Looming Transition

Photo by Raine Nectar on Pexels.com

Transition covers landscape

For both nature and man

Blusterous day taking shape

Coming change to life’s plan


Barren trees swinging with joy

Wind’s steady, rhythmic beat

Nature’s energy deploys

Tearing up day’s game sheet


Remnants of tall grass bending

Nature’s tempo shifting

Clouds reveal storm descending

Sending man’s plans drifting


Birds scattering far away

Man ignores storm’s warning

Day’s contest declines to play

Clouding nature’s morning


Storms can never be delayed

Nature stays in control

Man’s delight begins to fade

Gazing through life’s porthole


Photo by Igor Dudkovskiy on Pexels.com

11 thoughts on “Looming Transition

  1. Your porthole reminded me of a wonderful, one-time experience. We were sailing offshore in winds strong enough to cause the boat to list far enough to put a porthole in one berth underwater. I happened to look through it, and was eye to eye with a dolphin that had decided to follow us. We watched one another for some time, until the dolphin swam away.

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