Destined for Nowhere

man wearing black hoodie standing on concrete pavement at night

Photo by Mudassir Ali on

Life seems to intercept my best plans

Always leaving me with empty hands


Been knocked down more times than most

Perhaps, I should migrate toward the coast


Yet, I still survive most days, somehow

Rising again from the bloody canvas—Pow!


Standing alone, a battered warrior of one

Others followed promises to a faded sun


Every day delivers a fresh, new battle

Each minute of every hour, embattled


Trying to stand taller for a view

No time to rest, until I’m through


Life serves up more lessons to inhale

Ocean’s tides never wait for a gale


In my youth, destined for great fame

My dreams shattered, life now so lame


Standing in the middle of “Nowhere”

Why should I even bother to care?

photo of woman in floral dress sitting alone on a log by the beach overlooking the horizon

Photo by Mustofa Rizky on

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