Autumn’s Arrival (Haiku Series #156)

Bless You!

Allergy time peaks

Summer moves into autumn—

Ragweed in full bloom

Golden, flowering ragweed sprouting everywhere.

Splendid Transition

Summertime fading

Crisp, cool mornings signal change—

Autumn’s billboard colors

Autumn colors Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park.

Poetic Time

Autumn comes knocking

Where have all the song birds gone?

Morning’s quiet peace

Quiet morning along the trail at Chestnut Ridge.

Enchanted Walk

Walking Chestnut Ridge Metro Park shares the enchanted delights of one of central Ohio’s most precious gems.

Discovering these woods

Longing for morning walk

Sharing nature’s promise

Enchanted forest talks


Breathing nature’s freshness

Winding through woodland’s peace

Fascinating venture

Enchanted, sweet showpiece


Scaling every hill

Navigating each trail

Finding nature’s secrets

Enchanted story’s tale


Standing still, time shall wait

Looking around each bend

Treasuring nature’s prize

Enchanted spirit’s friend


Dreaming of tomorrow

Hiking this ridge again

Searching for nature’s gifts

Enchanted walk, Amen!


Another view from Chestnut Ridge Metro Park features its deep, summer green.

I frequently walk Chestnut Ridge Metro Park, which is located about ten minutes from my home.  I have used this setting for other poems, and here is a sample:

Nature’s Deployment (Haiku Series #153)

Every Day

Sunrise sends greeting

Creator’s hand wakens day—

Glorious morning

Morning sunrise over the Choptank River along Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Echoing Cadence

Soul-filled percussion

Pulsating afternoon sky–

Thunder’s rhythmic beat

Photo by Andre Furtado on

Still Here

Hot days continue

Waiting for autumn colors—

Summer must insist

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Monday Memories: Nocturnal Beauty

Photo by Darius Krause on

A magnificent oak tree stands center in a park

Waiting with quiet majesty in the solitary dark


The blackness of night only adds to the scene

Bringing tranquility and peace, free and clean


Trees with fruit blossoms, in full view even at night

Sending forth a fragrance, invigorating and right


Tiny green leaves are growing out on the tall trees

Waving from a gentle breath of the wind with ease


In the distance, glowing lights enhance a background

Providing a reverent atmosphere without any sound


A bit of shining moonlight fashions extra to see

Moving and playful shadows amongst the trees


Even at night, God’s creation sparkles all new

Painting for each evening, a breathtaking view


The eastern light rises to create the dawn

Crooning birds welcome a newborn fawn


The stillness begins to wake-up from its rest

Leaving its nocturnal beauty, always the best!

Photo by Elias Tigiser on

Renewing Seasons

From Ecclesiastes 3:1:  “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

Central Ohio’s Walnut Woods Metro Park waits for spring under cover of snow.

Winter’s dormant, gray months

Nature taking her break

Gathering strength for spring

Life’s welcoming handshake


People face frozen times

Seeking spirit’s rebirth

Darkness returns to light

New season blesses earth


Summer’s shining moments

Nature’s blooming color

Autumn’s blessed pause waits

Hourglass sand grows smaller


Happiness seeks to shine

Hope filling eager hearts

Spirit nurtures man’s faith

Risen Lord, life restarts


Through nature’s creation

Breathing with perfect poise

Order to life itself

God’s divine plan deploys


Life’s transition wakens

Rising sun shares reasons

Joy, sorrow, gain, or loss

Renewing fresh seasons


Morning’s brilliant sunrise awakens in central Ohio.

From Genesis 8:22:  “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

Summer’s Pause

Photo by David Riau00f1o Cortu00e9s on

Summer’s heat taking pause

Rain touches with wet paws


Dry landscape’s soaking mist

Moisture been greatly missed


Gray overcast hides skies

Missing sun sadly sighs


Nature’s well-deserved break

Setting up summer’s cake


Crops, flowers, and grass smile

Delicious, stay awhile


Harmony finds its tune

Despite absent, full moon


Tranquility looks down

Nature’s elegant gown


Richest hues, brightest tones

Beauty’s shining gemstones


Precious stones on display

Add one more day to play


Summer’s heat shall resume

But first, smell rain’s fresh bloom


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Summer Performances (Haiku Series #147)

New Day

Glorious sunrise

Serenity awakens—

Morning’s peace dawning

Morning’s sunrise at central Ohio’s Walnut Woods Metro Park.

Breakfast Time

Morning feeding time

Nature’s chaotic rhythm—

Bird feeder invites

Photo by Frank Cone on

Sizzling Hunger

Dog days of summer

Mercury ready to burst—

Appetite heats up

Photo by Gustav Lundborg on

Refreshing Rain

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Renewing dry, parched landscape

Resurrecting nature’s shape


Refreshing rain offers grace

Restoring peace to this place


Restarting with single drop

Reopening life’s closed shop


Reaffirming rain calling

Rallying lifeline falling


Recommitting faithful hand

Reassuring thirsty land


Reviving lost paradise

Rebounding rain’s special spice


Relieving vast acres’ stress

Rejuvenating success


Renovating rain’s duty

Recapturing land’s beauty


Rekindling valley’s lost spark

Reflecting light over dark


Repairing nature’s lost soul

Remaking her glory whole


Photo by Johannes Plenio on

This nature-rich poem is crafted with a different style.  Beginning each verse with an “R” word as inspired by “refreshing rain,” offers a challenge for my poetic pen.  


Photo by Ann H on

“One” standing up, life’s lonesome number

Rising today, waking from slumber


One single digit, filled with courage

Stepping up, ready to encourage


One man standing with boldness, alone

Moving against tyranny’s dark throne


One tiny seed maturing to grow

Spawning thick forest, nature’s chateau


One last try remains, taking a chance

Advancing to championship’s dance


One more war, aiming to end all war

Proving to be mankind’s hopeless chore


One single journey, will never do

Touring Yellowstone’s picturesque views


One small voice, singing with gentle praise

Joining life’s chorus, hearts now ablaze


One yummy taste, frozen now in time

Savoring home cooking at mealtime


One kind act, paying forward life’s grace

Sharing love, lighting up darkest place


One heart knocks, opening couple’s door

Adopting this daughter, love cares for


One righteous Son of God, boldly walks

Bearing our sins, Cross forever talks


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Eternal solitude

Everlasting, subdued


Morning moments alone

Glorious sunrise sown


Life’s daily rhythm glides

From dawn to evening tides


Harmony lights day’s lamp

Tranquility’s base camp


Flowing with ceaseless soul

Steady rivers patrol


Fragrant summer flowers

Beauty added each hour


Awesome mountaintop views

Quiet valleys diffuse


Warmest rays of sunshine

Hope never felt so fine


Oasis filled with spice

Matchless, pure paradise


Heavens praising with peace

Calmness shares newborn lease


Landscape’s lyrics compose

Midnight moonlight shadows


 Precious moments of bliss

Breathtaking, sweetest kiss


Photo by James Wheeler on