Can a Typewriter Fly?


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A trio of boys is always up to mischief at school.

Mrs. Hall is the very strict, no nonsense, typing teacher up on the second floor.  She runs her classroom like a well-run military operation.  She adores reading about General George S. Patton.

The typing classroom consists of the latest manual typewriter models.  (Sorry lad, no electric ones yet.)

The delinquent boys intend to surprise and shock Mrs. Hall this morning.  After all, there is nothing wrong with conducting a small science experiment from her classroom.

Have you ever seen a typewriter fly?

The boys sneak an old typewriter into Mrs. Hall’s classroom before the school day begins.

With a lookout posted near the classroom door, the other two boys open a window and place the typewriter on the ledge.

Just as Mrs. Hall walks into the room, her ever-alert eyes see the boys at the open window with the typewriter.

“Hey Mrs. Hall!  Have you ever seen a typewriter fly?”

The typewriter is launched from the window ledge, precisely on schedule.

Thinking the boys are dropping one of her prized Olivetti typewriters from the window, brings a shocking look of surprise to Mrs. Hall’s face . . . Priceless!


Vacation Paradise

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Pete has been planning a well-deserved, solitary fishing trip for months.  His actual plans have remained a secret—especially from his nauseating cousin, Wilbur.

Wilbur always meddles in Pete’s affairs.  So much so, he even frightened away the love of Pete’s life.

Pete is ready to make his “secret” trip for some rest and relaxation.  He anticipates fantastic weather, superb fishing, and time all to himself.  Paradise awaits!

As Pete enters the lobby of the sleepy, little motel in a tiny, isolated town, he agonizingly hears, “Good Buddy!  How ya doin’ cousin Pete?”

Vacation paradise . . . Never!


Mom’s Summer Woes

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Summer finally arrives

Breaking from school routines

Children eager, excited, hyper-filled, energized

When does Mom ever get to take a break?


Chauffeuring children everywhere

Swimming lessons, sports camps

Gas tank never seems full

When does Mom get to run to a special place?


Thunderstorms pop up

Bringing their usual culprits

Rain, wind, hail, lightning, thunder

How did Mom’s new umbrella end up in the yard?


Enjoyable family gatherings

Long picnics, games aplenty

Lots of tasty food prepared

But Mom—why are we picking up a bucket at KFC?


Travel plans made

Laundry, packing, laundry, repacking

Mom still must be “Mom”

When does Mom get to enjoy “her” vacation?


School arrives again

Summer finally over—finally!

Bus leaves with the kiddos

Why does Mom hit the snooze again?

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Dang Jack Rabbit

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Bill runs into his neighbor Fred at the local feed store.  In conversation, Bill tells Fred, “I noticed that there back tire on yer truck is a mite bit low on tread.”

Fred replies back, “Ah, dat there tire has quite a few miles left da go.”

The men depart and finish up their business in town before heading back home.  As Bill drives down the road, he comes upon Fred’s truck, rolled over on its side, off of the road.

Bills stops and surveys the situation.  Fred appears okay, much of his cattle feed is scattered on the ground, and the suspected tire has blown nearly clean off of the rim.

Bill calmly asks Fred what has happened.  With eyes growing bigger by the second, Fred excitedly tells him, “A vig jack rabbit nearly ran me self off this here road.  Look vat he did to ma perfectly good tire.”

I appreciate you stopping to read another of these very short stories.  If you missed my previous micro short stories, you can find them from the links below.  Enjoy!

Community of Ville’s

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The French language uses the suffix of “ville”

Five unique letters deliver geography a thrill


Several notable references survive in films and more

Amityville brings horror, Pleasantville’s drama scores

Other Ville’s convey fascination, charm, and renown

Writer Dr. Suess creates Whoville as a fictional town

Across America, adding “ville” to a settlement’s name

In the Appalachians, this suffix spawns greater fame


Singer and actor Dean Martin calls Steubenville home

The Ohio River flows next door, free to sing and roam

The unique Y-Bridge spans the confluence of two rivers

Zaneville’s rich history fascinates with much to deliver


Television land creates Hooterville as a fictitious place

Now, all aboard the speedy Cannonball train with haste


Yesteryear’s canals transport goods to Ohio towns

Lockville preserves canal locks, easy to be found

Once known as the “Dry Capital of the World” to all

Westerville forbids alcohol sales with a resolute call


The Great Depression brings suffering on a great scale

Shanty towns called Hooverville’s offer no hope and fail


Its largest pumpkin ever, amazingly weighs nearly a ton

Circleville’s Pumpkin Show offers annual food and fun

Denison University stands proud and resides in Granville

Legendary Woody Hayes begins a career filled with thrills


Many other communities use “ville” at the end of their names

Do the readers have more to add so we can play a quiz game?


Especially in the United States, there are many communities with names that end with “ville”.  Do you know of one to add to Big Sky Buckeye’s list?  You are invited to write a comment.  In closing, I should remember and thank Mrs. Will, my 7th grade geography teacher, for a job well done!  

Final Shot

I have been enjoying some fun with writing micro short stories.  Here is my second attempt with 99 words.  Enjoy the suspenseful surprise at the end!


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The gymnasium thunders with cheers as the Bears steal a pass and score to lead by a single point.

The game clock counts down the final seconds.  Whistle blows!

One of the Bears’ starters falls with injury.  A little-used sub enters the contest, appearing anxious to enter the big game.

To seal victory, the Bears only need to pass the ball inbounds.  Beneath the opponent’s basket, stands a wide-open player—the sub!

He cleaning catches the pass, faces the basket, and shoots.


Oh my!

Game over!

The eager sub just scored the winning basket for the other team.


If you enjoyed this small taste of my short story writing, perhaps you are ready for one of my previously published short stories.  While these are longer in length, they have proven to be quite entertaining.

Another Cup Please

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My morning coffee may appear mundane

My tastes never vary and remain the same


Black with a bit of Stevia fills my cup, absolutely fine

Others whisper, “He drinks boring black every time”

A dozen years ago, coffee seldom came my way

But, my better half changed my tastes one day


Now, one cup will never satisfy this urge

My caffeine addiction, never to be purged

Even though humdrum, black coffee tastes great

I can appreciate preferences many others taste


My father turns his coffee into a tasty milkshake

Adding flavored creamer and sugar, no mistake

Others search for sweet, unique flavors to add

A shot of this or that makes them awfully glad


Excuse me for a quick moment please

This poet needs a refill, so don’t tease


Never heard of a Barista until a few days ago

Their creative coffee requires much to know

Many coffee lovers appreciate special brews

Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha to name a few


My eyes view endless coffee menus and ask

Americano, Café Latte seem like such a task

Visiting certain cafés to satisfy my caffeine fix

But always, black with sweetener does the trick

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Looking for a Tim Hortons or a Starbucks

Serving simple, black coffee brings me luck

In traveling to places farther down the coffee road

Das KaffeeHaus and City Brew create it very bold


Hopefully, all of you appreciate coffee each day

Perhaps there is a favorite that comes your way

More coffee thoughts certainly do exist

But no more for now, I’m sure you insist


Your hot cup of delicious brew

May seem exhilarating to you

While this author writes a view

About his “boring” cup of brew


Do you have a favorite coffee brew that you absolutely enjoy?  You are invited to share your wishes in the comments.  Perhaps you can convince Big Sky Buckeye to try something a wee bit more exciting than boring, black coffee.