Cloudy Overhead (Haiku Series #195)

Cat and Mouse

Clouds mask over joy

Morning sunrise hesitates—

Playing peek-a-boo

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Brilliant Transition

Escaping again

Stormy clouds migrate away—

Rainbow’s colors smile

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Big Show Coming

Clouds’ darkness building

Thunderstorms brewing tempest—

Restless night ahead

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Summer Heats Up

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Dog days of summer arrive

Sweating from moist, humid heat

Corn lifting up to heavens

Backyard grilling offers eats


Morning sun heats up quickly

Sweltering hot by high noon

Swimming pools usually packed

Closed by afternoon monsoons


Workers staying hydrated

Drinking water without end

Temperatures set record

Weather refusing to bend


Landscape’s beauty quickly fades

Stressing out from endless drought

People’s patience wearing thin

Nature sends timely bailout


Everyone prays for relief

Welcoming cold front arrives

Brief respite from summer’s heat

Dog days now humbly nosedive


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Medley of Verses (Haiku Series #177)

Under the Weather

Overcast morning

Gray covers forgotten sun—

Missing in action

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Lake’s Summer Harmony

Crystal clear waters

Canoe glides with rhythmic pace—

Perfect melody

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Stargazing’s New Reality

Galactic journey

Cosmic adventure comes true—

Man’s final frontier

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Morning’s Disruption

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Cloudy, overcast sky

Hiding morning’s sunshine

Waiting with her reply

Nature’s latest headline


Forecast calling for rain

Arriving right on time

Watering farmers’ grain

Nature’s unchanging rhyme


Lightning crackling with fire

Sparking thunderous clouds

Hearing heavenly choir

Nature’s clamorous crowds


Peace returning to earth

Singing with calm voices

Anchoring at her berth

Nature’s sun rejoices


Disruption retreating

Clearing sky welcomed back

Sketching springtime’s greeting

Nature’s morning on track


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Pie Wins Out!

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A late autumn afternoon coaxes Fred and Milt, two of golfing’s diehards, to make one final trip to the golf course before storing their clubs for another season.  The forecast looks a bit ominous, but the hardy duo figure they can handle anything Mother Nature throws at them.

By the time they reach the first tee, a miserable windy, rainy cold front is quickly approaching.  Fred tells Milt, “Maybe the weather will clear.”

The twosome manages to finish the first hole with a pair of pars, and they both feel confident to play the second hole.  Meanwhile, the cold, wind, and rain have arrived. 

Moving along a bit more quickly, Fred and Milt finish the second hole with a pair of bogeys.  Obviously, their thoughts are more concerned with the weather than their golf score.

Hesitating just a bit, Milt asks Fred, “Should we continue to the next hole?”

With the wind beginning to roar, Fred shouts back, “Sure, let’s go for it.”

Milt hits a near-perfect tee shot, but he can barely see the ball in the driving rain.  Before Fred can tee up his ball, the rain is beginning to turn to snow. 

Undeterred, Fred slams into his tee shot with a towering, magnificent drive.  One problem! 

Tiny snowflakes are growing exponentially bigger as Fred’s ball takes off.  Quickly, the ball disappears into a cloud of white.  Milt calls out, “Looks like we can finish this hole next spring.  Let’s get out of here!”

Fred shoots back, “Sounds like a great plan.  Let’s head to my place and see if Marge has any coffee and pie left.”

Reaching the warm and dry kitchen, the haggard golfers are greeted by the aroma of Marge’s fresh baked Dutch apple pie, topped with her mother’s secret recipe of streusel.  As the golfing buddies sit down around the kitchen table with Marge and her sweet pie, Fred remarks, “We both took a ‘snowman’ on our third hole, but Margie’s pie wins out for sure!”


Spring’s Hiatus

Beautiful spring afternoon in central Ohio.

Delightful spring day

Soon approaching May


Open window’s view

Life’s freshness streams through


Everything alive

Nature’s best arrives


Birds fill nearby tree

Songs tweeting with glee


Virginia bluebells

Blooming, much to tell


Squirrels all about

Springtime’s early scout


Tree canopy swells

Leaves cast greenest spells


Geese gather in pairs

Nesting with love’s care


Smelling fresh-mown grass

Yards looking first-class


Sometimes nature blinks

At times, summer winks


Time to plant gardens

But, beg your pardon!


Overnight, snow calls

Spring’s waltz quickly stalls


Home furnace heats up

Winter stirs mix-up


Spring’s hiatus brings

Snowflakes’ final sting

Winter greets early spring morning.

Foggy Rain


Morning arrives filled with much rain and fog

The view outside looks more like soggy smog

The arrival of another day brings a new, fresh start

Hopefully a writer’s words will be like a work of art

Twinkling street lights appear through the wet haze

The sun’s illumination will remain hidden all this day

Sounds of rain splashing against the window’s glass

This morning mist looks to find a home at long last

Perhaps the intense rain will inspire a pen to write

Maybe words will arrive with impressions so right

The calmness evaporates as a gentle wind arrives

The steady rain matures as its intensity thrives

Rain hurls through the air in a sideways manner

The large drops sound as loud as a jackhammer

Lightning flashes across the foggy, gray sky

Rumbling thunder echoes as if a jet flies by

The worn, wooden planks of the patio deck shine

A slippery sheen generates added beauty so fine

The sky lightens up for a moment or two

Nature’s own light offers a beautiful view

Now the rain restarts with amounts far too much

Flooding may bring for some an absence of luck

The day will continue to be soggy and wet for all

At least this poem has answered a writer’s call


Wintertime Blues

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Winter arrives on schedule every year

Bringing too much snow and cold I fear

An ice storm starts off the winter season

Staying off of the roads for good reason

Later snowfall begins to pile up outside my door

Growing deeper and deeper, please no more!

Now a polar vortex is hammering my home

Blowing Arctic air all the way to my bones

For some, they say winter is truly a paradise

Thinking to myself, winter surely ain’t nice

I bundle up in many snug and warm layers

Trying to move outside without any cares

The snow has buried the sidewalk and my car

Shoveling cannot be healthy when it’s this far

I retreat back inside to be near a toasty fire

Deciding to remain in bed until winter retires

Like a bear, I stay warm while we both hibernate

Waiting for spring’s early arrival will be our fate




Blizzard’s Awesome Fury

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The blizzard arrives quickly in the mid-afternoon

Snowing and blowing in full force much too soon

Dangerous Arctic cold blasts across the land

Alerting all to keep warmth and safety at hand

Homes surrounded by constant, swirling snow

Creating snowdrifts as high as the windows go

Furnaces and boilers work overtime to provide heat

Keeping all inside warm from the cold is quite a feat

Small towns feel painfully isolated and totally alone

Waiting for supply trucks that can only stay home

Senior class girls feel heartbroken when they hear

Postponing the school’s Winter Formal that’s so dear

Narrow, empty highways fill with too much snow and ice

Waiting for snowplows that stand ready to roll the dice

Ranchers plowing deep and drifting snow with big tractors

Reaching their hungry cattle to feed is a life-saving factor

Teachers continue playing cards and games all night long

Knowing that tomorrow’s classes definitely won’t be on

The grocery store shelves grow empty and scarce of food

Praying the storm stops to change everyone’s gloomy mood

Children enjoy the time that is now full of fun and play

Cheering that school has been postponed for a few days

Friends and neighbors check closely on one another

Remembering old Ed who doesn’t want any to bother

The longer the blizzard rages will bring everyone much worry

Fretting about a loss of electricity that may come in a hurry

Finally, the storm slowly ceases its frigid, winter blast

Knowing that for most, let’s move forward now at last

The town and the ranches work tirelessly to dig out

Opening up roads to ease many worries and doubts

The old timers say this awesome storm is worse than ‘78

Knowing that all have survived the fury’s reckless fate


Winter’s Gray Skies


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Winter has arrived again in the Buckeye State

Looking forward to memories that we can make

Ohio State Buckeyes look terrific in their scarlet and gray

But gray seems to be the gloomy color of each winter day

The friendly sun is absent on most of these days

People hurry down the street with not much to say

How people long to feel the warmth of Mr. Sun

Only to experience gray skies, which means—no fun!

A sunny escape arrives for all, if only for a short stay

Travel to Montana to experience the Big Sky each day

Everyone welcomes cheerful, sunny skies—without any gray

Perhaps the loyal Buckeye fans should move here and stay

Now Buckeyes everywhere can play and appreciate their time

The Big Sky Country is always a unique place of yours and mine