Morning’s Mystery

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Transforming night’s darkness

Morning’s mystery calls

Covering land with mist

Sunrise waiting, now stalls


Spirit’s sentinels stand

Towering, leafless trees

Daybreak’s silent twilight

Catching whisper of breeze


Sharing message of peace

Stillness joining crisp air

Breathing with day’s fresh hope

Spring waits as winter’s heir


Time forgets to advance

Hitting snooze, stardust reigns

Nature’s one vacation

Filling cold-blooded veins


Freezing rain descending

Sleep’s final ticket home

Chilling another day

Winter ready to roam

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Monday Memories: Morning Venture

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Winter’s journey, preparing to expire

Arctic cold and wet snow, moving aside

Back in the neighborhood, spirit on fire

More than ready, empty sidewalk can’t hide


Dressed in layers, protected from the brisk air

Total darkness masks the pre-dawn heavens

Not even the moon can offer a flare

This walk takes off, two hours before seven


The pace awakens long-dormant muscles

Stay alert, skewed sidewalk lurking ahead

Heading for home, the final pace hustles

This quiet journey, beats sleeping in bed


Coming days welcome a season of spring

Allowing more walks, a waiting heart sings

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Originally published February, 2020.

Another Cup Please (Haiku Series #204)

Fall’s Annual Treat

Coffee drinkers smile

Autumn brewing each fresh cup—

“Welcome Home Pumpkin”

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Sticking to the Basics

Asking for black please

Lasting morning tradition—

Coffee without frills

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Over the Top

Black coffee now served

Adding sugar plus creamer—

Sweet, caffeine milkshake

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I usually drink my black coffee with a bit of Stevia sweetener in it, but I can handle black straight up as well.  If you are are a coffee person, how do you like your coffee prepared?

Foggy Presence

Morn’s foggy presence

Hiding life itself

Nature’s thick blanket

Covering herself


Damp, misty drizzle

Adding with each drop

Nature’s wet coating

Causing traffic stops


Time waits, suspended

Clouding over sky

Nature’s shy retreat

Blocking watchful eyes


Cool air presses in

Chilling every bone

Nature’s icy balm

Spreading frigid zone


Another hour hides

Leaving denser fog

Nature’s signature

Sleeping dialogue


Taken in the fall of 2021, this foggy scene comes from Walnut Woods Metro Park.

Morning’s Arrival

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Another sunrise stirring

Playful sunbeams wakening

Night’s peaceful slumber fading

Nature’s gift deserves praising


Quiet, gentle breeze breathing

Summer’s garden rejoicing

Big sky’s blue hues revealing

Nature’s paradise smiling


Time searches, never pausing

Mysteries for exploring

Future chapters inviting

Nature’s narrative writing


Landscape’s tune humming

Joy dances, everlasting

Morning flows with each painting

Nature’s canvas, spellbinding

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Warren Wiersbe Quote

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Surrender your mind to the Lord at the beginning of each day.

From Isaiah 50:4:  “The Lord God has given me a trained tongue, that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word.  Morning by morning He wakens, wakens my ear to listen as those who are taught.”

Morning Sanctuary

Chestnut Ridge Metro Park offers an inviting morning trail, framed by a forest of trees.

Another morning walk

Nature’s invitation

Waiting sanctuary

Metro Park’s elation


Whether walking the Ridge

Or exploring the Woods

Life always tastes better

Forest feels like Sherwood’s


Courtly summer flowers

Moving with gentle breeze

Collection of colors

Inviting honeybees


Majestic trees shadow

Fertile landscape beneath

Time desires to stand still

Yet stirring underneath


Creation’s design breathes

Filling with fresh, new life

Tender, young trees sprouting

Praising newborn wildlife


A canopy of tall trees shades the trail below at Walnut Woods Metro Park.

Two of my most favorite places to walk in the early morning are found about 10 minutes from my home.  Central Ohio is blessed with many scenic metro parks, and two of the best are Chestnut Ridge and Walnut Woods.

Sky’s Brilliance Singing

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Early morning sun

Humility waits

Below horizon

Eager to orchestrate


Sky slowly wakens

Teasing rays of light

Distinct colors spread

Announcing day’s flight


Another lift-off

Daytime hours flowing

Sky’s brilliance singing

Harmony glowing


Dusk now approaches

Sunlight’s ending song

Final color show

Evening light’s swansong


Curtain slowly falls

Sun trading for night

Along horizon

Day’s final brake light


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Nature’s Creation (Haiku Series #185)

All of these morning photographs were taken at two different Metro Parks (Walnut Woods and Chestnut Ridge) in central Ohio, not far from my home.  I frequently walk both of these areas.

Day Begins

Morning awakens

Creation’s treasures stirring—

Lord above smiling

Another spring day awakens along Walnut Creek.

Lasting Gifts

Season to season

Witnessing every change—

Praise God’s masterpiece

Autumn’s masterpiece of colors is captured at Chestnut Ridge.

Divine Artistry

Nature never rests

Flora and fauna’s beauty—

Creator molding

Summer’s beauty fills a hilltop garden while a solitary deer grazes.

Morning’s Bliss

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Waking up early

Thick darkness greets thee

Quiet time invites

Tranquility’s seas


Hearing rain’s cascade

Rhythm bringing ease

Daylight holding back

Morning’s bliss shall please


Steaming toward light

Music in background

Thoughts wander, carefree

Life’s train now homebound


Arriving on time

Memories retrieved

Harvest of warm hearts

Life’s journey achieved


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