Life Well Lived

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Seasoned with many years

This ancient man delights

Very little he fears

Life tastes humble highlights


Living alone these days

Outliving many friends

Memories still ablaze

Through color-filled zoom lens


Nearly century old

Blessed career long gone

Bride’s love never grows cold

Still waking up at dawn


Sits at kitchen table

Daily Bible reading

Praying through God’s cable

Lord’s “Bread of Life” feeding


Walking at nearby park

Bench invites him to sit

Lifetime’s blossoming spark

Dreaming shall never quit


Parked at life’s interchange

Lifetime’s poetry writes

Witnessing time’s changes

Faith and love holding tight 


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Swing Away

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Life’s game passing by

Parked on lonely bench

Watching each inning

From this dugout’s trench


Endless time marching

Week following week

Absent from big plays

Life looking more bleak


Dreaming great moments

Where are they hiding?

Just needing one chance

Few hopes backsliding



Finally knocking

Time to really shine

Eagerness rocking


Now just swing away

Life’s batter’s box calls

Confidence beaming

Stepping in, “Play ball!” 


In the film, “The Natural,” starring Robert Redford, Roy Hobbs finally gets his big chance to step into the batter’s box.  Here is the scene from the film.  Indeed, life and baseball find ways to complement each other.

Morning Dreams

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Darkness hides

Morning’s reception

Silence riddles chilly air


Mellow breeze

Wind chimes serenade

Peace soothing this resting soul


Candle glows

Dancing shadows play

Frolicking, flickering flame


Hot coffee

Early, steady mate

Comforting, every drop


Good ol’ friend

Morning hums with fun

Feeling the caffeine-fueled boost


Dawn’s twilight

Distant horizon

Breaking through hardheaded clouds


Music plays

Tunes stir memories

Jukebox sings with sunrise joy


Life’s pages

Another chapter

Feeling all cozy and warm


Dreams invite

Delightful journey

Buzzing, unmistaken joy


Snooze button

Calling, “Please hit me”

Let’s start all over . . . again!


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Will Smith Quotes

Whatever your dream is, every extra penny you have needs to be going to that.

There’s so much negative imagery of black fatherhood.  I’ve got tons of friends that are doing the right thing by their kids, and doing the right thing as a father–and how come that’s not newsworthy.

Monday Memories: Sweetest Dream

This updated poem was first-published in March, 2019.  Every day I accept the personal challenge to follow a healthy lifestyle in managing my blood glucose levels.  With proper exercise, eating right, and taking medications, I have been able to succeed.  I sometimes use humor as a tool to keep myself motivated, and writing this poem serves this purpose.

three assorted donuts with milk

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Sleeping at night brings pleasurable dreams my way

Dreaming of sugar-filled treats most every single day


Tasting a doughnut filled with vanilla cream

Allowing my sweet tooth to sample a dream


Advising the doughnut to vanish and scamper away

Appearing next, freshly baked cookies wish to stay


Smelling the melted chocolate and cookie dough

Rolling over, my taste buds scream out to know


Dashing dreams of cookies, a delicious pie arrives

Looking at coconut cream is a mammoth surprise


Tossing in bed, my mouth anticipates the sweetest taste

Cruising into my dream, appears a cake—freshly baked


Licking my lips, velvety-rich chocolate cake will be my fate

Sampling the moisture-rich texture seems a perfect mate


Closing my fantasy suddenly, my mind stirs awake

Remembering to manage my sugars is no mistake


Envisioning so many tantalizing, indulging treats

Controlling sugar levels will be a bitter-filled feat

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Monday Memories: Nighttime Rain

water drop

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Lying wide awake during a lonely, rainy night

Hearing the moisture-rich drops taking flight


Trying to return to a dreamy sleep, without much pause

Failing because of music, those steady drops will cause


Remembering Eddie Rabbitt’s song of a beautiful sight

Declaring once again, he truly loves another rainy night


Imagining each rainy drop bouncing about

Wetting the ground with its showery clout


Rolling eyes over walls of a darkened room

Realizing morning light will arrive very soon


Recalling rainy mirages, memories hidden in the past

Hoping this precious rain shower will continue to last


Thinking of growing puddles, continuing to flow about

Watching rapid flash flooding, with creeks spilling out


Driving down a wet, shiny road with lights burning bright

Blinding radiance bounces back to impair one’s eyesight


Wondering where seldom-used umbrella went

Requiring it now, despite being twisted and bent


Smelling the soft fragrance of a summer rain

Realizing its sweet fullness will slowly wane


Allowing the steady patter of rain to sing

Falling asleep before the new day brings


Dreaming of future adventures in a drizzle so wet

Knowing it will offer more than anything seen yet


Here is a link to the unforgettable Eddie Rabbit singing “I Love a Rainy Night.”

Monday Memories: Dreams Start Young

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Bumping the ball, again and again without error

Dreaming of becoming a great volleyball player


A young girl aspires to play volleyball with her all

Setting eyes on her future, she answers the call


Almost daily it seems, she practices again in the yard

Bumping a volleyball back up on the roof, isn’t so hard


This determined and skilled lady moves up in her years

Realizing always, playing volleyball brings her little fear


As she enters middle school, she plays on her first team

Enjoying the competition, making her face always beam


Bumping the ball, again and again without error

Dreaming of becoming a great volleyball player


Her soft hands and calmness, make her a skilled setter

Roaming the back row, her ball-hawking is even better


With a purpose, she enters high school and plays a key role

Setting up her teammates with accurate precision—Whoa!


Her teammates rally around her confident leadership

Wearing #9, her unruffled play leads and rarely slips


Her team charts a perfect season and a trip to State

Falling just a bit short, second place will be their fate


Bumping the ball, again and again without error

Dreaming of becoming a great volleyball player


The team moves forward with her unselfish play

Becoming a volleyball dynasty, even to this day


A relaxed, confident smile masks her intense competitiveness

Elevating her game, encouraging her team to lofty greatness


Now her team looks more determined, than ever before

Bringing its school and town, a perfect season of scores


Returning to State, the setter and her mates are up to the task

Capturing the school’s very first volleyball State crown, at last


Bumping the ball, again and again without error

Dreaming of becoming a great volleyball player


The Wildcats secure two more trips to State, to complete her career

Continuing a rich and winning volleyball tradition, without any tears


As her high school career begins its closing, thrilling year

Tasting defeat so very few times, makes opponents fear


“Wow, she hasn’t graduated yet!”—An opposing coach winks

Playing in these final State matches, her skills remain in sync


An incredible volleyball player, will no longer pass and roam

Remembering those times of practicing, in the yard at home


Bumping the ball, again and again without error

Dreaming of becoming a great volleyball player




Monday Memories: Fairy Tale Dream

This poem has been updated from its original post from February, 2019.  Take note of a technique used in the style which links each pair of verses together.  

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Jack hurriedly climbs the lofty beanstalk

Hoping to take Cinderella out for a walk


Cinderella looks out her window, slightly bitter

Left with Little Boy Blue, her tiny, glass slipper


Little Boy Blue feels like enjoying an afternoon nap

Hearing Snow White calling awakens him in a snap


Snow White hopes the Seven Dwarfs hurry back

Fearing the Big Bad Wolf will hide her in his sack


The Big Bad Wolf plans to enjoy a scrumptious feast

Hiding from Little Jack Horner who lives in the East


Little Jack Horner feels too full to devour a pie

Leaving the sweets for Jill who says, “Oh my!”


Jill loses her footing, tumbling down and down

Causing Jack to wake up, with a sleepy frown


Little Jack’s wonderful dream felt pleasing and fine

Reminding him that more stories wait for next time