Elizabeth Gilbert Quotes

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Some days are meant to be counted, others are meant to be weighed.

Do not apologize for crying.  Without this emotion, we are only robots.

Elizabeth Gilbert (born 1969) is an American journalist and author.

Lifetime of Lessons (Haiku Series #182)

Reaching Out

Express gratitude

Sincere appreciation—

Send handwritten note

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Evening to Morning

Night’s quiet moments

Preparing for tomorrow—

Embrace our blessings

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Wisdom’s Endurance

Life’s endless highway

Patience and perseverance—

Journey of waiting

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Monday Memories: Running in Life’s Marathon

This poem was previously published in March, 2019.  During this time, more of my writing was inspired by Christian themes.

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Some equate dealing with this life to running a race

Of course, sometimes we pause and turnabout face


Wise people say, “Persistent and steady wins the race”

Better than hurrying to eat dinner without saying grace


Others encourage with, “Hurry up and build it now”

Oh my!  Can’t one stop to relax and take a bow?


Another calls out, “Experience it today works best”

What about using tomorrow—no worries one jests!


All of the above wisdom may be honest and true

But God will wait patiently until we are all through


We are all imperfections in God’s all-seeing eyes

Life will bring new challenges as each year flies


There is always another hill to climb so we can see

The greener grass sometimes turns brown for thee


Life throws “stuff” along our way, not always good

Sometimes we lack courage to go when we should


It is time to finish the big race and succeed

Anything less sells us short of our final deed


All should count their blessings—so many

God fills us up with much joy for all and any


Life’s journey seems like a marathon run

Take it one day at a time, enjoy the fun!


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Trinity’s Blessings (Elfchen Series #101)



Fear not

Never be afraid

Be strong and courageous


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With faithfulness

Voice leads us

Hear name now called


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Strengthened daily

Breathing with hope

Never forsaking each believer


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Jim Valvano Quotes

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There are 86,400 seconds in a day.  It’s up to you to decide what to do with them.

Enjoy your life, the precious moments you have.

Jim Valvano (1946-1993) was an American college basketball coach.  Born in Queens, New York, he brought his indefatigable spirit wherever he went.  

Father’s Blessings (Elfchen Series #99)



Quiet time

Conversation with Father

Moments filled with grace


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Father above

Empty hope blossoms

With each green stem


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Precious gift

No greater love

Messiah walks with us


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Monday Memories: Embracing Our Golden Years

From Proverbs 16:31:  “Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.”

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Watching television, what is so wrong?

Proclaiming vitality, glowing youth

Idolizing outward beauty and more

Turning down the chatter, looking for truth


Savoring this life’s fertile, golden years

Knocking at the door, God’s Word always clear

Finding our inner beauty, filled with love

Embracing the later years, without fear


Assuring us of our Lord’s divine plan

Receiving far more than we can afford

Propelling us forward, with Jesus near

Guiding our daily walk, by His accord


Gaining beauty from our relationships

Discovering family love each day

Restoring our energy with these gifts

Growing closer to our Lord as we pray


Sharing our wisdom and experience

Bringing opportunities, we also grow

Living as role models in God’s spirit

Opening new pages, as blessings flow

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From American pastor, Harry Emerson Fosdick:  “It is magnificent to grow old, if one keeps young.”

Timeless Blessings (Elfchen Series #97)



Risen Christ

Faithfulness now rewarded

Praises sing with hope


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With Almighty

Grace and peace

Lord’s Alpha and Omega


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Earnestly searching

Each lose sheep

Inspired by Lord’s love


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God With Us (Elfchen Series #95)



Given day

Blessings of peace

Christ walks among us


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Speaks boldly

Treasure every word

Glories of God’s law


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Surrounding thee

Facing tumultuous waters

God never stops helping


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Day Ahead

Whether you are retired or looking forward to its arrival, these verses are written especially for you.  Enjoy life while taking in retirement’s ride.

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Waking in darkness

Morning’s warm greeting

Day ahead calling

Night’s sleep retreating


Challenges waiting

Agenda sleeps for now

Coffee sends greetings

Where’s this morning’s chow?


Sunrise glows outside

Nature’s verses sing

Kitchen fills with warmth

Time’s melody swings


Decisions to make

Day moves by itself

Life in retirement

Tasks wait for oneself


Life now transitions

Driving slower lane

Each day’s gentle pace

Always entertains


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