to illness

Asking, “Why God, is this meant?”


Battling the raging, turbulent cosmic powers

Creating lonely darkness that sadly towers

Living without a daily dose of hope

Trying to understand his life’s scope


Reciting scripture as Christ says, “I am with you”

Witnessing the bloody Cross, coming into view

Testing his faith, builds continued endurance

Removing sinful chains at every occurrence


Loving us, God guards our hearts and minds

Smiling, the old man knows he has more time

Bringing Salvation, our Savior conquers the Cross

Blessing another life, this man no longer feels lost


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Destined for Nowhere

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Life seems to intercept my best plans

Always leaving me with empty hands


Been knocked down more times than most

Perhaps, I should migrate toward the coast


Yet, I still survive most days, somehow

Rising again from the bloody canvas—Pow!


Standing alone, a battered warrior of one

Others followed promises to a faded sun


Every day delivers a fresh, new battle

Each minute of every hour, embattled


Trying to stand taller for a view

No time to rest, until I’m through


Life serves up more lessons to inhale

Ocean’s tides never wait for a gale


In my youth, destined for great fame

My dreams shattered, life now so lame


Standing in the middle of “Nowhere”

Why should I even bother to care?

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