Maya Rudolph Quotes

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To have your childhood dream realized is a really big deal.

The thing you can do better than anyone else is love your children, because they’re your children.

Maya Rudolph (born 1972) is an American actress, comedian, and singer.

Fascination Calls

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Eyes looking skyward

Symphony’s rhythm

Galaxy sparkles

Night’s algorithm


Trying to focus

Heavens lighting up

Fascination calls

Universe close-up


Each night different

Constellations speak

Billions of voices

Infinite mystique


Chasing one starship

Courageous and bold

Man’s final frontier

Destiny unfolds


Distant cosmos soars

Beyond any star

Hyperspace journey

Dreams traveling far


Beyond today’s world

Young boy’s mind takes flight

Ancient comets glow

Rivers filled with light


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A young lad dreams of space travel as he enters grade school in the early 1960s.  Images of astronauts and space capsules begin an adventure.  Building models of the Apollo spacecraft tags along with “Star Trek” and more.  As a mature adult, the journey continues.

Ben Okri Quotes

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Don’t neglect the gold in your own back yard.

A dream can be the highest point of a life.

Ben Okri (born 1959) is a Nigerian-born poet and novelist.  Much of his writing focuses on African post-modern and post-colonial traditions.

Dreaming of Conquest

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Dreaming of conquest

Favorite game show

Awesome contestant

Answer’s fandango


Sleeping wide awake

No longer dreaming

Clock striking midnight

Netflix still streaming


Sailing oceans blue

First mate now sleeping

Craft found, back on course

Prize’s safekeeping


Shifting direction

Away from sailing

Compass pointing west

Dreamtime’s unveiling


Sweeping “Price is Right”

Morning now shifting

New day with new wheels

Sports car downshifting


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Savoring Life

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Facing life’s daily quest

Overflowing with dreams

Facing rapids, hard-pressed

Paddling always, downstream


Merging spirit with change

Searching truth’s answer key

Riding each lonely range

Realizing, life shall be


Saddling up with vigor

Savoring life today

Overcoming rigor

Finding another way


Witnessing life’s next stage

Moving over new ground

Exciting silver age

Traveling now westbound


Navigating with ease

Following sunset’s glow

Catching each friendly breeze

Looking for tomorrow

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Journey Forward (Haiku Series #212)


Wishes spring from dreams

Benevolent actions serve—

Destiny calling

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Walking endless miles

Faithful boots always ready—

Echoing wisdom

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Joining together

Solving life’s cherished puzzle—

Heart’s bits and pieces

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Whitest Glow

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December’s barren ground

Autumn now long over

Snowflakes flying, earthbound

Winter’s white sweet clover


Village sleeping tonight

Children dreaming of snow

Crystal-clear sky’s moonlight

Changing to whitest glow


Beginning to drop in

Targeted flurries fall

Playful snowstorm begins

Winter finally calls


Snowy pace never wanes

Flakes now piling up high

Truckers reaching for chains

Driving where snowballs fly           


Wishful, children wake up

Stirring with loudest cheers

Sleds ready for tune-up

White Christmas comes this year


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Walt Whitman Quotes

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Happiness, not in another place but this place . . . not for another hour, but this hour.

I dream in my dreams all the dreams of the other dreamers.  And I become the other dreamers.

Walt Whitman (1819-1892) was one of America’s most influential poets.  His writing prowess was not only evident in his poems, but also in his work as a journalist and essayist.

Jeff Bridges Quotes

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Memories are not just about the past.  They determine our future.

I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see, and then . . . one day . . . I got in!

Jeff Bridges (born 1949) is an American film actor who has the ability to play a variety of roles.  His work has been rewarded with one Academy Award (a total of seven nominations) as well as two Golden Globes.

Nighttime Stardust

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Night after night

Scanning heavens above

Each constellation

Sharing Creator’s love


Crossing each bridge

Destination ahead

Chasing every star

Father tucks into bed


Hours fill with dreams

Flowing always downstream

Nighttime sky lights up

Flying on stardust beams


Sleeping soundly

Night returning from flight

Waking to sunrise

Goodbye for now moonlight


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