Wow Grandpa!

Grandpa and his six-year old grandson were having a lively discussion about television technology, and Grandpa was quite amazed with the young lad’s knowledge.

His grandson continued to rattle off how modern television works with services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and a few others.  Grandpa was still plugged into his cable contract, and he was content to stay there.  He knew next to nothing about these television streaming services.

As their time was wrapping up, Grandpa remembered something he had stored in the basement.  Together, the two of them went down into the drafty and dark subterranean warehouse, which was filled with so many of Grandpa’s treasures.  Grandpa enjoyed showing many of them to his grandson.

In the far corner was an old television set.  Its time was long gone, but it still owned some real estate in the basement. 

Grandpa asked his grandson a question, “Have you ever seen television rabbit ears?”

His grandson replied, “No, how did they work?”  Grandpa had ignited his curiosity again.

Reaching into a box behind the ancient TV, Grandpa pulled out the simple looking rabbit ears.

His smiling grandson was ready to see what would happen next.  He said, “Wow Grandpa!  How did you wear those rabbit ears?”

Life’s Lighter Side (Haiku Series #215)


Viewing cooking shows

Watching, yet never taste test—

Counting calories

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Pushing shopping cart

Faster than flashy Corvette—

Speed up–kids at play!

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Gifted three-year old

Earning Phi Beta Kappa—

Reading picture books

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Television’s Precious Gifts

flat screen television

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Television brings us plenty to enjoy and view

There is so much to check out—both old and new

For some, 24-hour news channels keep them up-to-date

On whatever will be the day’s events and our fate

Growing up and watching many children’s shows

Most of them teach what there is to know

Movies, movies, movies of every genre and taste

Some make people finish dinner in a big haste

For those wanting to laugh, there are funny sitcoms

Some may even remind one of his dad or mom

Viewing dramas fills others’ interests and time

Certain shows will become daily favorites of mine

Now even more choices are available for all of us

The Internet offers even more shows without the fuss