Monday Memories: Film Buff Memories

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Becoming something of a classic film buff

Viewing one notable movie is never enough


Seeing Brando and an all-star cast is a dream

“The Godfather” brings intensity to the screen


Traveling back to witness world history, long past

“Schindler’s List” fills emotions that forever last


Walking with Bogart and Bergman once more

“Casablanca” presents a story that will soar


Rising again on an American southern plantation

“Gone with the Wind” makes Gable a sensation


Growing up along the magical yellow brick road

“The Wizard of Oz” sings with music, never old


Filling an appetite for storytelling that is the best

Watching skillful actors in plots fulfilling the test


Comparing life to a box of chocolates, he imparts

“Forrest Gump” offers a look at a life never tart


Listening to how music makes the hills come alive

“The Sound of Music” still stirs visions that thrive


Arriving on screen come Darth Vader and lots more

The original “Star Wars” brings new hope that soars


Making a classic musical with singing and dancing

“Singin’ in the Rain” presents Gene Kelly’s prancing


Feeling comfortable with a warm, real story to know

“It’s a Wonderful Life” sends an angel to save a soul


Finding time for viewing one more film tonight

Eager to build more movie memories this night


Do you have any favorite films that you would enjoy watching again?  The above films are just a tiny taste of ones that I would enjoy watching again (hmm, I think that I already have).



11 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Film Buff Memories

  1. Nicely put together. Brought some memories of films I use to enjoy. Among my favourites are “An affair to Remember”,
    “Waterloo Bridge”, “The greatest show on earth”, “Madame X” and lots more.

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    • Crissy, I am sorry for being late in noting your comment. I’ve been struggling a bit oin getting everything here at home back to “normal.” Thanks so much for sharing your favorite films. I have seen the “An Affair to Remember” and “Greatest Show on Earth” as well.

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  2. I confess that I’m far from a film buff. In fact, I’m not sure when I last saw a movie in a theater; it might have been The King’s Speech. On the other hand, I loved David Lean films: Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge on the River Kwai, Doctor Zhivago. Only later did I learn a word that helps to explain their appeal: cinematography!

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  3. I’ve watched “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte” numerous times–not just for the scary parts, or because her cousin and the doctor get their just desserts…but because as I got older, I saw what a terribly sad and tragic story it was. Fabulous movie.

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