Enchanted Walk

Walking Chestnut Ridge Metro Park shares the enchanted delights of one of central Ohio’s most precious gems.

Discovering these woods

Longing for morning walk

Sharing nature’s promise

Enchanted forest talks


Breathing nature’s freshness

Winding through woodland’s peace

Fascinating venture

Enchanted, sweet showpiece


Scaling every hill

Navigating each trail

Finding nature’s secrets

Enchanted story’s tale


Standing still, time shall wait

Looking around each bend

Treasuring nature’s prize

Enchanted spirit’s friend


Dreaming of tomorrow

Hiking this ridge again

Searching for nature’s gifts

Enchanted walk, Amen!


Another view from Chestnut Ridge Metro Park features its deep, summer green.

I frequently walk Chestnut Ridge Metro Park, which is located about ten minutes from my home.  I have used this setting for other poems, and here is a sample:

Elfchen Series #2

2018 August Montana Trip 212.JPG


Mark Twain

Classic American Literature

Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn





Former homesite

Peaceful hilltop garden

Chestnut Ridge beckons hikers


Both of the photographs were taken in 2018.  The river scene is from the Mississippi River along the Illinois-Iowa border.  The homesite is from the top of a ridge at Chestnut Ridge Metro Park in central Ohio.  I enjoy using some of my photography with my writing.


Hilltop Hiker


Unforgiving winter weather abates with a sunny pause

Hiking on hills and trails will be today’s special cause


The hiker dresses warmly due to the windy, chilly air

Hoping that his stamina will endure without any cares


He looks prepared to attack a vigorous hour-long walk

Knowing later, his body could stumble on a way to balk


The wooded trails in their colorless winter hue

Appearing in a much different setting and view


A hasty, gray squirrel scurries among fallen logs

Searching for a yummy morsel to stash and hog


The shadows look friendly and different today

Walking these trails will seem more like play


The hiker’s pace remains steady and brisk

Feeling stronger, without bearing on a risk


More trekkers descend upon the challenging trails

Experiencing nature’s offering, not wanting to fail


The journey takes the hiker up the outer route

Seeing barren trees and fallen limbs all about


Nature provides a spiritual place for all to shine

Inspiring anyone who walks this wooded shrine


A youthful boy’s eyes search up a steep hill

Locating a solitary deer, brings a huge thrill


The pace of the hiker remains steady and true

Tackling the inner trail, he will soon be through


A previous homesite welcomes the hiker’s arrival

Imagining from years ago, a past family’s survival


The unaccompanied hiker finishes the trek again

Smiling, his robust body allows him to flash a grin