Nature’s Grace

Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on

Cloudless, morning sky lifting up her shade

Brilliant, yet subtle light cascading down

Generations of peace-filled accolades

Navigating each successful splashdown


Gentle breeze descends with expectant glance

Endlessly sharing her breath every hour

Invitations accepted for each dance

Feeling softness caressing each flower


Moisture gathers along distant skyline

Whisper of rain’s scent filling every space

Better than sweetest aroma of wine

Offering something precious to embrace


Lowering her shade at sunset each night

Dreaming of sunrise’s wakening light

Photo by Pixabay on

This poem has been crafted as a traditional sonnet with 14 verses, each containing 10 syllables.  An intricate rhyming scheme is followed in each stanza with every other verse.

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