Dawn’s New Arrival

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Nature wakening

Early morning hour

Dawn’s new arrival

Whispering stillness


Nature witnessing

Unique day ahead

Heavens’ face brightens

Breathing peacefulness


Nature prevailing

Sunrise lifts her shade

Nighttime put to rest

Stirring each creature


Nature conceiving

Life breathes easily

Blossoms swell upward

Seeking tender warmth


Nature gathering

World founded from light

Rhythms now salute

Beaming melodies

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Gary Snyder Quotes

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Nature is not a place to visit.  It is home.

The world is our consciousness, and it surrounds us.

Gary Snyder (born 1930) is an American poet, lecturer, and environmental activist.  He has often been recognized as the “poet laureate of Deep Ecology.”  He has also received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

Monday Memories: Melody in the Woods

bright daylight environment forest

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Music permeates through the woods

Listen closely, can you hear it?

This melody brings a sense of calm

Nature witnesses a new hit


Calmness radiates from a banjo

Listen again, can you feel it?

Life pauses, taking in this song

Appreciate this moment, let’s sit


Even in darker times, comes light

Listen now, can you feel its blitz?

Calming tune filling every heart

Playing a banjo, without the glitz


People reaching out to others

Living as sisters and brothers


Steve Martin is an accomplished banjo player, and he shares a message of calmness and peace from the woods with his own self-video performance.   This video inspired the writing of this poem.

Originally published March, 2020.

Tasting Life

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Looking into nearby trees

Visualizing every leaf

Moving with another breeze

Viewing each artist’s motif


Reminding of blessed life

Molding self, with every hour

Breathing in peace, without strife

Seasoning days, never sour


Touching greenest blades of grass

Remembering every step

Topping off another glass

Sitting at nature’s doorstep


Exploring depths of these woods

Imagining what’s waiting

Delivering timeless goods

Tasting life, captivating

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Precious Witnesses (Haiku Series #231)

Fast Forward

Winter to summer

Life’s annual rendezvous—

Fleeting taste of spring

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Smiling Prayers

Rainy clouds arrive

Farmers waited with patience—

Harvest time’s sunshine

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Silent Citadel

Majestic white pines

Sharing Creator’s presence—

Faithful guardians

Ohio’s Walnut Woods shares its white pines.

David Mitchell Quotes

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What is any ocean but a multitude of drops?

Travel far enough, you meet yourself.

David Mitchell (born 1969) is an English novelist who is a best-selling author.  He also has contributed to television and film as a screenwriter.

Nature’s Grace

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Cloudless, morning sky lifting up her shade

Brilliant, yet subtle light cascading down

Generations of peace-filled accolades

Navigating each successful splashdown


Gentle breeze descends with expectant glance

Endlessly sharing her breath every hour

Invitations accepted for each dance

Feeling softness caressing each flower


Moisture gathers along distant skyline

Whisper of rain’s scent filling every space

Better than sweetest aroma of wine

Offering something precious to embrace


Lowering her shade at sunset each night

Dreaming of sunrise’s wakening light

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This poem has been crafted as a traditional sonnet with 14 verses, each containing 10 syllables.  An intricate rhyming scheme is followed in each stanza with every other verse.

Candid Observations (Haiku Series #228)


Witnessing child’s growth

Harvesting learning each day—

Inquisitive mind

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Listen with purpose

Endless landscape never rests—

Even silence speaks

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Never one regret

Lifetime’s sweethearts together—

Day’s sunny side up

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Bursting Free

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Finally, spring bursting free

Playful nature shares its toys

At long last, wintertime flees

Every blossom spreading joy


Until needed later on

Winter’s layers stored away

Coats, scarves, hats, mittens . . . all gone!

Cooler clothing on its way


Every day, more green arrives

Essence of freshly cut grass

Sun leads chorus of high fives

More sparkling than clearest glass


Clouds away on vacation

Big sky forming overhead

Gardens erupt with color

Warmer days racing ahead


Farmers ready to sow crops

Stewards of earth’s blessed land

Fed with sun and rainy drops

Autumn’s harvest soon at hand


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Springtime Quotes

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L. M. Montgomery

Surely the flowers of a hundred spring are simply the souls of beautiful things.

Neltje Blanchan

Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?

L. M. Montgomery (1874-1942) was a Canadian author whose first acclaimed novel was ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, published in 1908.

Neltje Blanchan (1865-1918) was an American scientific historian and nature writer.  Several of her published works dealt with wildflowers and birds.