Monday Memories: Do You Ever Wonder?

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Receiving as a birthday gift a FitBit

Does it really get used or just sit?


Spending millions on ceaseless health care television ads

Why do rising drug prices make me feel like I’ve been had?


Eating at a restaurant that advertises a menu of “real good” food

Will someone explain the meaning of “good” to change my mood?


Hearing “Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas” again on the radio

Did I really see singer Burl Ives caroling out in the snow?


Watching commercials with animals who talk

When is enough really enough before I walk?


Viewing yet another rerun television show

Would anyone care if I played my banjo?


Finding tiny pill box in my small travel bag

Why does a missing pill want to play tag?


Seeing country music stars dressed up with extra glamorous glitz

Does anyone remember “Hee-Haw” and Roy Clark’s guitar blitz?


Reading a label on the side effects of my newest meds

How would I really know about being allergic instead?


Standing below the mistletoe on a freezing winter night

When was the last time anyone was kissed in its sight?


Hiding quietly in corner of hodgepodge clutter’s garage

Why is new bicycle hiding behind junk’s camouflage?


Frustrating political ads, insulting my common sense

Honestly, do I need to feel that dimwitted and dense?


Assembling an “easy to build” children’s playground

Do the leftover parts mean that my work is sound?


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Living the Life (Haiku Series #144)

Checking My Wallet

Father of the bride

Totaling up wedding bills—

Empty bank account

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Tasty Favorite

BLT for lunch

Scratch lettuce and tomato—

Lovin’ my bacon!

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Rash Decision

Seeing plant’s beauty

Wading into lush ivy

Poisons today’s plans

Courtesy of Pinterst.

Five Cup Minimum

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Sputtering at sunrise

Human engine starts up

Needing its caffeine boost

Always more than one cup


Yes, speaking of coffee

Savor its mountain blend

Aroma-filled goodness

Taste morning’s boldest friend


Body grows accustomed

Medium grade of fuel

Drinking anything less

Makes for a sluggish fool


Life’s experience counts

Paying close attention

Day’s “Five Cup” minimum

Brew’s perfect dimension


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Monday Memories: Rule of Three

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Have you ever thought about the Rule of Three?

Life is amazing when “three” brings more to see


Making pancakes for a breakfast for me

Why enjoy a short stack of only two

When you can taste a big stack of three


Daughters bring a father happiness and glee

Witnessing the unforgettable births of two

Even more amazing to be delighted with three


Looking at the calendar for dates open and free

A two-day weekend offers much fun for all

Hmm, why not add one day and make it three


A morning walk with nature is thrilling to me

Finishing two miles with much energy left

Let’s add another mile and walk for three


Attending a circus tomorrow for a nominal fee

A show with only two rings just won’t do

Thank heaven P. T. Barnum expanded to three


A basketball game grows late as the seconds flee

Shouting out, the coach wants a two-point shot

Sorry coach, but I’m prepared to drain a three


Listening to music that brings meaning to thee

Some music just doesn’t work as a twosome

So Peter, Paul, and Mary sing tunes as three


Dancing as a couple with a two-step are we

Someone challenges our dancing with a new step

Now we enjoy our dazzling dancing with three


A chef prepares a breakfast omelet for free

Starting with two eggs certainly isn’t enough

He brilliantly adds another egg to equal three


Shopping for a stunning dress to impress me

She can’t decide on which one or two to try

So my wife brings home a cute set of three


Father, Son, and Holy Ghost follow thee

A poet pauses to give thanks to above

The Holy Trinity makes a blessed three


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Sometimes a poet’s journey finds a fun-filled avenue to follow.  This poem was published back in March, 2019.

Time for Fun (Haiku Series #136)

Hunger Tingles

Craving nightly snack

Lover of potato chips—

Ready to “Pringle”

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Map Not Required

Montana?  Where’s that?

Easy to find, just look up—

Under the Big Sky

A typical summer Big Sky (captured near Big Timber in August, 2019).


Shortest baseball game

First batter up, downpour starts—

Hit it and quit it!

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Monday Memories: Experience Counts

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Traveling back to Montana, Phil and Phyllis arrive from back East.  They’ve brought their teenage grandson along to fish the Gallatin River.

Staying at the Rainbow Ranch, they plan to fly fish right along the river, which runs adjacent to the property.  The Ranch employs a fishing guide during the summer months.  Bert knows all of the best spots to fish on the Gallatin, and he is always bragging about his fishing prowess.  As he always reminds people, “experience counts.”

Complaining under his breath, Bert takes the trio of fishing pilgrims to the river.  He always frowns upon city folks who come out to the Gallatin to fish.  Mumbling under his breath, “All novices . . . they have no clue about fishing a river.”

Bert sets up Phil and his grandson, and they begin making tentative casts on to the river.  Each has fished very little, and their inexperience offers a bit of amusement for Bert.

Meanwhile, Phyllis moves down the river a few paces from Bert.  She shouts out to Bert, “I wonder who will catch the first fish?”

Bert replies, “A piece of ‘rainbow trout’ cake my dear!”

Bert begins to cast several times with little luck, not even a bite.  He glances down the river bank at Phyllis, and reminds himself he has plenty of time to catch the “first” fish. 

Phyllis spies a perfect hole in front of two rocks.  She casts her first line perfectly into her chosen spot.  Hmm, Bert didn’t even see her awesome cast because he is too busy with his own fishing.


Phyllis’ line goes taut.  She has a “granddaddy” rainbow trout hooked on her line.

Bert looks over at her with dismay.  Phyllis laughs and continues reeling in her prize catch.  Calling over to Bert, she shouts, “Experience counts, you know.”

As she lands a hefty, beautiful rainbow trout in the tall grass along the river bank, she tells Bert more of her story, “I fished these same waters years ago as a little girl.  My daddy taught me well.  I practically grew up on this river.”

Bert realizes he has been had.  If he does catch a trout today, it will likely taste more like crow.

Nature’s Arrogance

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Summer-like weather arrives

Welcoming warmth, nature thrives


Snowy cold gone, long banished

Winter’s shadow, now vanished


Beaches open, pools start up

Outdoor chores now piling up


Paradise smiles, open now

But wait!  Winter’s final bow


Halt, recall nature’s humor

Winter’s back, not a rumor


Over Montana’s Big Sky

Snowflakes dance, find their bullseye


Cold and snow rudely drop in

Wrecking spring, crashing tailspin


How can this accident be?

Cold slides in, snow covers trees


Blessed with nature’s fairytale

Big Sky folks laugh, “Spring’s in jail”


Cornering winter’s good cheer

Just waiting a day my dear


Tomorrow’s change now coming

Spring’s freedom and homecoming


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A freak event of nature found Montana turned in a winter wonderland over a period of a couple of days.  In the meantime, nearly all of the United States was enjoying the arrival of an early summer.  At times, living under the Big Sky does require a sense of humor.

Monday Memories: Mom’s Summer Woes

This free-verse poem was originally published in June, 2019.  While the theme is filled with humor, between the lines one can read about the endless duties of a mother.  In this case, she is busy during a summer’s break from the school year routines.  This repost is dedicated to all mothers for a job well done!

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Summer finally arrives

Breaking from school routines

Children eager, excited, hyper-filled, energized

When does Mom get to take a break?


Chauffeuring children everywhere

Swimming lessons, sports camps

Gas tank never seems full

When does Mom ever get to run to a special place?


Thunderstorms pop up

Bringing their usual culprits

Rain, wind, hail, lightning, thunder

How did Mom’s new umbrella end up in the yard?


Enjoyable family gatherings

Long picnics, games aplenty

Lots of tasty food prepared

But Mom—why are we picking up a bucket at KFC?


Travel plans made

Laundry, packing, laundry, repacking

Mom still must be “Mom”

When does Mom get to enjoy “her” vacation?


School arrives again

Summer finally over—finally!

Bus leaves with the kiddos

Why does Mom hit the snooze again?


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Monday Memories: A ‘Perfect’ Memory

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Proud of my memory with its endless perfection

My impeccable recall never needs any correction


As a small child from many years ago

My memories remain vivid, this I know


My family stands astonished and amazed

While my data files work through a maze


I remember many, many things from my past

Hoping that these remarkable powers will last


Many beautiful memories organized to be found

I am thrilled by a brain that is sharp and sound


Sometimes my mind feels like an encyclopedia

Please don’t ever challenge me with Wikipedia


God has blessed me with an awesome mind

As for my car keys . . . please help me find?


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