Monday Memories: Loving Duo

This poem was published in December, 2018.  The two dogs were part of a family for many years, and their passing just weeks apart made for a  difficult time to deal with.  I was blessed to know this loving duo, and this poem was written as a tribute to them.


Scooter and Sydney become life-long best friends

A collie and a beagle loving each other to the end


Scooter is a handsome male, steady as he goes

Sydney is a beautiful female, smiling with a glow


Scooter stands steady and reliable as anyone can see

Sydney fills time with energy and spirit like a busy bee


Scooter enjoys taking long naps by a window in the sun

Sydney would rather discover a backyard path for fun


Scooter shows off a well-mannered and warm deposition

Sydney’s sneaky behavior may put her in a bad position


Scooter savors his food ever so slowly—never in a hurry!

Sydney devours hers ever so quickly—always in a flurry!


Scooter never becomes too excited on any given day

Sydney feels hyper and animated with plenty of play


Scooter manages to keep his life always quiet and neat

Sydney steals Scooter’s food—being so sly and sweet!


Both dogs make each other’s life first-class and real

Each leaves many memories filled with extra appeal