Monday Memories: Winter’s Arctic Grip

man in brown parka jacket walking beside woman in maroon coat

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Bone-chilling winds turn life upside down today

Delivering frigid, Arctic storms to every town

Thickening ice, spreading across the lake’s bay

People running straight into gusts, heads down


Wind chimes endlessly sing a winter-filled blast

Watching the thermometer effortlessly dive

Wondering, how long will this deep freeze last?

Somehow, everyone remains warm and thrives


The townsfolk cope, accepting winter’s greed

Facing long, harsh winters, most every year

Helping others to survive, when one’s in need

Winter’s severity never brings about fear


Finally one day, the wind changes its sound

Pitching warmer air, by way of a chinook

Lightening the load for everyone around

Smiles arrive, from every cranny and nook


Spring will soon send out her welcoming band

Replacing life’s burdens, with warmer wishes

Surviving winter’s struggles across the land

Winter to spring, life crosses familiar bridges

man standing on riverbank

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Originally published February, 2020.

14 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Winter’s Arctic Grip

  1. I’ve heard of chinook winds, but never really understood their nature. Now, I not only enjoyed your poetry, I learned a little something, too. Warm, dry winds surely must be a gift after a long, frigid time.

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  2. sorry you’ve suffered such a severe winter, while we have had a heatwave. More dying here of dehydration and MVA 😦

    So glad that spring is erupting at last, hope you enjoy a pleasant summer 🙂

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    • Kate, actually our winter here in central Ohio has been very much on the mild side. Now in my native Montana, they’ve experienced much more of winter’s challenges. Yet, even as I write, more winter storms have found a temporary home in different parts of the mountains and northern plains. Thankfully, nothing here!


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