Renewing Rain

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From Isaiah 45:8:  “Shower, O heavens, from above, and let the skies rain down righteousness; let the earth open, that salvation may spring up, and let it cause righteousness t sprout up also; I the Lord have created it.”

Rain showers continuously hydrate the lands

Sending restoring moisture from God’s hands


Perhaps God’s design will deliver to rinse off me

Washing away transgressions that affix on thee


Flowers, grass, and trees experience joy now

Smiling as additional raindrops take their bow


This errant life feels God’s restoring spirit of the rain

Helping me to reconcile and move away from pain


The clouds hang low, soon rain comes again

Witnessing Christ’s love, forgiving all our sin


Temperatures remain cool, clouds shroud the light

Feeling God’s lasting affection, realizing His might


My disposition cools, harsh feelings evaporate

Praying to my Lord, as the darkness grows late


God continually watches over His creation

Looking down from above, smiles of elation


For me, a blood-stained cross forever stands near

Thanking Jesus for bringing Salvation, without fear


Nature comes alive as the rains abate

Growing with God’s love, will be its fate


An imperfect man such as me, steps from sin’s shadows

Kneeling before God, forgiven for my disobedient travels

Grace-filled Rain


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The Bible mentions “rain” many times in scripture.  God’s creation finds multiple uses of rain.  Perhaps you can think of a few more after reading this poem.

Waking up to see another blessed, rainy day

Witnessing as God brings us grace this day


God creates rain to descend upon the earth

Bringing rain to produce yields from the land

The heavens’ water brings awesome worth

Allowing for existence by woman and man


Rain arrives by the word of our mighty God

Sending vital water to the crops and fields

God’s creation brings early rains with a nod

Providing late rains to fulfill a farmer’s yield


God brings rain in abundance with His hand

Opening the dry earth, salvation springs up

Skies raining down righteousness, is His plan

Showering our lives with a grace-filled cup


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Rain nurtures spring’s new green, tender sprouts

Providing seed to the sower, bread for the table

Harvest arrives again on time by fall’s usual route

Filling grain bins as hardworking farmers feel able


God shines sun on both the Good and the Bad

Sending rain on the righteous and unrighteous

Rains from heaven fill hearts, never to be sad

Earmarking fruitful seasons for the righteous


Remember the incredibly prudent man

Constructing his house upon solid rock

Rains fell, floods came—over the land

Preserving a faith as steady as a rock

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Foggy Rain


Morning arrives filled with much rain and fog

The view outside looks more like soggy smog

The arrival of another day brings a new, fresh start

Hopefully a writer’s words will be like a work of art

Twinkling street lights appear through the wet haze

The sun’s illumination will remain hidden all this day

Sounds of rain splashing against the window’s glass

This morning mist looks to find a home at long last

Perhaps the intense rain will inspire a pen to write

Maybe words will arrive with impressions so right

The calmness evaporates as a gentle wind arrives

The steady rain matures as its intensity thrives

Rain hurls through the air in a sideways manner

The large drops sound as loud as a jackhammer

Lightning flashes across the foggy, gray sky

Rumbling thunder echoes as if a jet flies by

The worn, wooden planks of the patio deck shine

A slippery sheen generates added beauty so fine

The sky lightens up for a moment or two

Nature’s own light offers a beautiful view

Now the rain restarts with amounts far too much

Flooding may bring for some an absence of luck

The day will continue to be soggy and wet for all

At least this poem has answered a writer’s call


Morning Rain

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Raining lightly, my Monday begins quietly and oddly slow

Avoiding my usual morning walk creates a tranquil flow

Drinking another cup of coffee, and feeling totally fine

Enjoying the calmness and gray skies for another time

Reading from the Bible and reflecting on some devotions

Feeling relaxed and silently focused without much emotion

Listening to a favorite song brings a welcoming smile

Realizing that my bike waits again for some indoor miles

Praying to the Lord that my family enjoys a great day

Knowing that He will bring them peace along the way

Editing some poetry lines that looks nearly ready to post

Searching for another thought that will create the most

Appreciating my special morning more than ever before

Understanding that my soul feels delightfully restored

Looking forward to tomorrow morning, and what it brings

Facing another day of rain will still make my heart sing