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Autumn fills with sounds of cheering fans and the excitement of Friday night high school football games.  We pick up the action with play-by-play announcer “Cato the Cat” Johnson as he calls the final seconds of the game between the undefeated Valley High Bulldogs and the lowly Vernon High Bengals.

Welcome back football fans as the undefeated Valley High Bulldogs are poised to garner their 10th division championship in a row.  The winless Bengals of Vernon High have put up an incredible fight against overwhelming odds tonight, but their time in the limelight is about to be extinguished by the mighty Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs are poised to add to their lead with the score at 7-2.  The stingy Bengals have only yielded one score, and its defense has scored their only points with a safety back in the first quarter.

From the Bengals five-yard line, the Bulldogs are facing a second down and goal.  They line up in their favorite power run formation.  The ball is snapped.  But wait . . . fumble!

The Bengals have recovered!  Oh my, what a turn of events.  However, the Bulldogs still hold the lead, and the game clock only shows enough time for one more play.

The Bengals face nearly the entire length of the football field—95 yards to be exact.  With only one more play, it appears their woeful season will end on another sour note.  At least the marching band has performed quite well this season.

The Bengals line up in a spread formation.  The Bulldogs’ defense sets up in a prevent mode.  They only need to stop the Bengals here, and their string of championship crowns will continue.

The ball is snapped.  Instead of passing, the Bengals hand the ball off to their speedy halfback Kurt Warner.  With a power sweep to the right, the Bengals are pushing the ball up the sideline.  There is a phalanx of blockers in front of Warner.

Only two players stand between the Bengals and a touchdown.  One blocker takes out a defender, and Warner fakes left and hustles right, leaving the last tackler humbled on the ground.

Nelson is on his way . . . to the 30, the 20, the 10 . . . touchdown!!

The Bengals score, and the game is over.  Vernon High 8, Valley High 7.

Oh my football fans!  We have seen an incredible finish for the ages.

Life isn’t always as basic as a seemingly simple high school football game.  Just as Vernon High comes into the game as a hapless underdog, Jesus Christ is perceived to be a loser and an underdog when he is taken to Calvary and a cruel Cross.  Football fans underestimate the resolve of the Bengals, just as people underestimate Christ’s purpose.

The Vernon High team experiences an unbelievable moment, but it pales in comparison to the stunning moment when Jesus’ followers find the empty tomb. 



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The Big Game

Ohio State football fans come dressed in Scarlet and Gray

Hoping their beloved Buckeyes will be victorious this day

Michigan fans arrive ready to go in their Maize and Blue

Following their Wolverines with an intense spirit so true

The Big Game has arrived on a cloudy, damp afternoon

Realizing that the winning team will play again very soon

The Big Ten Championship (oh yes!) is once again on the line

Cheering fans from both sides will watch for another time

The game is televised across the nation for all to see

Playing in historic Ohio Stadium—no calmness will be

Both teams are ranked in the top ten across the land

Packing the Horseshoe with Scarlet and Gray is the plan

Coach Meyer and Coach Harbaugh have their teams ready

Remembering legends Woody and Bo will keep them steady

Ohio State scores first with an impeccable scoring drive

Keeping the Buckeyes fans fired up and very much alive

Michigan settles for a pair of field goals as its offense stalls

Bending, but not breaking—the Buckeyes defense stands tall

Early mistakes and penalties plague each team

Trying hard, but not yet settled down it seems

The Scarlet and Gray rally to score twice again through the air

Feeling momentum building, these touchdowns make a great pair

The Maize and Blue respond with a touchdown of their own

Quieting the Buckeyes fans, but no one feels ready to go home

The kick-off is recovered by Michigan—“Shocking, it can’t be!”

Sputtering Buckeyes fans watch in horror, not wanting to see

The game score stands close at 24-19 at halftime

Calling all fans to witness this amazing battle so fine

The Buckeyes offensive line performs its job flawlessly

Allowing quarterback Haskins the time to pass endlessly

The ancient Horseshoe gathers up its ghosts from the past

Finding for the Buckeyes, big plays that will create a blast

The Scarlet and Gray erupts with a climatic, thunderous roar

Watching a blocked punt lead to another Buckeyes score

The overflowing stadium rocks with all of the stops pulled out

Intercepting a Wolverines pass brings another gigantic shout

The Buckeyes have taken over the game for sure

Maintaining their advantage for a victory so pure

Ohio State’s high-octane offense has answered the call

Making Michigan’s top-ranked defense stumble and fall

As the Scarlet and Gray celebrates another awesome game

Flashing from the scoreboard, a score of 62-39 will be framed!

The Big Game finally ends in Ohio State’s favor

Counting seven wins in a row is something to savor

Go Bucks!  You handled that team up North once again!

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Perhaps some of these Buckeyes legends inspired Ohio State to victory.