God’s Masterpiece

From Isaiah 65:17: “For I am about to create new heavens and a new earth; the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind.”

green grass field under white clouds

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com

From the beginning of time

God’s creation changes each day

This eternal blueprint conveys mastery

His design takes center stage


His earthly canvas presents wonder

Artistic palette of colors astonish

His imaginative mind never ceases

Earth’s treasures continue to impress


Traveling around this awesome planet

Breathtaking venues await our call

Majestic mountains loom high above

Immense beauty reaches the clouds


Rolling plains shine with beauty

Grasslands thick with green tapestry

Swift rivers travel for months

Mountain-fed water reaches blue seas


Dense forests blanket the terrain

Trees of every description stand

Endless oceans bombard distant shores

Continuous tides frolic with beaches


Wide canyons stretch above rivers

Featuring amazing sculptures and hue

Desert sands infinitely scatter themselves

Continually sifting from God-inspired winds


Days begin with illuminating sunrises

Nights commence with vivid sunrises

God continues molding and shaping

Praise His incredible creation forevermore

daylight environment forest idyllic

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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Welcome to the Gallery


Visiting a shop in Montana’s historic Virginia City, a person just might happen to find this fine gentleman offering greetings to all who drop in.

Walnut Woods Foggy and Wet.jpg

A foggy, misty morning outlines a beautiful framed image of a spider’s web between the posts on the Big Run bridge at central Ohio’s Walnut Woods Metro Park.

2018 August Montana Trip 011.JPG

A roadside stop allows a moment to capture the scenic view along Interstate 15 in Montana between Great Falls and Helena.  A highway bridge that was constructed in the 1930s is visible at the bottom of the narrow valley.

2019 April 8 Chestnut Ridge 013.JPG

Arrival of flowers marks the return of spring to Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park.

2018 August Montana Trip 004.JPG

Montana’s Holter Lake offers many types of recreation for anyone with a boat.  A small marina is shown (from the summer of 2018), and the lake is located near the small community of Wolf Creek. 


The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is well-known for its outstanding array of wildlife from around the world as well as its animal conservation efforts.  The “Heart of Africa” exhibit displays the African savanna as one might find it . . . filled with village life, giraffes, zebras, and so much more.

Wedding 2018 February 016

A final look back at winter as shown near Lone Mountain in the Madison Range near Big Sky, Montana.  As one looks at the far peaks in the background, think of the snowmelt that will soon fill the raging whitewater in the Gallatin River.

Chestnut Ridge 2017 June 30 008.JPG

Summer shadows greet any walker at central Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park.  This photo was taken from a trail through the trees into a grassy meadow.

Montana 2013 030.JPG

This summer garden comes from Billings, Montana at the Moss Mansion, which is an historic house now maintained as a museum.

Chestnut Ridge 2017 June 30 006

With winter fading away in favor of the spring season, thoughts will soon be thinking of beautiful wild flowers and rich green fields.  This photo was taken last summer at Chestnut Ridge Metro Park in central Ohio.

Montana Winter Pic 2019.jpg

My youngest daughter and her husband completed a winter hike into Hyalite Canyon south of Bozeman, Montana.  The popular recreation area is located between the Gallatin Canyon and the Paradise Valley.


The Polar vortex and repeated snowstorms in central Ohio have made the winter of January-February, 2019 one to remember.

2018 August Montana Trip 007.JPG

The beauty of western Montana is captured at Holter Lake, near the small town of Wolf Creek.  The lake is a popular summer recreation destination as seen in this photo from late July of 2018.

2019 February 3 Snow and Geese 002.JPG

These Canadian geese seem immune to the polar vortex and snowfall in central Ohio.

Wedding 2018 February 018.JPG

A February snowstorm moves over the summit of Lone Mountain in southwestern Montana.  The Big Sky Resort occupies the mountain, which is well known for its first-class skiing in the wintertime.  

2019 january 13 winter ohio 005

Ohio’s winter blankets the ground with a fresh coating of snow.  The Canadian geese on the pond don’t seem to mind winter’s arrival.

Montana Waterfall

Pioneer Falls in the Spanish Peaks of Montana’s Madison Range is expertly captured by my daughter and her husband on one of their wilderness hikes.

november 30, 2014 003

An early autumn sunset dazzles and amazes as night arrives in central Ohio.

Chestnut Ridge 2017 June 30 005

Central Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park in full summer foliage.


My youngest daughter and her husband are avid skiers.   They took this picture of Blaze Mountain in the Spanish Peaks of the Madison Range of southwestern Montana.  They have skied the backcountry ski line a few times during the summer.  The beautiful and long snowfield fills a small gully that runs down the northwestern face of the mountain.  Skiers have to hike to the snowfield, but for an avid skier, it is well worth the effort.

2018 August Montana Trip 135

A view of downtown Billings, Montana from this past summer.  Notice the smoked-filled sky in the background; the smoke came from fires far from Billings.


From Walnut Woods Metro Park, the landscape has changed from the bright colors of autumn to the gray and barrenness of the coming winter.

Montana 2013 012.JPG

Summer’s clouds create shadows that cover part of the vast countryside near the Little Bighorn Battlefield in southeastern Montana.


A nesting pair of Canadian geese prepare to make a new home this past spring.

Chestnut Ridge 2017 Nov 25 005.JPG

Autumn’s leaves have fallen, and winter is on the way at central Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park.

Wedding 2018 February 011

Soon the mountains of the Big Sky Country will be filled with snow just as seen in this scene from last winter near Lone Mountain at Big Sky, Montana.

Sunrise at Walnut Woods

An autumn sunrise illuminates the beauty of Ohio’s Walnut Woods Metro Park.

Chestnut Ridge 2017 June 30 006

Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park during mid-summer.

2018 August Montana Trip 027

A late July view of the Gallatin Valley, just outside of Bozeman, Montana. 

Buckeye Football.jpg

The images and traditions prior to the start of an Ohio State University football game.  This photo was taken by my daughter who attended the game with her husband.  

Waterfront View

Maryland is a welcome location to visit, and the city of Cambridge provides several beautiful and relaxing waterfront views.  Big Sky Buckeye’s bride grew up on the Eastern Shore.  Enjoy the poem as well as the photographs.


Maryland’s Eastern Shore beckons one and all

Traveling to Dorchester County as its final call

The immense Chesapeake Bay patiently awaits nearby

Inviting the spacious Choptank River to always drop by

Choptank refers to a former Native American tribe

Assimilating into society, today they no longer thrive

Night’s darkness transports stillness into the chilly air

Raining lightly as water flows into a creek with care

Cambridge Creek stands ready around the clock

Creating a home for numerous small boats to dock

The inner harbor used to play host to larger ships

Processing seafood and more to load at a fast clip

Morning light arrives at the peaceful creek

Waking up waterfowl and people who greet

Canvasback ducks convene at their winter home

Sharing space with seagulls, never being alone

Activity stirs up quickly around the picturesque creek

Preparing crab boats, for delicious treasure to seek

A small sailboat motors quietly down the water’s chute

Passing beneath the raised drawbridge with a salute

Peace and tranquility return there every night

Illuminating the calm harbor water with lights

While the impressive Choptank drives its waters along

Advancing always toward the majestic Bay, like a song

2019 May 7 Cambridge 027

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Gentle Sounds

water rain wet drops

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Morning rain has marooned me at home

A brisk walk delayed, but never alone

Drinking coffee, another cup please

Addicted to caffeine with such ease

The early morning darkness

Stands ready in its stillness


The window is cracked open, just a bit

Hearing marvelous sounds, makes a hit

Pausing to listen and begin to write

Sounds of pleasure, being so right


Falling droplets of rain earn a trip down

Splashes on the deck, a relaxing sound

Song birds croon from atop tall trees

Sounding splendid, joyous, and free

Wet roads, close by, signal more

Amplifying car tires, ready to roar

An approaching plane flies overhead

Traveling on to Rickenbacker instead

A pair of geese flies through the sky

Their unique greeting says good-bye


My pen scratches delicately away

Listening to ink-filled words today

Simply enjoying an outlook from outside

Bringing life’s gentle sounds to me inside


“Rickenbacker” refers to Rickenbacker International Airport, south of Columbus, Ohio.  The facility provides space for civil, military, and commercial aviation needs in the central Ohio area.  The airport’s namesake is Eddie Rickenbacker, a World War I flying ace from Columbus.

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Spring’s Masterpiece

2019 April 8 Chestnut Ridge 003.JPG

Witnessing God’s creation in the early dawn light

Illuminating from the sun’s rays, always so bright

Walking again on the trails at Chestnut Ridge this morn

Experiencing nature’s miracle, almost like being reborn

Hearing a chorus of birds, heralding the arrival

Welcoming all back from this winter’s survival

Flowing beneath a small bridge, a tiny creek runs by

Catching the run-off from nature’s tears which cry

Crying with happiness at God’s awesome wonder

Waking up the land from a long winter’s slumber

Sprouting skyward along the fringes of a narrow path

Adding a fresh, green carpet with color ready to splash

Rustling through the still leafless trees

Blowing wind brings a coolness for free

Appreciating these moments with God alone

Checking never to see who texts to my phone

Dashing down a steep hill, moves a solitary deer

Escaping my camera, she has nothing to fear

Spying the final remnants of an eroding tree stump

Framing its presence with moss growing in clumps

Flying in, a robin red-breast assesses the ground

Thinking to myself, haven’t seen you much around

Holding a brief meeting, a pair of squirrels scatters

Scurrying away to a safe, rotting log, now in tatters

Noticing few walking these trails, not very fast

Allowing me to enjoy a conversation that lasts

Winking through thickets of trees, towering and ancient

Shining sun brings out God’s true and loving patience

2019 April 8 Chestnut Ridge 005.JPG 

2019 April 8 Chestnut Ridge 008.JPG


Nocturnal Beauty

lake beside forest photography

Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

A magnificent oak tree stands center in a park

Waiting with quiet majesty in the solitary dark

The blackness of night only adds to the scene

Bringing tranquility and peace, free and clean

Trees with fruit blossoms, in full view even at night

Sending forth a fragrance, invigorating and right

Tiny green leaves are growing out on the tall trees

Waving from a gentle breath of the wind with ease

In the distance, glowing lights enhance a background

Providing a reverent atmosphere without any sound

A bit of shining moonlight fashions extra to see

Moving and playful shadows amongst the trees

Even at night, God’s creation sparkles all new

Painting for each evening, a breathtaking view

The eastern light rises to create the dawn

Crooning birds welcome a newborn fawn

The stillness begins to wake-up from its rest

Leaving its nocturnal beauty, always the best!

Spring Arrives

animal avian beak bird

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The calendar affirms that spring has arrived

Why then did the weather take a snowy dive?

Heavy, wet snow arrives overnight

Is this some terrible joke, not right?

Instead of spring, we now experience deep snow

Where is the snow shovel when we need it now?

Well . . . Have no concern at all, for you see

A poet can write about most anything to be

Thankfully, there is really no snow to spoil spring

When will warmth replace winter’s frosty sting?

Even the songbirds remain quite bunched up for now

On powerlines high above, they sing and take a bow

Again, the calendar sets the date of a new season

Why should we believe the date for any reason?

This past winter has indeed soured our attitude

When will Mother Nature give us some latitude?