Summer Fun

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Boyhood memories

From summers long past

Adventures waiting

Hot weather forecast


Sandlot invites fun

Baseball games on tap

No umpires needed

Wearing well-worn caps


Bike hike across town

Returning back home

Pedaling with haste

Where’s slowpoke Jerome?


Backyard sleepover

Under heavens’ stars

Awake at midnight

Sharing candy bars


Afternoon calling

Under cloudless sky

Swimming pool waiting

Diving board banzai


Waiting for darkness

Nighttime doorbell fun

Hiding in shadows

Ditch ‘em on the run

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Monday Memories: Fallen, Never Forgotten

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American flag

hangs mournfully

at half mast


Honoring a

courageous, fallen soldier

on a distant battlefield


Many come

to honor this

patriotic, young man


Supporting his loved ones

Family, wife, and children


Who will miss

his gentle soul


Let us

never forget

this day!


The ultimate sacrifice

paid by

one mighty soldier


So many others

may be free


U.S. Army Specialist Joseph P. Collette died on March 22, 2019 from enemy fire in Afghanistan while on a combat mission.  This poem is written to honor him along with all others who have fallen.


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Life Well Lived

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Seasoned with many years

This ancient man delights

Very little he fears

Life tastes humble highlights


Living alone these days

Outliving many friends

Memories still ablaze

Through color-filled zoom lens


Nearly century old

Blessed career long gone

Bride’s love never grows cold

Still waking up at dawn


Sits at kitchen table

Daily Bible reading

Praying through God’s cable

Lord’s “Bread of Life” feeding


Walking at nearby park

Bench invites him to sit

Lifetime’s blossoming spark

Dreaming shall never quit


Parked at life’s interchange

Lifetime’s poetry writes

Witnessing time’s changes

Faith and love holding tight 


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Lights in the Night

In viewing our decorated Christmas tree, there are so many blessings to be found.  It is the inspiration behind this sonnet-styled poem.  The photographs found at the end of this post come from our tree, which is loaded with so many memories.

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Angel overlooks wondrous scene below

Twinkling, flickering shadows spanning night

Christmas magic knocking at life’s doorstep

Brightest lights illuminate with delight


Past memories radiate all around

Precious ornaments and shapes of all kinds

Warmest smiles, children and grandchildren

Cherished, family love reveals and shines


Teddy bears proclaiming a mother’s love

Filling with peace, singing with hope and joy

Lights in the night, reverent birth of Christ

Angels celebrate, God’s grace now deploys


Sharing love of a Savior, lights the way

Father’s everlasting gift comes this day


Monday Memories: Memories

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Thanks for the memories

For sunrises, spectacular and refreshing

Feeling God’s creation, always fetching

Let me witness one more, very soon


Thanks for the memories

For teaching for forty years, now gone

Being retired, yet singing a new song

Each day feels precious and engaging


Thanks for the memories

For daughters special and sweet

Always making this heart tweet

You make me smile every day


Thanks for the memories

For travels across this vast land

Witnessing God’s creative hand

I look forward to seeing more


Thanks for the memories

For seeing grandchildren grow up

Their blessings overflow my cup

How truly marvelous they are


Thanks for the memories

For nights watching films from years ago

Classic stories and acting, tied in a bow

Enjoying movies and popcorn at home


Thanks for the memories

For finding love before growing old

God’s promises come true and bold

Never say never to His amazing grace


Thanks for the memories

For writing poetry and sometimes more

Allowing my new passion to fly and soar

Thankful for wonderful readers like you


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This poem’s theme is inspired by Bob Hope, one of America’s greatest entertainers.  He excelled in vaudeville, Broadway shows, radio, film, and television.  He may be best known for the many shows he did for American troops overseas.  In 1938, Hope and Shirley Ross performed the song “Thanks for the Memory” in the film “The Big Broadcast of 1938.”  Adapting lyrics in future years as needed, the song became Hope’s signature song whenever he performed.  Here are a few lines from “Thanks for the Memory.”  Enjoy!

Thanks for the memory
Of rainy afternoons, swingy Harlem tunes
Motor trips and burning lips and burning toast and prunes
How lovely it was
Thanks for the memory
Of candlelight and wine, castles on the Rhine
The Parthenon, and moments on the Hudson River line
How lovely it was
Many’s the time that we feasted
And many’s the time that we fasted
Oh well, it was swell while it lasted
We did have fun, and no harm done
So thanks for the memory
Of crap games on the floor, nights in Singapore
You might have been a headache, but you never were a bore
I thank you so much

Back in Time

Walking along the ancient canal towpath fills my mind with thoughts of years ago . . .

Early morning walk, going back in time

Autumn’s breath creates thoughts, filling with rhyme


Trekking along canal’s ancient pathway

Thoughts caress past moments, plenty to say


Gentle breeze, sending leaves twirling on down

Mind arrives at different time and town


Dreaming . . .


More simple times, without high tech living

Days invite, delightful and forgiving


Riding bareback along the old canal

Looking for trees to climb with school-age pals


Fishing one final time, nearby pond waits

When icy winter comes, change to ice skates


Creepy, storm-filled nights, reading classic prose

Edgar Allen Poe’s words, scary shadows


Looking for literature’s lighter themes

Whitman, Hawthorne, Melville adding to dreams


Quiet evenings filled with family time

Gathered around for radio’s primetime


Crisp, fall afternoon, gridiron titans clash

College football rivals looking to smash


Romance blossoms, courtship takes center stage

Life filling with sweetness, each turning page


Back to reality . . .


Journey runs into closed gate at Rager Road

Turning around, grateful for time borrowed


Looking forward to walking here real soon

Fondest memories, let them sing a tune


A quiet place for fishing, conversation, and winter ice skating.

Twenty-Five Cents

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Running a quick errand for mother

Feeling twenty-five cents in my hand

Heading to the nearby little store

Milk, bread—let’s see what candy looks grand


Years ago, two bits meant feeling rich

A few coins equal twenty-five cents

Today, this sweet tooth will be in luck

Let this candy shopping now commence


Below the front counter, treasures wait

Friendly woman cashier stands and smiles

A few pennies for Sweet Tarts and more

Licorice, Smarties add to the pile


Looking to spend one final nickel

Picking through endless, tempting choices

Spying at last, a sweet Hershey bar

Overcome by sugar-filled voices


Arriving back home without delay

Pockets filled with sweetest treasure

Mother asks about the milk and bread

Two bucks unspent, plus her displeasure

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Growing up in my childhood neighborhood, there was a little store just a few blocks away.  My brothers and I made many a journey to the store for milk, bread, and other quick-to-find essentials for our mother.  I cannot recall forgetting the milk and bread, but having a few coins in my pocket was treasure waiting to be spent on the candy found there.  

The poem lists a few of the types of candy found back in the 1960s.  Do you have a favorite candy from your childhood?

Big Sky Memories

I must admit that I have been feeling a bit homesick in thinking of my native state of Montana, where much of my family still lives.  This poem and photographs share some past memories of experiencing these awesome wonders of the Big Sky state, and I look forward to visiting when Covid-19 finally takes a backseat.

Looking downstream, the scenic Madison River as seen along U.S. Highway 287 between Hebgen Lake and the delightful community of Ennis.

Dreaming often of Montana’s Big Sky

Feeling more like an eagle, flying high


Revisiting wide open eastern plains

Watching combines harvesting ripened grains


Driving switchbacks on the Beartooth Highway

Topping amazing heights, wishing to stay


Floating the Yellowstone, like yesterday

Spending time with old friends, lasting all day


Scaling Baldy Mountain, there’s just one goal

Reaching the “M” without taking a roll


Fishing the scenic Madison once more

Joining Herb and his grandson, trout in store


Exploring limestone caverns underground

Enjoying mysteries, yet to be found


Walking the Bear Paw Mountains near Chinook

Learning Nez Perce history, without books


Motoring down the “Going to the Sun”

Chasing this highway to the setting sun


Flying over this amazing “Last Best Place”

Returning soon for another sweet taste

From the summer of 2018, climbing the trail to the largest block “M” in the country. The “M” stands for Montana State University, where I graduated from 40 years earlier.

Monday Memories: Thanksgiving Memories

Today’s memory goes back to November, 2019.  Remembering past Thanksgiving gatherings with family long ago, creates images to last a lifetime in this updated poem.

photo of pumpkins

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Remembering annual family gatherings from years past

Enjoying special, blessed times which will last and last


Filling Grandma’s packed house with people from near and far

Seeing aunts, uncles, and cousins—as numerous as the stars


Feeling the crisp, autumn air—possibly snow on the ground

Arriving with abundant food and family love to pass around


Pitching in, many helping hands prepare the meal

Eating together on Thanksgiving is a very big deal


Catching up on life from several corners of the state

Thanking the Lord that all arrived safely on this date


Listening to exciting conversation that fills the tiny house

Disappearing from a kitchen corner, a frightened mouse!


Preparing so many favorite and delicious treats

Tasting each will make today an awesome feast


Setting up Grandma’s sizable dining room table with care

Deciding where each family member will sit, here or there


Providing for extra places to eat in the living room

Anticipating that all of us will be eating very soon


Smelling the huge turkey roasting in the oven until finally done

Carving this bird and splitting the wishbone, most delicious fun


Pleasing everyone’s taste buds, with a gathering of yummy dishes

Adding stuffing, mashed potatoes, and yams to everyone’s wishes


Saving room for a sweet symphony of delicious pies

Savoring a slice of pumpkin or many others—Oh my!


Exchanging stories, playing cards, and watching football

Realizing too soon that the time says, “Goodnight to all”


Departing for home, before everyone’s bedtime arrives

Blessing our family time, this thanksgiving feels so alive


Smiling from her large window, Grandma feels so much love

Looking forward to experiencing peace, from the Lord above