Morning Impressions

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Looking out kitchen’s window

Hot coffee warming chilled hands

Cherishing deepest blue skies

Thankful to breathe freedom’s brand


Geese fly across nearby pond

Wishing life could be simple

Photo of children smiling

Catching each happy dimple


Sensing morning’s frosty air

Furnace cranks, erasing cold

Listening to nature’s peace

Fewer song birds to behold


Airplane flying overhead

Gliding to scheduled landing

Mankind dances with nature

Asking, without demanding


Looking toward tomorrow

Life’s cards showing all Aces

Feeling blessed beyond reason

Cherished keepsake embraces


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Early morning is my preferred time to craft poetry, short stories, and other writings.  Occasionally, the pre-dawn atmosphere outside of the kitchen window encourages my pen to just take off and write.  There is no real plan or objective, but the words flow until a rough outline is coming together.  This poem is a result of such an endeavor, and hopefully you–the reader–will find your place in the verses as well.

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