Fatherhood’s Journey

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Growing up, young lad’s treasured dreams

Playing on big league baseball team


Fun-filled adventure marks most days

Journey’s actions conquer life’s maze


Thoughts of family seem remote

Happy to fish from Dad’s new boat


Learning life’s lessons on God’s watch

Scripture’s heroes always topnotch


Far too soon, years advance along

Melodies of love, life’s new song


Marriage joins young man with his bride

Sons and daughters, soon at their side


God’s fatherly lessons made clear

Maturity quiets each fear


Fatherhood blesses this Dad’s soul

Making him feel alive and whole


Collecting lifetime of keepsakes

Children love his homemade milkshakes


Years move quickly, home’s empty nest

Dad’s wisdom guides each child’s quest


Creating humbleness of heart

Fatherhood ignites life’s jumpstart


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Bob Marley Quotes

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One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver and gold.

Bob Marley (1945-1981) was a Jamaican-born singer, songwriter, and musician.  His unique and pioneering musical talents shared many inspiring songs.

Divine Wisdom

From Proverbs 2:6:  “For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.”

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With every sunrise

Creator opens hands

Sharing His Holy Word

Divine wisdom makes plans


With every morning

Creation showers thee

Reaching out to accept

Divine wisdom, life’s key


With every challenge

Creator molds and shapes

Treasuring righteousness

Divine wisdom’s landscape


With every moment

Creation never waits

Speaking with blessed grace

Divine wisdom dictates


With every journey

Creator shares new dawn

Lighting each faithful path

Divine wisdom shines on


With every sunset

Creation never rests

Guarding paths of justice

Divine wisdom invests

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From Proverbs 2:10:  “For wisdom will come into your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.”

One Step

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Too many tasks

Where to begin?


Life in tailspin


Slowing down, breathe

Dividing tasks

One at a time

Patience unmasks


Never alone

Dad’s words come back


Wisdom unpacks


Taking one step

Then another

Bringing success

Like none other


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Benjamin Franklin Quotes

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It is hard for an empty bag to stand upright.

Well done is better than well said.

Much of Franklin’s wisdom was shared in his published pamphlet, “Poor Richard’s Almanack,” which appeared continually from 1732 to 1758. He adopted the pseudonym of “Poor Richard” or “Richard Saunders” as the publisher and author. 

Lucille Ball Quotes

In life, all good things come hard, but wisdom is the hardest to come by.

One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t play to get discouraged.

Lucille Ball (1911-1989) persevered through a quiet film career in the 1930s and 1940s.  Television would be her gateway to stardom with her memorable sitcom “I Love Lucy.”  This comedic actress earned five Emmy Awards for her television work.

Living Word (Haiku Series #148)


Holy Father guides

Lives grow in maturity—

Walk in His wisdom

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Tempting distractions

Persevere, lasting faith built—

Upon Bread of Life

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Honor blessed God

Heavenly music singing—

In tune with His will

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Wisdom’s Guardrails

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Life’s journey fills with mistakes

Wisdom’s guardrails prevent headaches


Working together as a team

Life’s active, productive sunbeam


Be available to others

Treat everyone as brothers


Come prepared for each assignment

Results in flawless alignment


Apologize for day’s misdeeds

Forgiveness sowing fertile seeds


Keep secrets to self, follow scripts

Remember now, loose lips sink ships


Checking answers, rechecking twice

Turn over each stone, good advice


Patiently molding shapeless clay

Details finished, now walk away


Stay together, through thick ‘n thin

Tight as a fist, faithful linchpin


Taking charge, bold skipper steering

Encouraging words now cheering


Sometimes, life’s outcomes say we’re wrong

Solving mistakes, newest hit song


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This poem’s wisdom was gleamed from Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the American television drama, “NCIS.”  Throughout the nearly endless episodes, Mark Harmon’s character shares his timely wisdom from “Gibbs’ Rules.”

Benjamin Franklin Quote

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Genius is nothing more than a greater aptitude for patience.

From 1 Thessalonians 5:14:  “And we urge you, beloved, to admonish the idlers, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with all of them.”