Dang Jack Rabbit

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Photo by Hilary Halliwell on Pexels.com

Bill runs into his neighbor Fred at the local feed store.  In conversation, Bill tells Fred, “I noticed that there back tire on yer truck is a mite bit low on tread.”

Fred replies back, “Ah, dat there tire has quite a few miles left da go.”

The men depart and finish up their business in town before heading back home.  As Bill drives down the road, he comes upon Fred’s truck, rolled over on its side, off of the road.

Bills stops and surveys the situation.  Fred appears okay, much of his cattle feed is scattered on the ground, and the suspected tire has blown nearly clean off of the rim.

Bill calmly asks Fred what has happened.  With eyes growing bigger by the second, Fred excitedly tells him, “A vig jack rabbit nearly ran me self off this here road.  Look vat he did to ma perfectly good tire.”

I appreciate you stopping to read another of these very short stories.  If you missed my previous micro short stories, you can find them from the links below.  Enjoy!

Guardian of the Range



Jack Sorenson Fine Art, Inc.

A late spring snowstorm strikes the grassy range

It provides a local rancher with extra work and pain

A newborn calf has lost her way in the heavy snow

She needs to be found soon before the wind blows

A solitary cowboy heads into the storm on his horse

He prepares to locate the stray calf in due course

An oversized winter coat protects from the bitter cold

He pulls down a worn, black hat and looks ready and bold

The horse stands majestic and obeys each command

He and the cowboy will tackle the work hand in hand

The courageous pair rides together into the nasty storm

Both will be tested to find the lonely calf before morn

The snowflakes thankfully cease for a moment or two

Now the cowboy follows the calf’s tracks, totally in view

The stout horse plows through the snow so white

The lost calf may soon be discovered in their sight

The frightened calf huddles near a sheltering Ponderosa pine

She appears weak, cold, exhausted, and running out of time

The cowboy gathers the bawling calf in his brawny arms

He places her on the front of his saddle, away from harm

The threesome struggle to reach a much warmer place

Everyone looks forward to something special to taste

They journey to the ranch as quickly as possible

The loss of a healthy calf is no longer probable

The cowboy dismounts and allows the calf to run free

She hurries to her waiting mother who is pleased to see

Mother and daughter stand together, united at long last

The calf nurses and sucks nourishment amazingly fast

The trusty and faithful horse is now saddle free

He devours extra oats with tasty hay with glee

The range’s guardian has returned home safe and sound

He finds an anxious wife and son, who no longer frown

The family of three feel graciously loved and blessed

The faithful shepherd has returned from a stern test