Tasting Life

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Looking into nearby trees

Visualizing every leaf

Moving with another breeze

Viewing each artist’s motif


Reminding of blessed life

Molding self, with every hour

Breathing in peace, without strife

Seasoning days, never sour


Touching greenest blades of grass

Remembering every step

Topping off another glass

Sitting at nature’s doorstep


Exploring depths of these woods

Imagining what’s waiting

Delivering timeless goods

Tasting life, captivating

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Gloria Steinem Quotes

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Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.

Once we give up searching for approval, we often find it easier to earn respect.

Gloria Steinem (born 1934) is an American journalist, speaker, and political activist.  Much of her life’s work has revolved around the equality and rights of women.

Appreciate Each Day (Haiku Series #216)

Cherishing Life

Needing to slow down

Take time to reflect upon—

Smallest victories

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Paying Forward

Old-fashioned kindness

Offer gentle courtesy—

Always in style

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Blossoming Keepsake

Creative journey

Endless imagination—

Peaceful contentment

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Oswald Chambers Quote

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If we are children of God, we have a tremendous treasure in Nature.  In every wind that blows, in every night and day of the year, in every sign of the sky, in every blossoming and in every withering of the earth, there is a real coming of God to us if we will simply use our starved imagination to realize it.

From Isaiah 40:26:  “Lift up your eyes on high and see:  Who created these?  He who brings out their host and numbers them, calling them all by name; because He is great in strength, mighty in power, not one is missing.”

Oswald Chambers (1874-1917) was a Scottish evangelist and Christian teacher.  Following his death from an illness while in Egypt during World War I, his wife took on the task of transcribing the detailed notes she had written from his lectures and sermons.  Gertrude Hobbs Chambers’ efforts resulted in the publication in 1924 of MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST.  I frequently read from this devotional, and it has greatly deepened my faith and understanding of God’s Word.

Louise Gluck Quotes

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We look at the world once, in childhood.  The rest is memory.

I could live almost completely in imagination.

American poet Louise Gluck (born 1943) is widely recognized for her unique style and poetic voice.  She has received numerous awards including the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2020 and the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1993.