Monday Memories: Perfect Seat

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Circus shows once filled with excitement to delight

Few spectators now attend circus magic each night


Generation ago, numerous children experienced it all

Now mighty Big Tops have vanished with a huge fall


Sitting in the crowd with a perfect seat

Thrilled to adore another tasty treat


The ringmaster keeps the thrilling show moving along

Audiences soon realize that each act lasts only so long


Three rings keep crowd’s enthusiasm mounting with ease

Here come zany clowns, filled with foolishness to please


Dazzling jugglers and daring acrobats delight

Children dream of being in the circus spotlight


Sitting in the crowd with a perfect seat

Eagerly watching performances so sweet


Lions, tigers, and bears—Oh, what a sight to behold

Bravery shown by animal tamers, awesome and bold


Always pleasing are gigantic elephants from afar

Their majestic presence makes them the stars


Evening’s ultimate act flies high above three circus rings

Trapeze artists dangle with suspense from their swings


Sitting in the crowd with a perfect seat

Looking forward to each astonishing feat


Fewer circus companies still travel the globe

The “Greatest Show on Earth” needed to fold


Audiences once filled the Big Top’s nightly crusade

Now dying out, precious memories stumble and fade


New generation of young children shall never wonder

How circus night brought applause as loud as thunder


Sitting in the crowd with a perfect seat

Recalling circus images that will repeat


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Film Buff Memories

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Becoming something of a classic film buff

Viewing one notable movie is never enough


Seeing Brando and an all-star cast is a dream

“The Godfather” brings intensity to the screen

Traveling back to witness world history, long past

“Schindler’s List” fills emotions that forever last

Walking with Bogart and Bergman once more

“Casablanca” presents a story that will soar

Rising again on an American southern plantation

“Gone with the Wind” makes Gable a sensation

Growing up along the magical yellow brick road

“The Wizard of Oz” sings with music, never old


Filling an appetite for storytelling that is the best

Watching skillful actors in plots fulfilling the test


Comparing life to a box of chocolates, he imparts

“Forrest Gump” offers a look at a life never tart

Listening to how music makes the hills come alive

“The Sound of Music” still stirs visions that thrive

Arriving on screen come Darth Vader and lots more

The original “Star Wars” brings new hope that soars

Making a classic musical with singing and dancing

“Singin’ in the Rain” presents Gene Kelly’s prancing

Feeling comfortable with a warm, real story to know

“It’s a Wonderful Life” sends an angel to save a soul


Finding time for viewing one more film tonight

Eager to build more movie memories this night


Do you have any favorite films that you would enjoy watching again?  The above films are just a tiny taste of ones that I would enjoy watching again (hmm, I think that I already have).



Television’s Precious Gifts

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Television brings us plenty to enjoy and view

There is so much to check out—both old and new

For some, 24-hour news channels keep them up-to-date

On whatever will be the day’s events and our fate

Growing up and watching many children’s shows

Most of them teach what there is to know

Movies, movies, movies of every genre and taste

Some make people finish dinner in a big haste

For those wanting to laugh, there are funny sitcoms

Some may even remind one of his dad or mom

Viewing dramas fills others’ interests and time

Certain shows will become daily favorites of mine

Now even more choices are available for all of us

The Internet offers even more shows without the fuss