Winter’s Opening Blast

2018 November 21 Moyer Sadie Turkey 009

Autumn needs to last for a few more weeks

But winter never arrives being far too meek

Overnight rain showers soak the Buckeye land

Then ice forms out of winter’s freezing hand

Winter’s icy arrival causes autumn to leave and bow out

The landscape cannot fight off winter’s mighty clout

Tree branches bend under the weight of the freezing rain

Shrouded in ice, cars will need scrapping—oh, what a pain!

Some schools cancel classes while others delay

Winter’s frozen grip will have the final say

Slowly the ice melts away, and the fall landscape returns

Only to see winter arrive once again, taking a left turn

Late evening snowflakes find their way to the ground

Now the grass lies hidden without making a sound

Winter has returned unexpectedly again this year

Let’s hope its snowy grip doesn’t bring too much fear