Morning’s Mystery

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Transforming night’s darkness

Morning’s mystery calls

Covering land with mist

Sunrise waiting, now stalls


Spirit’s sentinels stand

Towering, leafless trees

Daybreak’s silent twilight

Catching whisper of breeze


Sharing message of peace

Stillness joining crisp air

Breathing with day’s fresh hope

Spring waits as winter’s heir


Time forgets to advance

Hitting snooze, stardust reigns

Nature’s one vacation

Filling cold-blooded veins


Freezing rain descending

Sleep’s final ticket home

Chilling another day

Winter ready to roam

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Big Sky Treasures #8

One of Montana’s most treasured gems resides in Glacier National Park.  Founded in 1910, the park sits along the Rocky Mountain spine of northwestern Montana with the Blackfeet Reservation nestled to its east.

With over 700 miles of trails, the park fulfills any hiker’s paradise.  Trails range from easy (Trail of the Cedars), to moderate (Avalanche Lake), to strenuous (Grinnell Glacier).  A variety of wildlife populates the park with over 70 types of mammals and over 260 avian species. 

With nicknames of “Crown of the Continent” and “Backbone of the World”, Glacier National Park provides quite an experience with some of America’s most exceptional natural wonders.  Mountains, scenic vistas, rivers, lakes, and glaciers wait to be captured by any photographer’s camera.

Lake McDonald stands as one the hallmark sights to visit with its crystal-clear waters and mountainous surroundings.

Lake McDonald (courtesy of Pinterest)

The Going-to-the-Sun highway presents an incredible automobile journey, second to none. 

One of the grandest hotels in the park is found at Many Glacier Hotel, which is located along Swiftcurrent Lake.  It has been open since 1915, and was designed as a series of chalets.  When one looks at its two-story structure, it is easy to believe that the location might be Switzerland instead of Montana.

Built in 1936, the Swiftcurrent Fire Outlook offers quite a view.  One feels almost like standing on the top of the world.

Swiftcurrent Fire Outlook (courtesy of Pinterest)

Monday Memories: Morning Venture

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Winter’s journey, preparing to expire

Arctic cold and wet snow, moving aside

Back in the neighborhood, spirit on fire

More than ready, empty sidewalk can’t hide


Dressed in layers, protected from the brisk air

Total darkness masks the pre-dawn heavens

Not even the moon can offer a flare

This walk takes off, two hours before seven


The pace awakens long-dormant muscles

Stay alert, skewed sidewalk lurking ahead

Heading for home, the final pace hustles

This quiet journey, beats sleeping in bed


Coming days welcome a season of spring

Allowing more walks, a waiting heart sings

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Originally published February, 2020.

Winter’s Expressions (Haiku Series #211)

Ante Up!

Icy, foggy screen

Hiding wintertime’s next move—

Holding nature’s cards

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Ready or Not!

Overnight snowfall

Friendly, gentle flakes falling—

Morning’s traffic slows

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Echoing Joy!

Lofty mountain peak

Let it snow, let it snow more—

Skiers celebrate

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“Real” Winter Arrives

December, 2022 will be one to remember for most of the United States.  A poet’s reflections fill these verses while looking out a kitchen window.  Always glad to be inside and staying warm when the wind chill plunges to -30 degrees.

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Weather predictions hold true

More winter, never seems through


Cold, Arctic air sets up camp

Long-forgotten, frigid scamp


“Real” winter arrives in strength

Transmitting on all wavelengths


Morning light arrives, dark gray

Sunshine hiding this Friday


Landscape shivers under white

Every creature taking flight


Freezing wind never lets up

Wintertime’s polar holdup


Wind gust rocks home’s foundation

Turning on weather station


Snowy drifts growing deeper

Frosty, trusty doorkeeper


Barren trees bend against squall

No longer standing so tall


Life scatters, seeking shelter

Winter storm’s helter-skelter


Visibility nearly gone

Snow heavier than chiffon


Quiet roads, traffic withdrawn

No orders from Amazon


Keeping each home’s fire burning

Warming hearts, day keeps churning


Cup of cocoa, not enough

Snowing outside, rough and tough


Grabbing pair of heavy socks

Thawing frozen toes’ icebox


Sitting at writing table

Poet ready and able


Candle’s light dances like wind

Framing this coldest weekend


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Perhaps this cup of hot cocoa will do the trick . . . along with extra marshmallows!

Spring’s Anticipation (Haiku Series #209)

Hurry Back

Every . . . falling leaf

Reminder . . . winter’s coming—

Dreaming . . . spring’s rebirth

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Holding Back

Winter’s silence speaks

Quiet trees withhold their joy—

Waiting for spring’s call

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Returning Back

Tender seedling sprouts

Nature transitions again—

Life reawakens

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Oswald Chambers Quote

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If we are children of God, we have a tremendous treasure in Nature.  In every wind that blows, in every night and day of the year, in every sign of the sky, in every blossoming and in every withering of the earth, there is a real coming of God to us if we will simply use our starved imagination to realize it.

From Isaiah 40:26:  “Lift up your eyes on high and see:  Who created these?  He who brings out their host and numbers them, calling them all by name; because He is great in strength, mighty in power, not one is missing.”

Oswald Chambers (1874-1917) was a Scottish evangelist and Christian teacher.  Following his death from an illness while in Egypt during World War I, his wife took on the task of transcribing the detailed notes she had written from his lectures and sermons.  Gertrude Hobbs Chambers’ efforts resulted in the publication in 1924 of MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST.  I frequently read from this devotional, and it has greatly deepened my faith and understanding of God’s Word.

Winter’s Teases (Haiku Series #206)

Not Yet!

First snowflake arrives

Autumn’s spirit carries on—

Lingering voices

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Going, Going, Gone!

Morning’s frost whispers

Autumn’s voice fading away—

Winter’s shadow calls

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Hang On!

Winter’s coldest words

Warmest phrases lifting up—

Sunrise welcomed back

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Monday Memories: God’s Masterpiece

From Isaiah 65:17: “For I am about to create new heavens and a new earth; the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind.”

green grass field under white clouds

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From the beginning of time

God’s creation changes each day


This eternal blueprint conveys mastery

His design takes center stage


His earthly canvas presents wonder

Artistic palette of colors astonish


His imaginative mind never ceases

Earth’s treasures continue to impress


Traveling around this awesome planet

Breathtaking venues await our call


Majestic mountains loom high above

Immense beauty reaches the clouds


Rolling plains shine with beauty

Grasslands thick with green tapestry


Swift rivers travel for months

Mountain-fed water reaches blue seas


Dense forests blanket the terrain

Trees of every description stand


Endless oceans bombard distant shores

Continuous tides frolic with beaches


Wide canyons stretch above rivers

Featuring amazing sculptures and hue


Desert sands infinitely scatter themselves

Continually sifting from God-inspired winds


Days launch with illuminating sunrises

Nights commence when the moon rises


God continues molding and shaping

Praise His incredible creation forevermore


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Originally published May, 2019.

Foggy Presence

Morn’s foggy presence

Hiding life itself

Nature’s thick blanket

Covering herself


Damp, misty drizzle

Adding with each drop

Nature’s wet coating

Causing traffic stops


Time waits, suspended

Clouding over sky

Nature’s shy retreat

Blocking watchful eyes


Cool air presses in

Chilling every bone

Nature’s icy balm

Spreading frigid zone


Another hour hides

Leaving denser fog

Nature’s signature

Sleeping dialogue


Taken in the fall of 2021, this foggy scene comes from Walnut Woods Metro Park.