Life’s Better Way (Haiku Series #137)


Sounding like Eeyore

Winnie-the-Pooh listens in—

Stop this gloomy talk

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Negative self-talk

Pessimistic attitude—

Life needs makeover

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Look into life’s lens

Allow bright sunshine inside—

Turning a new page

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Power of Words

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Words used every day

Little or much to say


Used in positive ways

Conveying life’s essays


Mindful, powerful voices

Daily, humble choices


Impacting other lives

Celebrate with high fives


Disciplined purpose speaks

Positivity seeks


Sharing tender kindness

Truthful, without blindness


Careful to help and heal

Offering a square deal


Words paying it forward

True and straightforward


Thoughtful expressions said

Weaving with tender thread


Replace evil with good

Words plain and understood


Honest lyrics in song

Carried through all day long


Life unfolds from our text

Watchful where words go next


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This poem was written several days before January 6, 2021.  Its intention was to praise and encourage the positive power of words.  The events taking place in Washington, DC on January 6 showed the negative power of words.  How will our future words speak?