Monday Memories: Spring Arrives

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The calendar affirms that spring has arrived

Why then did the weather take a snowy dive?


Heavy, wet snow arrives overnight

Is this some terrible joke, not right?


Instead of spring, we now experience deep snow

Where is the snow shovel when we need it now?


Well . . . Have no concern at all, for you see

A poet can write about most anything to be


Thankfully, there is really no snow to spoil spring

When will warmth replace winter’s frosty sting?


Even the songbirds remain quite bunched up for now

On powerlines high above, they sing and take a bow


Again, the calendar sets the date of a new season

Why should we believe the date for any reason?


This past winter has indeed soured our attitude

When will Mother Nature give us some latitude?


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Medley of Verses (Haiku Series #177)

Under the Weather

Overcast morning

Gray covers forgotten sun—

Missing in action

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Lake’s Summer Harmony

Crystal clear waters

Canoe glides with rhythmic pace—

Perfect melody

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Stargazing’s New Reality

Galactic journey

Cosmic adventure comes true—

Man’s final frontier

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Monday Memories: Sunrise

Walking in the morning pre-dawn light

Waiting for the sun to resume its flight


Hearing the birds chirping familiar tunes

Feeling happy that spring will arrive soon


Stepping briskly along the charming path

Anticipating the sun bringing a warm bath


Seeing the shadows change and dance

Clearing a mind from its dormant trance


Witnessing God’s immense creation at dawn

Blessing with unique images that it spawns


Dashing in front goes a frightened rabbit

Making his morning visit a welcome habit


Dreaming of walking here each and every day

Picturing a scenic sunrise so appealing to say


Lifting above the distant horizon to bring a delight

Radiating sunrise brightens the morn with its light


The photo was taken at sunrise last fall at Walnut Woods Metro Park in central Ohio.  I am looking forward to witnessing more sunrises in the coming weeks as the spring weather allows me to walk outside more often.

Do you enjoy a favorite time or place to walk and experience God’s creation?


Morning’s Disruption

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Cloudy, overcast sky

Hiding morning’s sunshine

Waiting with her reply

Nature’s latest headline


Forecast calling for rain

Arriving right on time

Watering farmers’ grain

Nature’s unchanging rhyme


Lightning crackling with fire

Sparking thunderous clouds

Hearing heavenly choir

Nature’s clamorous crowds


Peace returning to earth

Singing with calm voices

Anchoring at her berth

Nature’s sun rejoices


Disruption retreating

Clearing sky welcomed back

Sketching springtime’s greeting

Nature’s morning on track


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Lasting Impressions (Haiku Series #176)

New Day

Morning’s warmth arrives

Night’s darkness evaporates—

Brilliant sunrise greets

Sunrise greets Maryland’s Choptank River.

Wrong Address

Spring’s mixed-up signals

Heavy snow covers landscape—

Misguided showers

Snow blankets central Ohio.

Endless Harmony

Nature’s precious gifts

Infinite diversity—

Unified as one

Spring flowers meet fresh shoots of grass.

Morning’s Delight

Central Ohio’s Walnut Woods Metro Park is located a short drive from my home.  I frequently walk the park, and a recent one inspires this poem.  Enjoy these photos taken back in April, 2019.

Sunrise greets another morning walk.

Alarm clock spurring

Nature park invites

Sweet song birds stirring

This morning’s delight


Sunrise opens sky

Clouds sliding away

Welcomes this Buckeye

Creation’s ballet


Quiet moments smile

Spirit walks each trail

Partner with each mile

Fresh air to inhale


Life’s cherished highlights

Blessed start to day

Nature’s revered sights

Moments filled with play


Joyful heart, rejoice

Walk comes to its end

Creation’s brisk voice

Morning’s steady friend

Tranquil spring morning along Walnut Creek.

Nature’s Trifecta (Haiku Series #172)

Each Morning

Blessed sunrise wakes

World stops its endless spinning—

Tranquility calls

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Take a Moment

Nature’s sights and sounds

Creation’s rhythm singing—

Pause and soak it in

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on

Life Awakens

Newness of each spring

Opening fresh avenues—

Sacred life takes root

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Looming Transition

Photo by Raine Nectar on

Transition covers landscape

For both nature and man

Blusterous day taking shape

Coming change to life’s plan


Barren trees swinging with joy

Wind’s steady, rhythmic beat

Nature’s energy deploys

Tearing up day’s game sheet


Remnants of tall grass bending

Nature’s tempo shifting

Clouds reveal storm descending

Sending man’s plans drifting


Birds scattering far away

Man ignores storm’s warning

Day’s contest declines to play

Clouding nature’s morning


Storms can never be delayed

Nature stays in control

Man’s delight begins to fade

Gazing through life’s porthole


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Winter’s Innocence (Haiku Series #168)


Fresh, fallen snowflakes

Morning’s glistening landscape—

Sparkling winter day

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From winter’s postcard

Covered with fresh, powder snow—

Majestic pines rise

Photo by Stefan Straka on


Calm valley meadow

Undisturbed snowy blanket—

Cautious buck deer waits

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Nature’s Rhythm (Haiku Series #166)


Flying high above

Gray sky’s lonely sentinel—

Solitary spy

Photo by Tim Mossholder on


Unchecked challenges

Emotional behavior—

Nature spills over

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Season to season

Creation’s precious treasures—

Never growing old

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