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Thanks for the memories


For sunrises, spectacular and refreshing

Feeling God’s creation, always fetching

Let me witness one more, very soon


Thanks for the memories


For teaching for forty years, now gone

Being retired, yet singing a new song

Each day feels precious and engaging


Thanks for the memories


For daughters special and sweet

Always making this heart tweet

You make me smile every day


Thanks for the memories


For travels across this vast land

Witnessing God’s creative hand

I look forward to seeing more


Thanks for the memories


For seeing grandchildren grow up

Their blessings overflow my cup

How truly marvelous they are


Thanks for the memories


For nights watching films from years ago

Classic stories and acting, tied in a bow

Enjoying movies and popcorn at home


Thanks for the memories


For finding love before growing old

God’s promises come true and bold

Never say never to His amazing grace


Thanks for the memories


For writing poetry and sometimes more

Allowing my new passion to fly and soar

Thankful for wonderful readers like you

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This poem’s theme is inspired by Bob Hope, one of America’s greatest entertainers.  He excelled in vaudeville, Broadway shows, radio, film, and television.  He may be best known for the many shows he did for American troops overseas.  In 1938, Hope and Shirley Ross performed the song “Thanks for the Memory” in the film “The Big Broadcast of 1938.”  Adapting lyrics in future years as needed, the song became Hope’s signature song whenever he performed.  Here are a few lines from “Thanks for the Memory.”  Enjoy!

Thanks for the memory
Of rainy afternoons, swingy Harlem tunes
Motor trips and burning lips and burning toast and prunes
How lovely it was
Thanks for the memory
Of candlelight and wine, castles on the Rhine
The Parthenon, and moments on the Hudson River line
How lovely it was
Many’s the time that we feasted
And many’s the time that we fasted
Oh well, it was swell while it lasted
We did have fun, and no harm done
So thanks for the memory
Of crap games on the floor, nights in Singapore
You might have been a headache, but you never were a bore
I thank you so much


Class of ’74


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The excitement of high school stands quietly now

All alumni remember, having taken their final bow

Somewhere in the background, singing from above

British vocalist Lulu sings again, “To Sir With Love”


As youth, daydreaming of playing for the Golden Bears

To proudly wear the gold and white with spirit and flair

Gridiron warriors bare their souls and accomplish more

A championship berth misses by a single game’s score


Determined grapplers take down each and every contender

These wrestlers secure gold, no longer seen as pretenders

Teamwork and tenacity deliver wins on the hardwood

Basketball championship arrives, because they could


Daily routines pack every academic day

Lunchtime jukebox in the cafeteria plays

The staff educates with authority and motivation

Always with immense pride and lasting dedication


Like a human compass, Mr. Fox draws a perfect shape

Dressed as a cowboy, Mr. Ensign imparts history’s fate

As dependable as a clock, Mrs. Brush teaches math each day

With surprising humor, Mr. Welchlin makes geology fun to play


Days filled with books, manual typewriters, and slide rules

Never imagining computers that today’s students find cool

Ah, the memories still live for so many after these years

Careers, families, and challenges drive us without fear


The years advance as more gray hair arrives

However, keen minds remain strong and alive

Never forgetting, these high school years stand tall

Filling hearts and minds, memories continue for all


These memories give you a glimpse into my final high school year at Billings West High School.  Yes, it was way back in 1974, now 45 years ago this month.  God has blessed me to remember these events and happenings from long ago.

A year ago at this time, I was leaving the classroom again.  After 40 years as a classroom teacher, activities director, and coach, I was passing on the torch to other colleagues to continue on.  Enjoy a previously published poem that many of you probably missed in Teacher’s Final Day.