Heart’s Reflections

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Looking through honest lens

Working from novel ways

Encouraging chorus

Filling every hour with praise


Setting aside worries

Embracing revisions

Writing life’s next chapter

Seeing tomorrow’s vision


Stepping forward with hope

Gazing at clouds afar

Embracing each treasure

Reaching for another star


Tasting sweeter moments

Moving from perfection

Pursuing unique path

Mirroring heart’s reflections

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Julian Barnes Quotes

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In life, every ending is just the start of another story.

The writer must be universal in sympathy and an outcast by nature:  only then can he see clearly.

Julian Barnes (born 1946) is an English writer.  He has also written fictional crime dramas under the pseudonym of Dan Kavanagh.

Savor Each Moment (Haiku Series #203)


Day’s quiet journey

Focus on vision’s outlook—

Seeing tomorrow

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 One more obstacle

Slowing down, being patient—

Sometimes life just asks

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 Walking endless maze

Life’s evolving transitions—

New door opening

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Wisdom’s Vision

From Daniel 1:17:  “To these four young men God gave knowledge and skill in every aspect of literature and wisdom; Daniel also had insight into all visions and dreams.”

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Life’s empty vision

Forsaking this heart

Empty days and nights

Waiting for restart


Wisdom comes forward

Warming this cold heart

Heaven’s power stirs

Blessing life’s jumpstart


Father’s divine Word

Lifting up this heart

Treasures of mercy

Bringing life’s kick start


Victory arrives

Restoring this heart

Wisdom’s vision breathes

Gracing life’s bold start


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This poem is inspired from the blessed Irish hymn, “Be Thou My Vision.”