Morning’s Bliss

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Waking up early

Thick darkness greets thee

Quiet time invites

Tranquility’s seas


Hearing rain’s cascade

Rhythm bringing ease

Daylight holding back

Morning’s bliss shall please


Steaming toward light

Music in background

Thoughts wander, carefree

Life’s train now homebound


Arriving on time

Memories retrieved

Harvest of warm hearts

Life’s journey achieved


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Washington Irving Quotes

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Sweet is the memory of distant friends!  Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.

Whenever a man’s friends begin to compliment him about looking young, he may be sure that they think he is growing old.

American Washington Irving (1783-1859) ranks as one of his country’s most renowned authors.  His amazing short stories of “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleeping Hollow” remain all-time classics.  Ironically, his final resting place is at the Sleeping Hollow Cemetery in New York state.

Stepping Forward (Haiku Series #170)

Halting Steps

Worries and fears grow

Never-ending appetite—

Consuming spirit

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Courageous Steps

In darkest of times

Winning race with final push—

Running with boldness

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Harmony’s Steps

Day’s delightful pause

Joyous memories drop in—

Dancing in one’s heart

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Monday Memories: Five More Minutes

Written in February, 2020, this poem reflects forward in time when one is living those final precious years.  In taking this Christian view, we ask God for those treasured “five more minutes.”

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The elderly man’s final strength turns to run

His long, full life now enters its final sunset

Recalling the good times, craving a bit more

“Five more minutes” before the setting sun


Swapping one more story, with my dear Dad

His role in life, serving as my own launch pad


Listening to Neil Diamond, singing one more song

He conveys my love for “America”—forever strong


Taking extra time to say, “I sincerely apologize”

For actions which turned out bad, not very wise


Please God, just five more minutes . . .


Fishing the Madison River, time for one more cast

Herb standing ready, with a memory from the past


Experiencing one more awe-inspiring sunrise

One only God can create, His lasting surprise


Sharing a moment, with a special great-grandchild

Before falling back to sleep, she winks and smiles


Please God, just five more minutes . . .


Witnessing fresh, fallen snow—pristine white

Pine trees show off under moon’s bright light


Stepping into a high school classroom once more

Taking notes from the elite of the teaching corps


Witnessing a Big Montana Sky, fetches a smile

Please allow me to see, at least one more mile


Please God, just five more minutes . . .


Traveling to a place, never seen before

Anxious to view, what’s really in store?


Sharing with my bride, “I love you” one more time

Enduring heartbeats and affection, forever rhyme


Asking my Heavenly Father, for forgiveness

My risen Lord and Savior, being my witness


Thank you God for these five more minutes!

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Weekend Hospitality

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Bed and Breakfast invites

Weekend relaxation

Away from city lights

Delightful plantation


Pace of life taking pause

Shangri-La’s sweet bouquet

Morning’s welcoming hosts

Breakfast’s homemade entrees


Warm hospitality

Conversation and more

Informal ambience

Window view of lakeshore


Scene repeating each day

Taken from writer’s prose

Like reading Hemingway

Fragrance of blooming rose


Enchanted visit ends

More memories to write

Return engagement booked

Weekend’s welcome starlight


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Morning Impressions

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Looking out kitchen’s window

Hot coffee warming chilled hands

Cherishing deepest blue skies

Thankful to breathe freedom’s brand


Geese fly across nearby pond

Wishing life could be simple

Photo of children smiling

Catching each happy dimple


Sensing morning’s frosty air

Furnace cranks, erasing cold

Listening to nature’s peace

Fewer song birds to behold


Airplane flying overhead

Gliding to scheduled landing

Mankind dances with nature

Asking, without demanding


Looking toward tomorrow

Life’s cards showing all Aces

Feeling blessed beyond reason

Cherished keepsake embraces


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Early morning is my preferred time to craft poetry, short stories, and other writings.  Occasionally, the pre-dawn atmosphere outside of the kitchen window encourages my pen to just take off and write.  There is no real plan or objective, but the words flow until a rough outline is coming together.  This poem is a result of such an endeavor, and hopefully you–the reader–will find your place in the verses as well.

Feeding the Birds

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Remembering a former time

Coming to town’s square at daybreak

Feeding songbirds from her basket

Proud lady sits by tiny lake


Visiting every morning

Arriving on schedule each day

Feeding waiting birds with her love

Quiet lady shoos away gray


Calling out to each bird with song

Smiling and offering her joy

Feeding grateful birds, rain or shine

Blessed lady warmly enjoys


Sharing her meager resources

Delighting her feathered treasures

Feeding hungry birds until noon

Gracious lady offers pleasures


Remembering time long ago

Sitting faithfully at her post

Feeding tiny birds again

Grown-up lass takes her place as host


This poem is inspired from a memorable scene in the film “Mary Poppins,” starring Julie Andrews.  Here is a video clip from the film.  Perhaps you remember it as well.


Summer Fun

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Boyhood memories

From summers long past

Adventures waiting

Hot weather forecast


Sandlot invites fun

Baseball games on tap

No umpires needed

Wearing well-worn caps


Bike hike across town

Returning back home

Pedaling with haste

Where’s slowpoke Jerome?


Backyard sleepover

Under heavens’ stars

Awake at midnight

Sharing candy bars


Afternoon calling

Under cloudless sky

Swimming pool waiting

Diving board banzai


Waiting for darkness

Nighttime doorbell fun

Hiding in shadows

Ditch ‘em on the run

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Monday Memories: Fallen, Never Forgotten

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American flag

hangs mournfully

at half mast


Honoring a

courageous, fallen soldier

on a distant battlefield


Many come

to honor this

patriotic, young man


Supporting his loved ones

Family, wife, and children


Who will miss

his gentle soul


Let us

never forget

this day!


The ultimate sacrifice

paid by

one mighty soldier


So many others

may be free


U.S. Army Specialist Joseph P. Collette died on March 22, 2019 from enemy fire in Afghanistan while on a combat mission.  This poem is written to honor him along with all others who have fallen.


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