Special Edition: Thanksgiving Memories

This poem was originally posted in November, 2018. The text was revised and republished one year later. The verses capture my own memories of Thanksgiving during my youth when my extended family gathered at my maternal grandmother’s house.  Blessings to all!

plate of cooked food beside cup

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Remembering annual family gatherings from years past

Enjoying special, blessed times which will last and last

Filling Grandma’s packed house with people from near and far

Seeing aunts, uncles, and cousins—as numerous as the stars

Feeling the crisp, autumn air—possibly snow on the ground

Arriving with abundant food and family love to pass around

Pitching in, many helping hands prepare the meal

Eating together on Thanksgiving is a very big deal

Catching up on life from several corners of the state

Thanking the Lord that all arrived safely on this date

Listening to exciting conversation that fills the tiny house

Disappearing from a kitchen corner, a frightened mouse!

Preparing so many favorite and delicious treats

Tasting each will make today an awesome feast

Setting up Grandma’s sizable dining room table with care

Deciding where each family member will sit, here or there

Providing for extra places to eat in the living room

Anticipating that all of us will be eating very soon

Smelling the huge turkey roasting in the oven until finally done

Carving this bird and splitting the wishbone, most delicious fun

Pleasing everyone’s taste buds, with a gathering of yummy dishes

Adding stuffing, mashed potatoes, and yams to everyone’s wishes

Saving room for a sweet symphony of delicious pies

Savoring a slice of pumpkin or many others—Oh my!

Exchanging stories, playing cards, and watching football

Realizing too soon that the time says, “Goodnight to all”

Departing for home, before everyone’s bedtime arrives

Blessing our family time, this thanksgiving feels so alive

Smiling from her large window, Grandma feels so much love

Looking forward to experiencing peace, from the Lord above





Jeff Bridges Quotes

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Memories are not just about the past.  They determine our future.

I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see, and then . . . one day . . . I got in!

Jeff Bridges (born 1949) is an American film actor who has the ability to play a variety of roles.  His work has been rewarded with one Academy Award (a total of seven nominations) as well as two Golden Globes.


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Searching attic’s hidden treasures

Opening ancient cedar chest

Well-preserved photo album smiles

Connections with family’s quest


Scanning morning’s endless gray sky

Feeling forgotten and alone

Phone rings, lifting away sadness

Connections with daughter’s milestone


Driving endless summer backroads

Coming to destination’s gift

Rustic cabin by mountain lake

Connections waken life’s gearshift


Sitting near frosty window glass

Watching winter’s chilling landscape

Mail carrier drops off letter

Connections with friend’s warm escape


Spending lifetime in school’s classroom

Touching so many youthful lives

Cumulative cache of memories

Connections stir teacher’s archives


Taken in August, 2017, my classroom is ready for my “final” first day of classes at Buckeye Middle School.

Coming Ashore

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Sailing stormy seas

Harbor welcomes home


Each victory won

Drifting back ashore


Future never waits

Grasping dreams today


Breathing youthful pride

Joy running ashore


Dropping life’s anchor

Haven’s quiet place


Yesterday’s wishes

Bringing each ashore


Recalling each step

Gifts for tomorrow


Fading memories

Past stepping ashore


Love shining brightly

Embracing new life


Fulfilling journey

Life coming ashore


Maturing spirit

Quest’s uplifting star


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Christina Baldwin Quotes

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How we remember, what we remember, and why we remember form the most personal map of our individuality.

The purpose of life is not to maintain personal comfort; it’s to grow the soul.

Christina Baldwin (born 1946) is an American writer, teacher, and lecturer.  

Remembering Yesterday

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Remembering yesterday

Memories writing screenplays


Unlocking moments in time

Back to days of youthful prime


Recalling life’s endless scenes

Thoughts fill so many big screens


Recounting countless favors

Smorgasbord of sweet flavors


Dreaming now, time standing still

Every mile traveled downhill


Savoring secret tidbits

Without mass media blitz


Reliving forgotten past

Days can never be recast


Harkening back to past friends

Encouragement’s dividends


Noting previous mistakes

Life offers one more retake


Beholding smallest of gifts

Miracles’ blessings uplift


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Morning’s Bliss

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Waking up early

Thick darkness greets thee

Quiet time invites

Tranquility’s seas


Hearing rain’s cascade

Rhythm bringing ease

Daylight holding back

Morning’s bliss shall please


Steaming toward light

Music in background

Thoughts wander, carefree

Life’s train now homebound


Arriving on time

Memories retrieved

Harvest of warm hearts

Life’s journey achieved


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Washington Irving Quotes

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Sweet is the memory of distant friends!  Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.

Whenever a man’s friends begin to compliment him about looking young, he may be sure that they think he is growing old.

American Washington Irving (1783-1859) ranks as one of his country’s most renowned authors.  His amazing short stories of “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleeping Hollow” remain all-time classics.  Ironically, his final resting place is at the Sleeping Hollow Cemetery in New York state.

Stepping Forward (Haiku Series #170)

Halting Steps

Worries and fears grow

Never-ending appetite—

Consuming spirit

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Courageous Steps

In darkest of times

Winning race with final push—

Running with boldness

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Harmony’s Steps

Day’s delightful pause

Joyous memories drop in—

Dancing in one’s heart

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Monday Memories: Five More Minutes

Written in February, 2020, this poem reflects forward in time when one is living those final precious years.  In taking this Christian view, we ask God for those treasured “five more minutes.”

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The elderly man’s final strength turns to run

His long, full life now enters its final sunset

Recalling the good times, craving a bit more

“Five more minutes” before the setting sun


Swapping one more story, with my dear Dad

His role in life, serving as my own launch pad


Listening to Neil Diamond, singing one more song

He conveys my love for “America”—forever strong


Taking extra time to say, “I sincerely apologize”

For actions which turned out bad, not very wise


Please God, just five more minutes . . .


Fishing the Madison River, time for one more cast

Herb standing ready, with a memory from the past


Experiencing one more awe-inspiring sunrise

One only God can create, His lasting surprise


Sharing a moment, with a special great-grandchild

Before falling back to sleep, she winks and smiles


Please God, just five more minutes . . .


Witnessing fresh, fallen snow—pristine white

Pine trees show off under moon’s bright light


Stepping into a high school classroom once more

Taking notes from the elite of the teaching corps


Witnessing a Big Montana Sky, fetches a smile

Please allow me to see, at least one more mile


Please God, just five more minutes . . .


Traveling to a place, never seen before

Anxious to view, what’s really in store?


Sharing with my bride, “I love you” one more time

Enduring heartbeats and affection, forever rhyme


Asking my Heavenly Father, for forgiveness

My risen Lord and Savior, being my witness


Thank you God for these five more minutes!

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