Monday Memories: Winter’s Arctic Grip

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Bone-chilling winds turn life upside down today

Delivering frigid, Arctic storms to every town

Thickening ice, spreading across the lake’s bay

People running straight into gusts, heads down


Wind chimes endlessly sing a winter-filled blast

Watching the thermometer effortlessly dive

Wondering, how long will this deep freeze last?

Somehow, everyone remains warm and thrives


The townsfolk cope, accepting winter’s greed

Facing long, harsh winters, most every year

Helping others to survive, when one’s in need

Winter’s severity never brings about fear


Finally one day, the wind changes its sound

Pitching warmer air, by way of a chinook

Lightening the load for everyone around

Smiles arrive, from every cranny and nook


Spring will soon send out her welcoming band

Replacing life’s burdens, with warmer wishes

Surviving winter’s struggles across the land

Winter to spring, life crosses familiar bridges

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Originally published February, 2020.

Baton Passed Along

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Gray landscape waiting

Winter tugging life’s reins

Nature’s heart pulsating

Searching barren plains


Quiet, chilly morn

Spring waiting for its turn

Nature’s melody plays

Growing season yearns


Sun’s beam warming ground

Breath of life springing up

Nature’s waiting comes round

Bursting green’s push-ups


Baton passed along

Winter fading away

Nature’s returning song

Waiting with bouquet


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Winter Moods (Haiku Series #217)


Winter’s quiet night

Appreciate each moment—

Stillness embraces

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Calendar says “Spring”

Warm under snowy blanket—

Not ready quite yet

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Wildflowers fill dreams

Winter’s snow melting away—

Spring’s colors peek out

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Morning’s Mystery

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Transforming night’s darkness

Morning’s mystery calls

Covering land with mist

Sunrise waiting, now stalls


Spirit’s sentinels stand

Towering, leafless trees

Daybreak’s silent twilight

Catching whisper of breeze


Sharing message of peace

Stillness joining crisp air

Breathing with day’s fresh hope

Spring waits as winter’s heir


Time forgets to advance

Hitting snooze, stardust reigns

Nature’s one vacation

Filling cold-blooded veins


Freezing rain descending

Sleep’s final ticket home

Chilling another day

Winter ready to roam

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Monday Memories: Snowbound

white snowy environment with pine trees

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Bright afternoon blues began to darken

Winter’s cold blanket prepares to descend

Snowflakes twirling and dancing, at first glance

Ol’ Man Winter, with a message to send


Grandfather clock proclaims each passing hour

Intricate flakes, magnified in their size

Winter’s harsh intensity growls and howls

Like a hungry wolf, seeking his one prize


Outside, barren landscape feels overwhelmed

Pristine white now nature’s color tonight

Modest cabin remains toasty and warm

Ancient kitchen stove consumes wood all night


Staying indoors, cozy and safe

Snowy frenzy roars, no ending in sight

Minutes turn to hours, forwarding to days

Snowbound but home, never a hopeless plight

snowy brown house near tree

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Originally published February, 2020.

Years Ago

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Hidden in forest’s midst

Ancient homestead’s landscape

Under winter blanket

Wakening, day takes shape


One more snowy morning

Old barn wrapped up in white

Barely able to stand

Making for quite a sight


Corral broken, rails split

Livestock forever gone

Snow-painted grass smiles back

Waiting for spring’s new fawn   


But wait, life still stirring

Chimney’s smoke drifting high

Rustic cabin’s fireplace

Warming urge to drop by


All welcome, step inside

Plenty of room to share

Coffee’s hot, feel at home

Sitting on kitchen’s chairs


Hilltop looking back down

So many years ago

Memories slowly fade

Covering up in snow

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Winter’s Evening Cue

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Quiet fog whispers

Hanging above trees

Clouds resting on pines

Mist wanting to freeze


Landscape’s gentle peace

Transcending spirit

Now wanting to rest

Stillness, now hear it


Time ready to pause

Watching scene outside

Afternoon nap calls

Sleepy thoughts collide


Awake, look outdoors

Falling in rhythm

Fresh flakes floating down

Snow’s algorithm


White transformation

Mesmerizing view

Nature’s snowy blanket

Winter’s evening cue

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“Real” Winter Arrives

December, 2022 will be one to remember for most of the United States.  A poet’s reflections fill these verses while looking out a kitchen window.  Always glad to be inside and staying warm when the wind chill plunges to -30 degrees.

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Weather predictions hold true

More winter, never seems through


Cold, Arctic air sets up camp

Long-forgotten, frigid scamp


“Real” winter arrives in strength

Transmitting on all wavelengths


Morning light arrives, dark gray

Sunshine hiding this Friday


Landscape shivers under white

Every creature taking flight


Freezing wind never lets up

Wintertime’s polar holdup


Wind gust rocks home’s foundation

Turning on weather station


Snowy drifts growing deeper

Frosty, trusty doorkeeper


Barren trees bend against squall

No longer standing so tall


Life scatters, seeking shelter

Winter storm’s helter-skelter


Visibility nearly gone

Snow heavier than chiffon


Quiet roads, traffic withdrawn

No orders from Amazon


Keeping each home’s fire burning

Warming hearts, day keeps churning


Cup of cocoa, not enough

Snowing outside, rough and tough


Grabbing pair of heavy socks

Thawing frozen toes’ icebox


Sitting at writing table

Poet ready and able


Candle’s light dances like wind

Framing this coldest weekend


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Perhaps this cup of hot cocoa will do the trick . . . along with extra marshmallows!

Monday Memories: Waiting for a Call

woman wearing gray topcoat during snow season

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Waiting for its urgent call

Winter’s snow waiting to strike

Where is winter hosting fun?

Playing games in the Klondike


School children watch outside

Dreaming of a snow day soon

School’s steady beat marches on

Soon, everyone sings a new tune


Weather forecast predicts snow

Snowplows prepare for battle

But, this storm slides to the north

Hmm, snow dumps on Seattle!


Outside, waiting for a call

Snow shovel dreams of snowfall


Originally published January, 2020.

Whitest Glow

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December’s barren ground

Autumn now long over

Snowflakes flying, earthbound

Winter’s white sweet clover


Village sleeping tonight

Children dreaming of snow

Crystal-clear sky’s moonlight

Changing to whitest glow


Beginning to drop in

Targeted flurries fall

Playful snowstorm begins

Winter finally calls


Snowy pace never wanes

Flakes now piling up high

Truckers reaching for chains

Driving where snowballs fly           


Wishful, children wake up

Stirring with loudest cheers

Sleds ready for tune-up

White Christmas comes this year


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