Monday’s Memories: Gentle Sounds

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Morning rain has marooned me at home

A brisk walk delayed, but never alone


Drinking coffee, another cup please

Addicted to caffeine with such ease


The early morning darkness

Stands ready in its stillness


The window is cracked open, just a bit

Hearing marvelous sounds, makes a hit


Pausing to listen and begin to write

Sounds of pleasure, being so right


Falling droplets of rain earn a trip down

Splashes on the deck, a relaxing sound


Song birds croon from atop tall trees

Sounding splendid, joyous, and free


Wet roads, close by, signal more

Amplifying car tires, ready to roar


An approaching plane flies overhead

Traveling on to Rickenbacker instead


A pair of geese flies through the sky

Their unique greeting says good-bye


My pen scratches delicately away

Listening to ink-filled words today


Simply enjoying an outlook from outside

Bringing life’s gentle sounds to me inside


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Morning Dreams

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Darkness hides

Morning’s reception

Silence riddles chilly air


Mellow breeze

Wind chimes serenade

Peace soothing this resting soul


Candle glows

Dancing shadows play

Frolicking, flickering flame


Hot coffee

Early, steady mate

Comforting, every drop


Good ol’ friend

Morning hums with fun

Feeling the caffeine-fueled boost


Dawn’s twilight

Distant horizon

Breaking through hardheaded clouds


Music plays

Tunes stir memories

Jukebox sings with sunrise joy


Life’s pages

Another chapter

Feeling all cozy and warm


Dreams invite

Delightful journey

Buzzing, unmistaken joy


Snooze button

Calling, “Please hit me”

Let’s start all over . . . again!


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Monday Memories: Pre-Dawn Splendor

This poem was inspired from an early morning walk in a neighborhood.  The walk began in the darkness of the pre-dawn and finished with the rising sun.

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Pre-dawn light slowly brightens the dark sky

Encouraging the night to salute its good-bye


Night’s closing remnants offer one concluding look

Winking back, crescent moon appears, like a hook


Crisp, cool air reposes its gentle hand

Rising sun will shortly warm the land


Morning dew moistens the grassy, green meadows

Frolicking rabbits chase each other in the shadows


Pungent odor permeates the pre-dawn air

Marking its territory, a skunk doesn’t care


Multitudes of birds announce the coming day

Sending out a chorus of joyful songs of praise


Deer graze in lush fields for a moment longer

Eating tender, green shoots to grow stronger


No human eyes have awakened quite yet

Sleeping in a cabin, seems like a sure bet


Nature wakes up to the arrival of summer daylight

Presenting God’s creation, with abundant delight


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Morning Peace

From Lamentations 3:22-23:  “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

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Early morning arrives

Filled with mishmash of thoughts

Searching for peace of mind

Asking God, call the shots


Waiting in the kitchen

Prayer time with the Lord

His spirit calms life down

Life’s outlook feels restored


Table’s Bible invites

Reading, learning God’s Word

His insight teaches truth

Daily lessons inferred


Accepting God’s invite

Dressed for an autumn walk

Dialog moves outside

Let’s continue to talk


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From Isaiah 57:19:  “Peace, peace, to the far and the near, says the Lord; and I will heal them.”

Witnessing a Foretaste

Looking outside from the kitchen table offers a view each morning of how our Lord presents each day as a precious gift.  Here is a mini sonnet which witnesses a foretaste of the feast to come.

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Viewing the early morning

Welcoming each libation

Peering from kitchen’s window

Witnessing God’s creation


Growing greener, grass below

Blooming, flowers spelling love

Witnessing creative hands

Working each day from above


Taking in this peaceful scene

Witnessing each day’s foretaste

Blessing each feast, more to come

Tasting moments, without haste


Witnessing God’s daily Grace

Making life a happy place

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From Lutheran Communion liturgy, Christ’s people sing:  “Grace our table with Your presence, and give us a foretaste of the Feast to come.”



Monday Memories: Morning Walk

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Waking from my sleep on a dark, chilly day

Preparing for another early morning to play


Pulling on my warm jacket and stocking cap

Heading out the door without need of a map


Making this early morning journey once again

Walking down a street where many have been


Moving hurriedly while struggling with numbing, frigid air

Searching a pocket to discover my gloves are not a pair


Being discovered, a nervous rabbit hops away

Seeing me, he certainly doesn’t desire to play


Crossing the street, a black cat stares back

Slithering away, she doesn’t cross my path


Freezing my face, the frosty air feels bitterly cold

Hurrying along with a pace that is rapid and bold


Morning Venture

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Winter’s journey, preparing to expire

Arctic cold and wet snow, moving aside

Back in the neighborhood, spirit on fire

More than ready, empty sidewalk can’t hide


Dressed in layers, protected from the brisk air

Total darkness masks the pre-dawn heavens

Not even the moon can offer a flare

This walk takes off, two hours before seven


The pace awakens long-dormant muscles

Stay alert, skewed sidewalk lurking ahead

Heading for home, the final pace hustles

This quiet journey, beats sleeping in bed


Coming days welcome a season of spring

Allowing more walks, a waiting heart sings

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Monday Memories: Morning Rain

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Raining heavily, this quiet Monday begins abnormally slow

Foregoing my usual morning walk, creating a tranquil flow


Drinking the day’s first cup of coffee, feeling absolutely fine

Enjoying the calmness and gray skies, for yet another time


Reading from the Bible, reflecting on God-inspired devotions

Feeling relaxed and silently focused, without much emotion


Listening to favorite old songs, tuning up a heartfelt smile

Realizing that my bike waits again, for some indoor miles


Praying to the Lord that my family enjoys a great day

Knowing that He will bring them peace along the way


Editing some poetry lines, now looking nearly ready to post

Searching for another thought, crafting words which boast


Appreciating another morning, more than ever before

Absorbing it into my soul, feeling delightfully restored


Looking forward to tomorrow morning, whatever it brings

Facing a day flowing with rain, lifting up this heart to sing


Morning Waits

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Morning arrives, but not really too sure

Mysterious blanket stretches overnight

Thick, silent fog covers, dense and pure

It’s no wonder, not a single soul in sight


Tree tops arise above this soupy fog

Creek bottoms with clouds, so dense

While the sun waits, taking a long jog

Waiting on nature, makes huge sense


School delays pop up on the morning news

Students appreciate an extra hour of sleep

Busses wait, roads totally hidden from view

Headaches for parents, their day in a heap


Calmness and stillness thrive without wind

Street lights linger awhile, as if it is night

Damp, low clouds bring their mist to send

Out of focus, a hazy light ponders flight


Nearby airports close, everyone “socked in”

On the big lake, a lighthouse shines bright

Sky’s ceiling drops lower, gloominess within

Warning all of danger, fog covers the light


Small town’s main street, deserted to all

Pair of tiny car lights, puncture through

Darkness filling with gloom, as it crawls

Local police look out, very little to view


Deciding to wait awhile to do his chores

There is time for another cup of brew

A rancher returns for coffee and more

His wife’s cinnamon rolls, ready on cue


Morning waits, fog thicker than momma’s soup

Better the early birds, hang out in their coop

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Winter Morning

From Lamentations 3:22-23:  “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”


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Waking on an early morn

Winter’s darkness invites

Kitchen wood stove warms

Hot coffee always delights


Opening the family Bible

Reading God’s Holy Word

Feeling ever close to Him

God’s peace, gladly heard


Morning light, brings a smile

Caressing sunshine’s charm

Anxiously awaiting the day

Jesus protects all from harm


Sun disappears behind clouds

Transmitting a wintry scene

No need to go anywhere today

Playing for retirement’s team


Days are short, nights long

Thoughts of spring, far away

Feeling at peace, but alone

Who visits on this snowy day?


Peeking out the window again

In the distance, twin headlights

Daughter’s family, safely arrives

Making this day, absolute delight

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