Wow Grandpa!

Grandpa and his six-year old grandson were having a lively discussion about television technology, and Grandpa was quite amazed with the young lad’s knowledge.

His grandson continued to rattle off how modern television works with services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and a few others.  Grandpa was still plugged into his cable contract, and he was content to stay there.  He knew next to nothing about these television streaming services.

As their time was wrapping up, Grandpa remembered something he had stored in the basement.  Together, the two of them went down into the drafty and dark subterranean warehouse, which was filled with so many of Grandpa’s treasures.  Grandpa enjoyed showing many of them to his grandson.

In the far corner was an old television set.  Its time was long gone, but it still owned some real estate in the basement. 

Grandpa asked his grandson a question, “Have you ever seen television rabbit ears?”

His grandson replied, “No, how did they work?”  Grandpa had ignited his curiosity again.

Reaching into a box behind the ancient TV, Grandpa pulled out the simple looking rabbit ears.

His smiling grandson was ready to see what would happen next.  He said, “Wow Grandpa!  How did you wear those rabbit ears?”

15 thoughts on “Wow Grandpa!

  1. Amazing how children know all about modern technology and little about what things were like before now! Our grandchildren cannot believe that we once rode in cars without seatbelts (or in the back of a truck) and that we had phones that we couldn’t move from room to room with, much less take with us everywhere. One asked me, “How did you call someone in an emergency?” That’s when I got to tell her about pay phones and always having a dime (later a quarter) with me. Thanks for sharing your humorous and enlightening story!

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    • Vickie, thank you so much for sharing your own story. Once in awhile in my travels, I find places where pay phones used to be located. As a child, I can remember piling into my friend’s car. We crowded into the backseat . . . no seat belts and a wooden bench to sit on. His mother loved that car.

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  2. I well remember our first television: black and white, with a twelve inch screen and rabbit ears. It was in a cabinet on legs, and the first thing I remember watching on it was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.

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