Hey Neighbor!

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

Fred’s backyard shed is filled with his treasures.  When he is busy tinkering and grooming his immaculate yard, he is often seen heading to his shed to find another tool or implement of some kind.  Because he works from sunup to sundown every weekend, he is known around the neighborhood as “Farmer Fred.”

His next door neighbor, Milt, is a sociable and friendly sort of guy.  However, he has one irritating flaw.  He doesn’t own too many tools and such to help with his own yard work.  And of course, he feels a need to keep up with Fred’s pristine garden oasis.

Every day or so, Milt walks over to Fred’s backyard.  With a smile and a familiar voice, he calls out, “Hey neighbor!” 

He asks Fred if he can borrow one of his precious tools from the shed.  Fred always gives Milt the “okay” and watches him take it back to his place.

Over the next several days, Milt borrows a nearly endless list of Fred’s treasures . . . shovel, rake, wheelbarrow, trimmer, and even his brand new lawnmower.

On Saturday morning, Fred walks out to his nearly empty shed.  He thinks to himself, “Yes sir!  Milt has just about taken every piece of my valuable equipment and more to his place.”

With a scowl hidden by his ever-present smile, Fred swiftly marches over to Milt’s yard. 

“Hey neighbor!”

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