Harmony’s Distant Shore

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From creation’s seed

Everything begins

Breathing to succeed

Swimming without fins


Morning sunrise greets

Another new day

Counting each receipt

Smelling fresh bouquets


River’s constant flow

Life’s boldest highway

Playing sweet banjo

Sketching without gray


Life’s destination

Over one more ridge

Bringing elation

Crossing final bridge


Harmony sings out

Verses sharing more

Changing today’s route

Reaching distant shore


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Nature’s Retreat

The writing of this poem is inspired from the works of American poet, Walt Whitman (1819-1892).

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Escaping life’s hectic pace

Finding nature’s retreat

Breathing her refreshing air

Freedom’s open love seat


Waking to blessed sunrise

Living off nature’s land

Sowing seeds, fertile harvest

Freedom’s new motherland


Pursuing nature’s rhythm

Feeling never alone

Answering only to God

Freedom’s sturdy jawbone


Sleeping under nightly stars

Filling mind, mellow dreams

Sharing nature’s melodies

Freedom’s harmony beams


Experiencing new joy

Tasting nature’s flavor

Discovering Father’s gift

Freedom’s grace-filled favor


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Relationships (Elfchen Series #116)

Building Up


Sharing grace

People needing others

Serving each with love


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Plugging In


Fruitful friendships

Iron sharpens iron

Refining faith of another


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Joining Together


Eternal commandment

Coming from Jesus

Caring for one another


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Timeless Gifts (Haiku Series #191)


Good morning sunrise

Walking in nature’s garden—

Sunset shares her peace

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Enjoy life’s journey

Nature’s melody plays on—

Blessed harmony

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Day’s energy wanes

Setting sun’s refreshing drink—

Twilight standing still

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Sharing Her Treasures (Haiku Series #188)

Standing Still

Beauty without words

Stirring each silent chorus—

Morning’s sunrise beams

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Patiently Waiting

Chilly summer night

Hint of early autumn dreams—

Calendar page turns

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Timeless Themes

Woven together

Composing her melodies—

Harmony praising

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Timeless Harmony (Haiku Series #187)


Harmony playing

Creation’s sounds of silence—

Nature awakens

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Mountainous canyon

Echoing harmony’s past—

Cherishing secrets

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Abandoned homestead

Empty, nightly harmony—

Never forgotten

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Welcoming Thy Neighbor

From Romans 15:5-6:  “May the God of steadfastness and encouragement grant you to live in harmony with one another, in accordance with Christ Jesus, so that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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Working through each of us

Nurturing Word of God


Building up each neighbor

Sharing love of Jesus


Calling each believer

Stepping into life’s void


Following Spirit’s lead

Willing to share burdens


Observing their struggles

Praying for others’ needs


Welcoming thy neighbor

Living in harmony


Thriving to gather time

Helping hands step forward


Making a difference

Walking in Christ’s footprints


Accepting each other

Teaching from Father’s Word


Comforting and helping

Showing love to neighbors

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From Galatians 5:14:  “For the whole law is summed up in a single commandment, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'”

Lasting Impressions (Haiku Series #176)

New Day

Morning’s warmth arrives

Night’s darkness evaporates—

Brilliant sunrise greets

Sunrise greets Maryland’s Choptank River.

Wrong Address

Spring’s mixed-up signals

Heavy snow covers landscape—

Misguided showers

Snow blankets central Ohio.

Endless Harmony

Nature’s precious gifts

Infinite diversity—

Unified as one

Spring flowers meet fresh shoots of grass.

Encouraging Times (Haiku Series #174)

Daily Workout

Lighten up life’s load

With joy-filled exercises—

One laugh at a time

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Harmony’s Navigation

No ship divided

Can survive life’s story seas—

Seek calmer waters

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Journey’s Maturity

Learning from mistakes

Life’s positive stepping-stones—

Adventures in growth

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Competitive Spirit

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So much of life keeps score

From elections to sports

Competitive spirit

Churns in daily reports


Life’s clashing resistance

Much at too high a cost

All want to be winners

Loving brothers, now lost


Division without love

Life without sportsmanship

Forgetting our manners

People losing their grip


Imagine Super Bowl

Unresolved final score

Fans calling for justice

Final outcome called for


Pushing aside tension

Leaving muckraker’s trough

Muting all rhetoric

Turning life’s scoreboard off


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