Behold Our Creator

christ the redeemer

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From John 1.1:  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  

Before earth ever existed, God was here

There is only one God, He has no peers


Out of nothing— absolute darkness, vacant, and cold

God reaches out with His Word, astounding and bold


Remaining distinct from His eternal creation

God’s handiwork brings proud, lasting elation


God constructs with a purpose, the Heavens declare

His glory reveals absolute knowledge, nothing spared


Our sovereign, Holy God creates it all

Later, man will take a backwards fall


Creation arrives through God’s Holy prose

“Let there be”—He continues to propose


The Holy Trinity, God declares as Three in One

Faithful spirit sits beside God’s redeeming Son


Designing visible and invisible, God reigns here

The heavens and earth watch as God stays near


Working for six days, all appears good, very good

God feels proud of what He’s done, and He should


Following His purpose, His knowledge leads the way

The Glory of God creates with a Holy plan each day


God stands as author, at the center of reality

Without God, chaotic darkness makes a place

God’s people enjoy a bursting, creative taste

Worshipping God’s creation for all of eternity

From pastor John Piper:  “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.”

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Pre-Dawn Splendor



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Pre-dawn light slowly brightens the dark sky

Encouraging the night to salute its good-bye


Night’s closing remnants offer one concluding look

Winking back, crescent moon appears, like a hook


Crisp, cool air reposes its gentle hand

Rising sun will shortly warm the land


Morning dew moistens the grassy, green meadows

Frolicking rabbits chase each other in the shadows


Pungent odor permeates the pre-dawn air

Marking its territory, a skunk doesn’t care


Multitudes of birds announce the coming day

Sending out a chorus of joyful songs of praise


Deer graze in lush fields for a moment longer

Eating tender, green shoots to grow stronger


No human eyes have awakened quite yet

Sleeping in a cabin, seems like a sure bet


Nature wakes up to the arrival of summer daylight

Presenting God’s creation, with abundant delight


In what ways do you enjoy experiencing God’s awesome creation?  If you desire more of my photography, which features much of nature’s beauty in Montana and Ohio, you will find it my Photo Gallery.

Nature’s Magnificence

green coral reef under water

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Natural wonders stand in amazement each day

Praising God’s creation each step along the way


God’s magnificence forever amazes and astonishes

Leaving all people amazed with all that He promises


Australia’s Great Barrier Reef rests beneath the sea

Hosting a vastness of marine life for everyone to see


Africa’s Victoria Falls fills visitors with awe and wonder

Creating the unbelievable, “The Smoke That Thunders”


Asia’s Mount Everest stands high above the rest

Offering Sir Hillary and others a courageous test


Europe’s Black Forest welcomes Germany as its home

Hosting thick, dense evergreens, many and never alone

brown valley during a grey cloudy sky

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North America’s Grand Canyon divides the land

Carving through rock by the Colorado, like sand


Middle East lands reach below the level of the sea

Separating Israel and Jordan, the salty Dead Sea


Between America and Canada rumbles Niagara Falls

Consisting of three separate falls, many travelers call


New Zealanders appreciate a fiord, called Melford Sound

Offering rainforests, waterfalls, towering peaks to astound


Europeans travel to the Swiss and Italian Alps for enjoyment

Photographing the Matterhorn brings more for deployment


This poem writes about nature for a short review

Inspiring others to describe more of these views

adventure alps climb clouds

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Nature definitely shows off God’s vast and stunning creation.  There is no doubt that this list could go on and on.  For example, I left out Yellowstone National Park, which I have had the pleasure to visit a few times.   Do you have any natural wonders to add to this list?  If so, let’s have a conversation in the comments.  Best wishes to all of you!

God’s Masterpiece

From Isaiah 65:17: “For I am about to create new heavens and a new earth; the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind.”

green grass field under white clouds

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From the beginning of time

God’s creation changes each day

This eternal blueprint conveys mastery

His design takes center stage


His earthly canvas presents wonder

Artistic palette of colors astonish

His imaginative mind never ceases

Earth’s treasures continue to impress


Traveling around this awesome planet

Breathtaking venues await our call

Majestic mountains loom high above

Immense beauty reaches the clouds


Rolling plains shine with beauty

Grasslands thick with green tapestry

Swift rivers travel for months

Mountain-fed water reaches blue seas


Dense forests blanket the terrain

Trees of every description stand

Endless oceans bombard distant shores

Continuous tides frolic with beaches


Wide canyons stretch above rivers

Featuring amazing sculptures and hue

Desert sands infinitely scatter themselves

Continually sifting from God-inspired winds


Days launch with illuminating sunrises

Nights commence when the moon rises

God continues molding and shaping

Praise His incredible creation forevermore

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