Never Doubting

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Dry, parched farmland stretches for endless miles.  Tender wheat sprouts are beginning to wither under early June’s hottest sun.  Will rain arrive in time to save this year’s crop?

At the intersection of two country roads sits a small, wood-framed church.  The location is called Fertile Prairie, which seems appropriate with the scattered farms up and down either road. 

Today the church gathers farmers and their families.  They have been assembling daily to join as one voice in prayer.  Their petitions focus on God’s faithfulness.  According to His plans, in time He will release nature’s rain-filled drink for their wilting fields.

While prayers continue to be lifted from the inside of the church, dark clouds are filling the outside sky.  Will they finally bring the Lord’s blessed rain?

At first, a few drops find the parched ground.  More follow in unison until a steady, grace-filled rain is watering the fields.

Outside the church stands six-year old Tommy.  He has been waiting outside and smiling at the darkening clouds.  His young heart feels joy as the rain begins to nourish the land. 

Inside the church, the assembly hears the falling rain.  They gather at the door to look out.  Smiles, filled with hope, share praises to the Lord.

They realize that Tommy is standing under an umbrella.  He is the only person who brought an umbrella.  This young boy has never wavered in his own faithfulness.

Tommy’s mother asks him, “What on earth caused you to bring an umbrella today?”

Tommy confidently replies, “Last night during my prayers, God reminded me to bring an umbrella.  Never doubting, I made sure that I brought one today.”

Landscape Thirsts

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Early morning rain drops in

Landscape thirsts for blessed drink

Graceful flowers dance and spin

Timeless pause while nature thinks


Tender leaf enjoys her bath

Gentle droplets trickle down

Soft grass carpets nature’s path

Destiny wearing her crown


Silence breaks from quiet mist

Terrain transforms with delight

Nature feels like being kissed

Peace fills every pore with light


Sky gracefully opens up

Rays of sunshine descending

Creator fills every cup

Nature never pretending


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John Newton Quote

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God sometimes does His work with gentle drizzle, not storms.

From Deuteronomy 32:2-3:  “May my teaching drop like the rain, my speech condense like the dew, like gentle rain on grass, like showers on new growth.  For I will proclaim the name of the Lord, ascribe greatness to our God!”

John Newton (1725-1807) was an English pastor who also was a writer of several hymns, including the beloved “Amazing Grace.”  His early life is filled with contrasts, when compared to his later life.  He served as a ship’s captain during the slave trade, but later renounced his work after his conversion to Christianity.  He became an outspoken opponent of the slave trade later in his life.

Morning’s Disruption

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Cloudy, overcast sky

Hiding morning’s sunshine

Waiting with her reply

Nature’s latest headline


Forecast calling for rain

Arriving right on time

Watering farmers’ grain

Nature’s unchanging rhyme


Lightning crackling with fire

Sparking thunderous clouds

Hearing heavenly choir

Nature’s clamorous crowds


Peace returning to earth

Singing with calm voices

Anchoring at her berth

Nature’s sun rejoices


Disruption retreating

Clearing sky welcomed back

Sketching springtime’s greeting

Nature’s morning on track


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Life Shifts (Haiku Series #169)


This moment in time

Our story turns to new page—

Another year comes

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Trading snow shovels

Absent Ohio winter—

Time for umbrellas

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Each worthy surprise

Life’s unique blessings waiting—

Around each corner

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Summer’s Pause

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Summer’s heat taking pause

Rain touches with wet paws


Dry landscape’s soaking mist

Moisture been greatly missed


Gray overcast hides skies

Missing sun sadly sighs


Nature’s well-deserved break

Setting up summer’s cake


Crops, flowers, and grass smile

Delicious, stay awhile


Harmony finds its tune

Despite absent, full moon


Tranquility looks down

Nature’s elegant gown


Richest hues, brightest tones

Beauty’s shining gemstones


Precious stones on display

Add one more day to play


Summer’s heat shall resume

But first, smell rain’s fresh bloom


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Refreshing Rain

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Renewing dry, parched landscape

Resurrecting nature’s shape


Refreshing rain offers grace

Restoring peace to this place


Restarting with single drop

Reopening life’s closed shop


Reaffirming rain calling

Rallying lifeline falling


Recommitting faithful hand

Reassuring thirsty land


Reviving lost paradise

Rebounding rain’s special spice


Relieving vast acres’ stress

Rejuvenating success


Renovating rain’s duty

Recapturing land’s beauty


Rekindling valley’s lost spark

Reflecting light over dark


Repairing nature’s lost soul

Remaking her glory whole


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This nature-rich poem is crafted with a different style.  Beginning each verse with an “R” word as inspired by “refreshing rain,” offers a challenge for my poetic pen.  

Boundless Nature (Haiku Series #105)


Gentle breeze blowing

Autumn leaves fluttering down—

Fading memories    

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Pollen count drops low

Refreshing air we now breathe—

Morning rains arrive

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Morning’s early dawn

Fog blankets each creek and pond—

What mysteries wait?

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Cleansing Rain

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Autumn rains lasting for days

Covering the land with mist

Cleansing under cloudy haze

Rising pollen, now dismissed


Harvest pausing, farmers wait

Parking soybeans, left to take

Drying cornstalks, know their fate

Standing ready, combines brake


Creeks filling, slowly at first

Running water, sent ahead

Suspending reservoirs’ thirst

Pausing for now, winter’s dread


Nature’s perfect cycle breathes

Singing praises to the Lord

Watching as autumn unsheathes

Waking when spring comes aboard


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Monday Memories: Grace-Filled Rain

The Bible uses “rain” in many ways as God teaches us about His ways.  This poem was blessed to receive many views in its original post on May, 2019.  Enjoy!

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Waking up to see another blessed, rainy day

Witnessing as God brings us grace this day


God creates rain to descend upon the earth

Bringing rain to produce yields from the land

The heavens’ water brings awesome worth

Allowing for existence by woman and man


Rain arrives by the word of our mighty God

Sending vital water to the crops and fields

God’s creation brings early rains with a nod

Providing late rains to fulfill a farmer’s yield


God brings rain in abundance with His hand

Opening the dry earth, salvation springs up

Skies raining down righteousness, is His plan

Showering our lives with a grace-filled cup


Rain nurtures spring’s new green, tender sprouts

Providing seed to the sower, bread for the table

Harvest arrives again on time by fall’s usual route

Filling grain bins as hardworking farmers feel able


God shines sun on both the Good and the Bad

Sending rain on the righteous and unrighteous

Rains from heaven fill hearts, never to be sad

Earmarking fruitful seasons for the righteous


Remember the incredibly prudent man

Constructing his house upon solid rock

Rains fell, floods came—over the land

Preserving a faith as steady as a rock


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