Landscape Thirsts

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Early morning rain drops in

Landscape thirsts for blessed drink

Graceful flowers dance and spin

Timeless pause while nature thinks


Tender leaf enjoys her bath

Gentle droplets trickle down

Soft grass carpets nature’s path

Destiny wearing her crown


Silence breaks from quiet mist

Terrain transforms with delight

Nature feels like being kissed

Peace fills every pore with light


Sky gracefully opens up

Rays of sunshine descending

Creator fills every cup

Nature never pretending


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Filling Life’s Void

From Isaiah 55:3:  “Incline your ear, and come to Me; listen, so that you may live.  I will make with you an everlasting covenant, My steadfast, sure love for David.”

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Searching, still searching

Wanting something more

Living unfulfilled

Looking past life’s door


Listening to heart

Searching deep within

Thirsting for mercy

Crashing, life’s tailspin


Surrounding darkness

Running from its lies

Escaping away

Searching in His eyes


Inclining each ear

Hearing hope-filled voice

Kneeling at one cross

Searching, now rejoice


Satisfying peace

Feeling much stronger

Finding Jesus Christ

Searching no longer


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From the words of American pastor and Christian teacher, Charles Stanley:  “If your soul feels depleted, make unhurried time with Jesus a priority.”

Thirsty for Living Water


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Like deer at a flowing stream

I wake thirsty from a dream

Tears feed me, night and day

“Where is your God?” people say


My spirit is cast down low

God’s faithful, trusty love, He shows

Nightly, Psalms sing to my heart

Praying for my life to restart


My flesh cries out in thirst

God’s love will always arrive first

In the middle of dry land

His love extends from His well


Sometimes life brings bitterness to drink

Thirsty like parched land, I think

The Gospel brings forward good news

Living water quenches, like morning dew


The Enemy taunts me once more

“Where is your God?” he implores

He has left and forsaken you

Your tiny life should be through


Glory of God fills the streams

Desert sands become pools, no dream

Grass thickens across the vast plains

Springs arise, thirst never to wane


Jesus, the Lamb, shepherds me now

Providing living water, kneel and bow

Come, take this water of life

Receiving God’s Grace, without any strife


Waking in the darkness of night

Thirsty for God’s message of might

Making water flow from a stone

Split open by God’s blessed tone


The Enemy’s spirit no longer swarms

Thirst for righteousness, defeats any storms

All who thirst, seek God’s waters

Holy Spirit’s living water, never falters


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