Sans Hope

Photo by Khaled Akacha on

Clouds of war, envelope life

Humanity’s endless strife


Fog of war, shrouding landscape

Breathing despair, no escape


Darkness of war, days collapse

Lost in night’s maze, without maps


Scars of war, covering earth

Global peace missing its berth


Children of war, empty hope

Tender hands without faith’s rope


Wounds of war, shall never heal

Hope travels on broken wheels


Horrors of war, drained faces

Exhausted lives, gloom races


Refugees of war, wonder

Dreams, hopes, and lives plowed under


Terror of war, raging on

Tomorrow’s forgotten dawn


Faces of war, children grieve

Life robbed by battlefield’s thieves


Future of war, never ends

Talks of peace, no dividends


Hopelessness of war, cries out

When will blossoms of peace sprout?


Photo by Ahmed akacha on

20 thoughts on “Sans Hope

  1. Powerfully moving. People oftentimes don’t get it. The Fog of War is very real. There is a cost to all the fighting we do, both literally and figuratively. Out of the darkest hour of the night, a new dawn takes flight. Thank you for sharing!

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