Baton Passed Along

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Gray landscape waiting

Winter tugging life’s reins

Nature’s heart pulsating

Searching barren plains


Quiet, chilly morn

Spring waiting for its turn

Nature’s melody plays

Growing season yearns


Sun’s beam warming ground

Breath of life springing up

Nature’s waiting comes round

Bursting green’s push-ups


Baton passed along

Winter fading away

Nature’s returning song

Waiting with bouquet


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Spring’s Anticipation (Haiku Series #209)

Hurry Back

Every . . . falling leaf

Reminder . . . winter’s coming—

Dreaming . . . spring’s rebirth

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Holding Back

Winter’s silence speaks

Quiet trees withhold their joy—

Waiting for spring’s call

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Returning Back

Tender seedling sprouts

Nature transitions again—

Life reawakens

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Monday Memories: Spring Arrives

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The calendar affirms that spring has arrived

Why then did the weather take a snowy dive?


Heavy, wet snow arrives overnight

Is this some terrible joke, not right?


Instead of spring, we now experience deep snow

Where is the snow shovel when we need it now?


Well . . . Have no concern at all, for you see

A poet can write about most anything to be


Thankfully, there is really no snow to spoil spring

When will warmth replace winter’s frosty sting?


Even the songbirds remain quite bunched up for now

On powerlines high above, they sing and take a bow


Again, the calendar sets the date of a new season

Why should we believe the date for any reason?


This past winter has indeed soured our attitude

When will Mother Nature give us some latitude?


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Seasons Eternal

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Mankind hurtles toward unknown

Nature’s seasons relay what’s known


Autumn prepares for transition

Holding off winter’s ambition


Both man and nature look ahead

Unearthing their most common thread


At times, life needs relaxing pause

Forsaking bright lights and applause


Terrain changes to snowy scene

Covering life white, without green


Man growls at cold, numbing weather

Spotting fireplace, warm together


Winter’s snowfall hiding its gems

Waiting for newest, greenest stems


Spring awakens frozen landscape

Encouraging life’s next escape


Man and nature again feel free

Twinkling eyes find each budding tree


Creator’s Spirit, love transcends

Seasons eternal, never end


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Nature’s Arrogance

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Summer-like weather arrives

Welcoming warmth, nature thrives


Snowy cold gone, long banished

Winter’s shadow, now vanished


Beaches open, pools start up

Outdoor chores now piling up


Paradise smiles, open now

But wait!  Winter’s final bow


Halt, recall nature’s humor

Winter’s back, not a rumor


Over Montana’s Big Sky

Snowflakes dance, find their bullseye


Cold and snow rudely drop in

Wrecking spring, crashing tailspin


How can this accident be?

Cold slides in, snow covers trees


Blessed with nature’s fairytale

Big Sky folks laugh, “Spring’s in jail”


Cornering winter’s good cheer

Just waiting a day my dear


Tomorrow’s change now coming

Spring’s freedom and homecoming


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A freak event of nature found Montana turned in a winter wonderland over a period of a couple of days.  In the meantime, nearly all of the United States was enjoying the arrival of an early summer.  At times, living under the Big Sky does require a sense of humor.

Spring’s Hiatus

Beautiful spring afternoon in central Ohio.

Delightful spring day

Soon approaching May


Open window’s view

Life’s freshness streams through


Everything alive

Nature’s best arrives


Birds fill nearby tree

Songs tweeting with glee


Virginia bluebells

Blooming, much to tell


Squirrels all about

Springtime’s early scout


Tree canopy swells

Leaves cast greenest spells


Geese gather in pairs

Nesting with love’s care


Smelling fresh-mown grass

Yards looking first-class


Sometimes nature blinks

At times, summer winks


Time to plant gardens

But, beg your pardon!


Overnight, snow calls

Spring’s waltz quickly stalls


Home furnace heats up

Winter stirs mix-up


Spring’s hiatus brings

Snowflakes’ final sting

Winter greets early spring morning.

Treasured Moments (Haiku Series #131)


Morning awakens

Cloudless, sunny, biggest sky—

Spring brings refreshment

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Calming, windless day

Journey skyward toward heavens—

Giant trees stand silent

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Bubbling whitewater

Creeks and rivers, energized—

Mountain snow melt flows

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Signs of Spring (Haiku Series #126)


Warmer days ahead

Tree buds filling with new life—

Spring waiting on deck

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Frigid soil warms up

Transformation taking place—

First green shoots of spring

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Crafting welcome signs

Daffodils make announcement—

Spring now official

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Spring Calls

Winter’s snow blankets central Ohio’s Walnut Woods Metro Park.

Winds no longer blow

From cold Arctic ice

Snow stays far to north

Winter pays her price


Days growing longer

Nature now smiling

Winter’s time shall pass

Spring begins dialing


Nature’s busy tone

Some days, springtime halts

Hibernation plays

Winter’s final waltz


Trees wait with patience

Soon nature will green

Sun replacing clouds

Spring’s finest cuisine


Seasons come and go

Nature makes her call

Time for winter’s end

Spring’s voice now enthralls


Early spring flowers brighten the landscape at central Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park.