Life’s Reactions (Haiku Series #229)


Empty coffee can

Much needed grocery run—

No caffeine to spare

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Digging In

Final goal-line stand

Fullback takes crucial handoff—

Freight train A-coming!

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Husband’s chores waiting

Morning’s golf invitation—

What’s a man to do?

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Life’s Interactions (Haiku Series #221)

Always Reliable

Tireless hands working

Never, ever complaining—

Around every clock

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Well worth morning’s wait

Brewing up coffee’s first cup—

Joy fills every sip

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Climb Aboard

Racing’s Triple Crown

Post time at Merry-Go-Round—

And they’re off. . . again!

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Alphonse Allais Quotes

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Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank.

Do not put off till tomorrow what you can the day after tomorrow.

Alphonse Allais (1954-1905) was a French writer, journalist, and humorist.  Much of his poetry was crafted with a playful and amusing nature.

Another Cup Please (Haiku Series #204)

Fall’s Annual Treat

Coffee drinkers smile

Autumn brewing each fresh cup—

“Welcome Home Pumpkin”

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Sticking to the Basics

Asking for black please

Lasting morning tradition—

Coffee without frills

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Over the Top

Black coffee now served

Adding sugar plus creamer—

Sweet, caffeine milkshake

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I usually drink my black coffee with a bit of Stevia sweetener in it, but I can handle black straight up as well.  If you are are a coffee person, how do you like your coffee prepared?

Food Shack (Haiku Series #202)

Waking Up

Morning symphony

Coffee’s rock-steady rhythm—

Caffeine harmony

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Kid’s Fun 

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

Coolest breakfast champions—

Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Decisions, Decisions!

 Wendy’s – McDonald’s

Choosing ultimate burger—

Dave’s Single – Big Mac

Monday Memories: Coffee By the Cup

Originally published in February, 2020, this humorous short story features the wills of a serious coffee drinker and a determined server, who wants to have the last word. 

assorted variety of foods on plates on dining table

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Wednesday morning broadcasts the arrival of another breakfast meeting for Billy and his other retired friends.  Once a week, he meets his five best buds for hot coffee, delicious food, and welcome conversation at Bob’s Diner.

He always wears his favorite plaid, flannel shirt (perhaps you recall Al Borland from “Tool Time”).  His faded, tractor green “John Deere” cap covers his nearly bald head, but his smile always catches his favorite server’s attention.

Flo has been working for the diner ever since Mel’s Diner closed (you might remember Mel and Alice—they became quite an item).  She holds her own with humor and a smile, always managing to take care of Billy and his pals every Wednesday morning.

As Flo is scurrying around the diner with her always full coffee pot, she sets it down near Billy’s table as she takes another order.  Billy appropriates the full pot of freshly brewed refills for his own private use, and sets it right next to his nearly empty cup.  He tells Flo, “Thanks my dear.  Now you won’t need to worry about refilling my cup.”

Billy remarks to his friends, “Ain’t life great!”

Billy enjoys his coffee, probably too much.  The manager takes a look and shakes his head . . . as his profits shrink with every coffee pot Billy drinks.  He motions Flo to come over for a moment, and they share a quick word.

Flo formulates a plan to take care of Billy’s endless and bottomless coffee drinking.

By the end of the breakfast meeting, the gray-haired trio times two has solved just about all of the world’s problems for another week.  Billy has nearly eaten a whole hog as he has devoured crispy bacon, honey-baked ham, and perfectly browned sausage links, along with the usual fixings of hash browns, eggs, and pancakes.  It’s time for the check please.

Billy surveys his bill, and his smile stretches to a frown.  Reading on, he sees that he has been charged for a whole pot of coffee.  He thinks to himself, “What’s this?”

Billy’s check has a special note at the bottom, “Cheaper to drink coffee by the cup instead of by the pot!”

red and white coffee set

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Saturday’s Bliss

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Alarm clock sleeping in

Saturday morning waits

Lazy minutes calling

Extra coffee’s first mate


Day’s blessed, empty page

Life’s agenda on pause

Batteries recharging

Kicking back, just because


Quiet morning moments

Coffee’s second cup smiles

Never stuck in traffic

Saturday’s endless miles


This truly special day

Sharing its own sunshine

Life’s gray clouds chased away

Loving each hour, so fine


Each week’s favorite time

Carefree pace never shifts

Energized spirit sings

Saturday shares its gifts

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Morning Brew

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Another morning

Alarm clock droning

Sleepy head’s warning

Waking and groaning


Almost hitting snooze

Crawling out of bed

Mind singin’ the blues

Brain needs to be fed


Morning brew ready

Caffeine right on time

Never unsteady

Brilliance set to rhyme


Arriving at work

Second cup in hand

Tackling paperwork

French roast takes command


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Five Cup Minimum

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Sputtering at sunrise

Human engine starts up

Needing its caffeine boost

Always more than one cup


Yes, speaking of coffee

Savor its mountain blend

Aroma-filled goodness

Taste morning’s boldest friend


Body grows accustomed

Medium grade of fuel

Drinking anything less

Makes for a sluggish fool


Life’s experience counts

Paying close attention

Day’s “Five Cup” minimum

Brew’s perfect dimension


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Moments in Time (Haiku Series #132)


Music plus coffee

Delightful early morning—

Time for one more round

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Sensitive to love

Blissful, marital journey—

Together as one

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Life’s rainy moments

Keep your umbrella handy—

Always be prepared

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