Preserving His Saints

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When life’s eventual calamities gather and appear

Providing safe refuge, God emerges without fear

Our Lord remains sovereign over His domain

Assembling Christians to worship in His name

Rock of infinite refuge and mighty fortress to see

Hearing God’s Holy words, coming to rescue thee

Dark and evil situations linger and wait to thrive

Offering worthless promises, the Enemy strives

His hollow assurances hide a dishonest net

Waiting to capture us, continually a threat

Righteous wisdom and truth reside with our Lord

Witnessing our sinful afflictions, like a river to ford

God never gives up on anyone, never makes a fuss

Standing between the Enemy and his devilish lust

Our Lord commands us to deposit trust in Him

Allowing His countenance to shine through sin

Abundant goodness will reach out from Heaven

Hearing our supplications and prayers, so driven

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ comes to save

Defeating forever sin’s darkness and the grave

His glory spreads to cover each corner of the earth

Saving our resurrected lives with a heavenly berth

All confidently march in spirit to accept His grace

Seeking Christ’s salvation, with rich mercy to taste

Our Lord comes again to preserve His saints

Prompting all Christians to be faithful mates

God stands ready, listening to everyone’s cause

Sacrificing Jesus for us, we kneel without pause

Our Father wants His children to be saved

Desiring that all will return to Him one day

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The foundation for this poem comes from Psalms 31 and 51.   Here are a few of my favorite verses from them.

  • Psalm 31:3-4:  “You are indeed my rock and my fortress; for your name’s sake lead me and guide me, take me out of the net that is hidden for me.”
  • Psalm 51:2-3:  “Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.  For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me.”

Do you have a favorite verse or verses from any of the Psalms?  You are invited to share it in the comments.  


Grace-filled Rain


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The Bible mentions “rain” many times in scripture.  God’s creation finds multiple uses of rain.  Perhaps you can think of a few more after reading this poem.

Waking up to see another blessed, rainy day

Witnessing as God brings us grace this day


God creates rain to descend upon the earth

Bringing rain to produce yields from the land

The heavens’ water brings awesome worth

Allowing for existence by woman and man


Rain arrives by the word of our mighty God

Sending vital water to the crops and fields

God’s creation brings early rains with a nod

Providing late rains to fulfill a farmer’s yield


God brings rain in abundance with His hand

Opening the dry earth, salvation springs up

Skies raining down righteousness, is His plan

Showering our lives with a grace-filled cup


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Rain nurtures spring’s new green, tender sprouts

Providing seed to the sower, bread for the table

Harvest arrives again on time by fall’s usual route

Filling grain bins as hardworking farmers feel able


God shines sun on both the Good and the Bad

Sending rain on the righteous and unrighteous

Rains from heaven fill hearts, never to be sad

Earmarking fruitful seasons for the righteous


Remember the incredibly prudent man

Constructing his house upon solid rock

Rains fell, floods came—over the land

Preserving a faith as steady as a rock

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Precious and Transforming Grace

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God sends amazing grace freely to all

Offering to save sinners aren’t we all?

Jesus died on an old rugged cross for our salvation

Giving all of us a true path for avoiding temptation

There are no gifts greater than God’s grace

Flowing from His love, making no mistake

The Bible teaches all of us to follow the “Grace Path”

Justifying through faith in Christ keeps us on track

The righteous live each single moment by faith

Feeling God’s rich grace, so delicious to taste

Apostle Paul, a sinner like us, received mercy and life

Writing about God’s plan, he is freed from all strife

God fine tunes our hearts to receive his treasured gift

Redeeming love and grace keep us from running adrift

All we need is faith to live without harm

Running to God’s waiting and loving arms

Grace is a precious gift for all people to receive

Running from an enemy who continues to deceive

Abraham’s faith brings God’s great promise to light

Believing, he followed his Lord without any fright

Be content with what daily life throws at us

Raising up Christ to believers without any fuss 

Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection burn bright

Allowing our faith to grow and never lose sight

Grace is given freely through Christ, from our Father

Replacing our works with daily faith without any bother

God opposes the proud, bringing His grace to the humble

Restoring, supporting, and strengthening when we stumble

Lord, relieve our uncertainties and lead us homeward

Abounding and steadfast love will carry us forward

God transforms sinners through His gift of grace

Following Christ will bring our lives to a proper place

All look to the Lord, His awesome wonder astounds

Sending grace by faith through Christ will abound

God sends amazing grace freely to all

Offering to save sinners aren’t we all?


It is amazing and insightful to find so many references of God’s grace in scripture as well as hymns.  These resources helped with the writing of this poem.  May all of you accept God’s free gift of grace.

Forever More

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Standing and lifting eyes upward

Asking for help

But, from where will it come?


Reading from a cherished Bible

Finding the words

Of a patient and gracious Lord


Humbling images of God’s plan

Creating the heavens

As well as the earth


Feeling the grace of God

Providing shade

At one’s right hand


Sleeping is never His wish

Watching over

His people at every moment


Praying to a compassionate Lord

Listening now

His words bring comfort


Protecting us at all times

Witnessing Him

Forever more

The background for this poem comes from the Bible; see Psalm 121.

With God’s Grace


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Another year has finished its journey, forever gone

What will a New Year bring that is never wrong?

As this New Year thoughtfully begins

Resolutions will be thought of once again

Why do people make such a list?

Few will seriously bring much bliss

Perhaps we all harbor the very best at last

As another year brings us a hopeful blast

The number and depth of resolutions is wide

All look unique and amazing, to never hide

For myself, I have a few in mind to hopefully soar

But for me, less written is always easier to score

Here are three simple goals for 2019 to be able

Faith, family, and health will always be on my table

Each requires some effort on my part

But the journey will be worth it to start

With God’s continued grace for each one

My bucket list will be filled and nicely done